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    A million gaming sites preview Fallout 3, and they are impressed!<blockquote>Kotaku: After a series of simple tasks like playing with your toys and opening your playpen, you can explore the room a bit.

    Destructoid: Eventually, your father returns to discover your breakage from kiddie refinement, but of course there are no negative consequences, since you can innocently burble back at him with "ga-ga's" and "da-da's", with the help of the trusty A button.

    1Up: Seriously, though, the cunning way that Bethesda takes the thinking behind traditional tutorials and character creation interfaces and naturally integrates these game conventions into the game's narrative is impressive.

    IGN: Nothing that we saw made us change our minds about Fallout: This is going to be a heck of a role-playing game, and the combination of Fallout's ironic sense of humor and cool setting with Bethesda's experience and expertise looks like a match made in heaven.

    Gamespot: Though we've only had a few chances to see the game, Fallout 3 looks very impressive, seems to be shaping up to be what the Bethesda team has set out to make--a role-playing game with the exploration and real-time combat of Oblivion but the role-playing elements of the classic Fallout from 1997.

    TeamXBox: There’s also a lot of humor in such environmental elements as the signs around Vault 101, bulletin boards and the like, and we were already impressed by little touches, such as how the loading screen offers a selection of statistics and your level progress taken directly from your gameplay. It’s really no surprise that the publisher behind Oblivion would pack every corner of the game with detail, so you can be assured there’ll be a lot to absorb in Fallout 3 as well.

    GameSpy: The Fallout series is iconic, storied, and means a lot to a lot of people. The team at Bethesda, thus far, has seemed cautious about the liberties it takes with the series' basic elements [...] We know Bethesda is probably on the right track.

    Games Radar: After the mercenary was killed, we reflected on how much we want the Fallout series to continue to be awesome. Maybe some of the younger players have no idea what Fallout is all about.</blockquote>What will those game makers think of next? A little bit on stuff that goes down in the game:<blockquote>Kotaku: As any of you who are familiar with Fallout will know, your enemies are mostly radiated mutants or "ghouls" as they are called in the game.

    Gamespot: Feral ghouls are extremely swift and vicious and come leaping at you with tremendous speed.

    GameSpy: Fallout 3's iteration of the beast is tied into one of the game's boldest ideas: its flirtation with definitive consequence. See, if Dogmeat dies in battle, he's gone forever.

    IGN: If you don't want Dogmeat around, you can tell him to go to Vault 101 where he'll stay until you need him [...]

    1Up: Note, however, that this is not the same Dogmeat, since this game takes place over 100 years after the first two games.

    Gamespot: You can also praise or scold him--this won't affect his morale or loyalty, but it will reflect whether your character is naughty or nice [...]</blockquote>Because scolding a dog is evil, and the permanency of death is a bold new concept in games. And of course, the combat system is impressive.<blockquote>Joystiq: As Hines moved around dark corners, he showed off the system that lets gamers choose to play as a real-time or turn-based shooter.

    Destructoid: Once your moves are queued up and activated, the camera pulls back in a variety of action-packed angles to fully illustrate the various ranges of bodily explosions that soon follow. Each individual weapon you use has a myriad of camera angles and post-limb-flying shots [...]

    Games Radar: If you shoot off a leg your opponent will move slowly (and hurt a lot) or if you shoot them in the head it causes blurred vision.

    1Up: And thank god for V.A.T.S., because without it, well, the game really is just a shooter. Which is another thing -- or maybe the biggest thing -- that is pissing off the angrier of the nerdcore fans.</blockquote>Toss in various additional mentions of the evil fans and varying stages of confusion about the number of endings for completitude. In other words, your average gaggle of Fallout 3 previews.

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    Thanks to VDweller who provided the link to the Codex
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    Long time lurker, but oh jesus those reviews were funny, especially the "Gee willikers, why don't those stupid devoted fans just shut up" tone. Boy, this is starting to remind me of how they butchered the Doom series with 3.
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    Yes, of course. :roll:

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    Read a couple of these earlier and one thing struck me as particularly bad design:
    It seems like the first book you get (I think it's You're S.P.E.C.I.A.L., the one that governs your primary attributes) doesn't provide ANY explanation as to the effect of each statistic other than those inane rhymes.
    Do they really expect the console kiddies to read the manual? Or are they just indifferent to the many people who'll inevitably screw up their character creation?
    I know half of Bethesda's team seems to have taken quite a few too many sips from the stupid soup, but whoever thought of that must've fallen in the cauldron as a kid.
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    from reading kotaku's review it seems pretty evident that Flynn either played Fallout 1/2 a really long time ago or never played them at all.

    also, it's disconcerting how many have classed FO3 as a shooter or FPS.
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    No kidding.
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    Thats what I need in my Fallout, Action-Packed Angles
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    :facepalm: when can I give you money for AoD?
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    I saw the preview in EGM the other day.

    I thought the whole SPECIAL kiddie book was appropriate, what with console whoring munchkins and whatnot.

    From what I recall, ghouls could barely hobble without their legs breaking off. I recall a certain assistant to Set who had to hobble from one end of the church to the other just to give me a soda and some chump change. Then I shot him.



    So, Fallout 3 is basically a ghoul shootemup with a dog? Because thats the impression I am getting.
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    Playing with toys is a task now?

    No consequences? I can see it now.

    Sheriff Simms: This is my town. So much as breathe wrong and I will fucking end you.

    You: ga-ga, da-da.

    Sheriff Simms: Awww, how cute, never you mind what the mean old sheriff said, go do whatever you want.

    Yeah, when god was high.

    How typical, the press whore knows exactly what the game is going to be, and they haven't even really seen it. I guess they're all psychic or something.

    Detail huh, like the guy in Oblivion who told you a rumor about his OWN FUCKING DEATH?

    Yet another psychic press slut.

    Like the zombies in the Dawn of The Dead remake?

    As apposed to what, an immortal dog?

    Where he'll stay forever and ever and ever and ever...

    No shit?

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    This is my favorite so far.

    I understand that kids can't be expected or blamed for being ignorant on Fallout (hell, I haven't played many of the iconic games from 90's and wouldn't know if they'd got raped), but goddamnit, these are suppose to be proffesional journalists, that *should* know about the subject they are writing about or at least be honest with readers that they don't. Instead, they choose hype and *lies*. Beautiful.
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    Mar 7, 2008
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    Feb 12, 2007
    So many previews and nothing new in them?!?
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    this sums it up for me quite nicely
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    Sep 12, 2006
    Thus Fallout3 is just a Shooter with VATS. Great :clap:
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    The preview snippet you're referring to is just jaw-droppingly stupid. I mean, seriously. Do they really think Bethesda is breaking new ground by making death permanent? For fuck's sake. Innovashun!

    A really bold move would have been to retain the isometric, turn-based gameplay of the original Fallout games, and risk alienating Bethesda's retarded "hardcore gamer" fanbase that thinks Bioshock, Halo 3 and Oblivion are the three greatest games ever created.
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    Kids, please behave in this thread. If I see one more flamefest, I'm going to start giving out strikes or, if I'm really pissed of, bans effective immediately.
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    Jesus, now that is probably the single greatest insult any fanbase has EVER received. Like Fallout fans listen to Optimus Rhyme shit while irrationally bashing out of nostalgia and bitterness on this most holy and flawless gem of gaming that is Sellout 3.

    Still, it stands to reason that the heat on the fans would increase now that the cat is out of the bag and Oblivion With Guns is openly marketed.
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    You must have forgotten the time they said we should all die in a horrible fashion for expecting a game that we would like to be made out of the franchise that we payed to support in the first place.

    If we hadn't bought Fallout and FO2 and praised them to the skies back in the "old days" (anyone remember those 4 pixel chairs? gosh they were a hoot!) and proceeded to support the games and the fan community around them, the IP wouldn't have been worth buying to Zenimax and Bethesda wouldn't be trampling it in the name of "innovashun" and profit right this second.


    Bethesda and the gaming media that they support (read: bribe with preview materials) should be thanking us, instead of trying their hardest to drown our opinions out with negative propaganda and ridiculous lies.
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    System Shock 2