The State Of Fallout, What Does it mean going forward and Letting Go

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    Aug 14, 2015
    Right, Prepare for a discombobulated tyrate of musings i've collected and said to myself over and over again. But never really posted for the public to here. Since i already know most of us despise Bethesda's adaptation of the series with their horrid, bug infested bland games. I thought i'd shed the light on the future of fallout and sadly letting go from a once enjoyed series. We all have our reasons for getting into the series to begin with and i'd bring this long rant into the fold first by explaining my introduction into the series. I got involved with fallout 3 first and foremost and overtime i wondered why i haven't heard about the other two fallout games. I checked into it and stumbled on a youtube channel called dap642. Where i learned a lot about the first two games and eventually picked up a collection in 2009 where i first played the games. Knowing what a fallout game actually is now and even more so of an RPG. I quickly discarded and gave less of a shit about bethesda's crappy Necromancy of a series that clearly had no attentive care over other than if the explosions were more appealing or not.

    Fallout New Vegas came along and proved you could make a modern day fps fallout and have it work, fallout new vegas remains to be my favorite fallout game to this day. Then fallout 4 came out and that was a big pile of stinky shit that i wouldn't even have a cleaning crew clean. Burn down the building and move on. I knew with fallout 3, Skyrim and Oblivion during the time of fallout new vegas how this was going to go down. The massive regression of the series that makes modern day "progressives" head spin. I didn't really want to be right. I knew fallout 4 was going to be annouced and i thought bethsda might have learned. So i was weary and waiting for E3 to conclude my thoughts. My friend vasily and i were watching E3 Bethesda and both of us became pissed off. Dialouge wheel? Voice Protagonist? Reusing Voice actors and no skills and traits? Forced sexuality and background? What the fuck is this shit we thought? My friend got really pissed off after seeing synths again. After that day i officially became anti-bethesda and really started to drive into their shit and call out their flaws from fallout 3 till now and anything i could think of that would approve my suspicion, After seeing skyrim i and how bethesda previously handled the series i knew i was going to expect shitty writing more aliens and other stupid shit. What happened i knew, I knew the game would be shit and i knew they wouldn't learn a thing from Obsidian entertainment. Just make open sandbox shoot and loot crawlers and have the audacity to label the game as an "RPG" and people defended it. After everything bethesda has done to derail and shit on the series people defended this shit. People welcomed crap in open arms. MrMattyPlays the biggest bethesda cuck and plenty of the twitch streaming whores who came out of the wood work started to defend the game and everything in it and if anyone criticized their shit then that some how made the person in quest feel as if i attacked them personally and resort to full on 3rd grade mentality and insult slinging. I don't know, But this isn't the fallout i grew to love but the one i sadly became a victim of. Sometimes despite the good memories i had from the series i wish i forget this game every existed and was blocked out so i could never find it again. At least then no more pain would arise from it.

    Now that part is out of the way let us talk about the state of fallout, As we obviously know its in disarray even with a lot of the mainstream audience. The game is at 5.4 and this is the first time it tanked on such a wide scale spectrum that i'm inclined to say it might be a changing point for the series at-least a lot of people voiced how they wanted obsidian to make a new game even after fallout 4's release however if you can get passed the sea of fanboys even then its not enough really for bethesda to care. After all why change something that still makes profit in the bank and increases share holders earnings? They may do some better PR if anything by firing Pete Hines and acquiring someone who understands human interaction. But that would just be a bandage on a gushing wound here in terms of plot and story rape so on and so forth. No, Its in a unbalance mess that is hard to predict and i think more DLCs being released will tell a more eye opening informative story that we can be able to bet on the next result when they release elder scrolls 6 and of course fallout 5. Right now Wasteland Workshop is majorly downvoted on the steam page and with far harbor coming soon. Who really knows what direction they will take financially and the response from fans. It's been 3 months since they promised the release of the GECK and people are already upset about and understandable so because they are trying to cleverly disguised mods in the form of DLCS, To knock out competition and quite frankly they should be exposed for it and have backlash and threats of wallet holding if they continue to do this because it fucks over content creators nevermind the fact its akin to shitty forms of DLC proportionally to that of sims content packs. Either should they have included it in the base game and release the GECK as promised or just not do such a shady tactic to begin with and preferably just release it when the game came out or so?

    Moving on, This will be final and closing statements i have and its in regards to moving on what does it mean to move forward? Well, Fallout's death is sad and one that shouldn't have happened if the Devs gave a shit which they don't and fuckem, I'm not letting myself become miserable because of their own lazy inept assholes. 7 years my fucking as. If this game took 7 years to make then dayz standalone is out of alpha stage. I made my peace and moved on and i think a lot of us here should too. Life is too short to be bitter at cuck fuck pieces of shit and we should maybe look towards other games and franchies to keep us busy. CyberPunk2077, Witcher series, Planescape, Pathfinder, Dungeons and Dragons. All better things to play then fallout 3-4 and whatever abortion comes from bethesda's great design teams and writer.

    I hope this helped some of you.
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    Oct 25, 2015
    I hope at some point I find another franchise I enjoy as much as I enjoyed Fallout, and you're right, letting go is important, but part of the reason I personally keep ranting about it (Don't know about others), is because I don't think any other franchise has been able to do what Fallout did. For me the Character Creation, ability to play as less combat orientated characters, serious consequences for actions, world-building, the interesting setting, The dialogue options that are able to define how your character deals with problems, the humour and vulgarity ect., all combined make up Fallout games, and IMO, no other series has been able to handle all of this quite as well.
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    Feb 4, 2016
    I agree with everything you have said. Fallout is a unique franchise that no other managed to copy well enough. Sure there is the wasteland series, but outside of that Fallout is unique.

    There are no other games like this, as far as I am aware.
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    Oct 13, 2010
    For me, 2015 was a weird year.
    Two of my all-time favourite franchises died, those being Fallout and Metal Gear Solid.
    Now, we all know there will be sequels to them, but we know that are going to be nothing more than cash grabs. Look at how Konami are treating MGS, it's appalling, yet I'm not as upset about it as Bethesda's treatment of Fallout.
    At least with MGS, we got a final farewell with the series, and also hope that Kojima is going to work on different ideas. It was a case of letting go and moving on with the creator. And at least we got closure to that series.
    With Fallout, I honestly expected better from Bethesda, and why not? Bethesda have proved they could do much better than what they've been doing recently. Even F3 for all its mehness and outdatedness, it still harkened back to a time where there was at least some kind of love put into these games. Honestly, it seemed to be the last game where genuine thought was put into the game. Was that thought and heart misguided and inexperienced? Yes, but there was at least something there.
    Skyrim was a weird misstep, but there were signs that Bethesda could improve upon the writing of F4. We had the Civil War questline which acted as a sort of second main story.
    And then we get to F4, and to me that just proved they don't learn from their mistakes. In fact, F4 just comes off as being nothing more than a tech demo for whatever new TES game will come out. That and I was one of the very few members who remained somewhat optimistic about it. Could I defend everything? No. I made a point that I didn't mind the dialogue wheel in Mass Effect, but I realise now that I was wrong. In fact, I was looking forward to the game a lot, shouting Godd Howard as a worn out meme. And what I got upset the living shit out of me. I now understand how people felt when F3 came out. In many regards I love F4 in that it's taught me to be wary of my gaming purchases. In that case, it wins Game of the Fucking Year because it gave me a better lesson than any other game out there. Also, I've not had as much time talking shit about a game in a long time. I've talked about it so much, my friends know my hatred for it. And the sad thing, I can't even bring myself to hate it as much as people here. I'd say I was disappointed in it more than anything. But most of all, I know it sets a dangerous trend for future Bethesda releases. Anyway,I've said my thoughts on it numerous times, it's time to move.
    But as far as I'm aware, New Vegas is the game that ends the series. F4 is nothing more than an extension to a finished series.
    However, 2015 was also a weird year in that another game I really enjoyed as a kid was getting a sequel after forever, that of course being Shenmue 3. To me, that proved that there are good things happening, and that there is always hope for the games we enjoy to come out. We may not get another Obsidian Fallout today, but we could get one tomorrow, or even something similar that would give me the same experience I had with New Vegas.
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    Jul 9, 2015
    Never believed in letting go of something, especially if the IP is still being made into products for retail sale.

    That and older/longer-time fans know this series to a fault, and story/lore driven series need people like that.
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    Apr 21, 2016
    Yeah but with Beth in charge folks like us cease to be part of the equation.
  7. kraag

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    Dec 26, 2015
    I agree and I feel your pain. I am sorry for your loss. If you need a shoulder to cry on, please don't use mine as it is already holding the weight of the Commonwealth on it.
  8. Graham2077

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    Sep 16, 2014
    Well, we'll always have the first two games and New Vegas to replay whenever we want to dive back into the Fallout world. Personally, I feel like letting go is the best case scenario because Bethesda doesn't seem to want to go forward with the franchise at all, and with FO4 we can clearly see they're only in it for the money. Doesn't mean we can't still discuss the franchise and what we love about it though, I personally enjoy that a lot more than bashing FO4 and Bethesda when we already know they're trash.
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    Apr 21, 2016
    There was a lady in San Fran that mentioned she's from city far south of the glow. She was babysitting some kids when the "turned into monsters" I May be remembering wrong but that Shit sparked my imagination. Were they children who mutated in front of her or something else entirely? Yeah that sounds more fun than bashing fo4. I agree.
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    Sep 11, 2010
    I just wish there was something to move on to.
    Sad thing is, there is no series out there that is a suitable replacement.
    A post-apocalyptic RPG where you can engage in dialogue with characters where your character can actually have some colourful back and forth with characters and not just bland straightforward dialogue.
    A game where the skill set allows you to create whatever character you want to and where you are not bogged down with a fucking "class" system.
    A stat system that is defined, that means something.
    Turn-based combat (for me it is important) where I can run out of battle if I so choose.
    A world-map system where I can freely travel where ever I want to from the get go.
    Tons of containers which aren't highlighted as lootable so that it is up to the player to explore he world.
    The perk and trait system. The reputation system.

    And even the cursor! I don't know how many are on board with this but I love the mouse cursor system they had for Fallout with movement and inspection cursors being separate. Why do I love that? Cause it gave flavour to the game. Clicking on an old sofa and reading the description was interesting. You could even come across a joke here and there by going out of your way to click on things. And it meant that some things that had a hand icon on them were hidden and weren't blatantly handed to you on a silver plate by clicking the highlight key. Instead cRPG's nowadays go with an automatic cursor that changes from movement to inspection when you drag it over important objects. I think that there is a great loss in that as it makes the gameworld less descriptive.

    There is no other game series out there like Fallout.

    I wish I could move on but there isn't anything even close to replacing Fallout. The closest things we have is Underrail and possibly Wasteland 2. But both lack a lot of what made Fallout special to me. They're great in their own way and I love them as their own games but they can't fill the void that Fallout has left in me.

    I really 'really' hope that InXile is doing a spiritual successor to Fallout with their aquisition(?) of the Van Buren trademark.

    That doesn't mean that I'm still holding on to Fallout though. Like I said, there is a void in me that I want filled, a void that wouldn't be there if it wasn't for Herve Caen and Bethesda.
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    Mar 10, 2007
    Suze only said "I used to be a nanny, but then the kids mutated into monsters." I'd guess the kids mutated slowly day by day.
  12. R.Graves

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    Apr 21, 2016
    Oh I was thinking shapeshifters or some such...
  13. Risewild

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    Jun 14, 2014
    I already posted around here in the past that one of the things I love about the Isometric Fallout games is that they allow the game to show the player just enough of the world and then have the added benefit of being able to use text descriptions to show more of the world. There is no way 1st person RPG games can ever do that (and yet many people get more "immersed" on 1st person ones for some reason), if you see a couch in a 3D 1st person game it is always the same couch, if you see one in a game like classic Fallouts they can look the same but the description can change and that is way more "immersive" for me.

    I agree with you in pretty much what you said in your entire post.

    I also feel like playing other games like Fallout but there are none, I played both Fallout and Fallout 2 so many times I have to take a break all the time, but I still want to play more of them, but in different places and locations, different characters in different areas, explore different ruins and caves and vaults, find different secrets and notes, interact with different people, kill different things... In short I wish there was more games like the classic Fallout ones, made using the same engine and assets and stuff like that with just enough new stuff to make it possible to have all the new creatures and weapons and locations...

    Really there is nothing like it to go back to and fill the void like you said :(.
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  14. Izak

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    Jan 29, 2016
    While I can understand your wish to "move on" I'd like to point out that people have probably said things to a similar effect when Tactics/PoS/3 were released and, Fallout New Vegas came along and proved them wrong.
    I can fully understand your wish to allow the series to die but I wouldn't give up hope quite yet, I'd just lower my expectations, possibly for eternity.
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  15. Mr Fish

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    Sep 11, 2010
    Well, I hadn't given up hope at that time, now I have.
    Why would I ever want to hold out hope for something that might happen?
    And why hope that it will change anything when FNV didn't?
    What's the point?

    I don't know how it's been for you but for the past couple of years (since 2009 I think) whenever the subject of Fallout has come I've just been angry and sad. I couldn't think of the franchise I loved without feeling like everything had turned to shit. I spent like 20.000 posts on Bethesda's forums and at least half of those posts were about bitching with zealots about how Fallout had turned to shit. I've finally come to terms with it. That Fallout is dead.

    Why would I want to return to that state of mind?

    Maybe that's just me though, but it's been a miserable ride. One I'm glad to be off of. One I'd rather not ever get onto again. Lowered expectation means that there's still an expectation, that there's still a bit of passion left in me. And that passion? It's suffocating, no matter how small it is. And I can't stand it.

    Another FNV would not change that for me. Besides, if the Van Buren fan project gets finished and released I'll write off the first FNV as non-canon anyway so it wouldn't matter to me as it'd probably be conflicting with Van Buren too. And if it doesn't conflict then I guess that's neat. But that doesn't mean that I'll start holding out hope for the future again.

    It'd be a nice surprise.
    But that's all it'd be for me.
  16. Chud

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    Jun 8, 2015
    I'm sure new games will come along to compete for a wasteland-style game. Borderlands and the Mad Max game are very meh, but I think they're proof enough that others can and are willing to make something that's in some ways similar. Maybe a hungry indie developer will come along and create something that truly sparkles. Time will tell.

    But how about checking out other forms of media, especially the ones that influenced Fallout? They're not games, but they are fun movies and books to lose yourself in. You have the Mad Max movies, Spaghetti westerns, cheese fests like Night of the Comet [I'm pretty sure the whole Think Tank idea from Old World Blues comes from this movie]; books like Roadside Picnic, Vic and Blood, and proto-cyberpunk like The Stars My Destination. A fun end-of-the-world movie is Miracle Mile, in which a group of people scramble for safety, knowing the Cold War's going to end in nuclear destruction.
  17. Ragemage

    Ragemage Wept for Zion

    Feb 20, 2016
    I'm going to miss Fallout. I just don't know how they fucked up so bad. Even Skyrim had skill checks and RPG elements. SKYRIM. I wish we could follow Vera Keyes and begin again...

  18. Elaxter

    Elaxter This game costs $110.

    Nov 26, 2015
    I can't let go...
  19. Mr Fish

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    Sep 11, 2010
    I don't get why people keep giving Skyrim more cred than it is worth. As far as I can see Skyrim and Fallout 4 are equally bad when it comes to the role-playing.
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  20. R.Graves

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    Apr 21, 2016
    For sure.... But I enjoyed skyrim for some reason...