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    i've actually no clue as to anything about mods or types of files and never even seen the hex editor. but i've found an interest in Fallout Tactics and you all inspired me to fool around with the files... and so, i ended up with something.

    imagine my embarrassment when i used a behemoth for my main character, and completely forgot that you start the game inside a ruined building ( kind of ). as you can guess, i didn't fit through the crack between the walls. but hey, imagine multiplayer!

    yah. i don't know if it's already known, but just in case here it is - ( how to use anyone, and that's right ANYONE, in the game )

    as i said, i don't know anything about mods and editors so you don't need one for this; it's all there in the files. i'll try to explain in steps.

    1. open the compressed file "entities_0.bos" . again, i'm not pro so i just used winrar. ok, to the point, what you need to extract is the folder "\entities\Special\prefab" - and this goes to your "core" folder in your game dir.

    2. in the same file ( "entities_0.bos" ), open the folder "recruits" or "actors" - basically, any file with a .ent is a thing or character in the game. find who you want and extract that .ent file.

    3. now move the file you just extracted ( the character you want ) to the
    "core\entities\Special\prefab" folder. delete file "prefab5.ent" ( which is one of the characters you can choose if you don't want to make one ) and rename the file you've moved ( your character of choice ) "prefab5.ent"

    4. now when you play the game in single player, one of the characters you'll be able to choose from will be ... yah.

    sorry if the instructions are choppy, but it's my first time. hope it helps someone.

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    by the way, can you guys reply and tell me if you liked it? i've been trying to get general Barnaky as the character with the powersuit and no helmet, but i keep getting him with one on. if any of you find a way to get one with out the helmet, help me out.

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    i'm having the same problem. trying to find the sprite for general barnaky or decker.
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    I'V FOUND IT!!!!

    its in folder \entities\Special\Bunker05

    dekker!!!! no helmet!!!