Trademark for ‘Fallout: New Orleans’ has reportedly been registered

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    "It’s been almost a year since Bethesda Softworks brought players back to the Wasteland and focused on the state of Boston with Fallout 4. That game is still being supplied with post-launch downloadable content, with the next DLC pack “Nuka World” expected to be released at the end of the month.

    Now there are rumors that a new spin-off similar to “Fallout: New Vegas” is in the works, with Bleeding Cool reporting that a trademark for “Fallout: New Orleans” has been registered. According to the story, the trademark has been spotted on the European Union Intellectual Property Office website, accompanied with an actual logo. If this is the case, then players can expect more storylines and elements to carry over from Fallout 4’s world over to this supposed spin-off.

    After the success of Fallout 3 when it was released in 2008, Bethesda Softworks reached out to Obsidian Entertainment to create the spin-off title “Fallout: New Vegas”, which was not a direct sequel to the previous game but carried over elements from it as well as elements from Fallout 2. If “Fallout: New Orleans” is indeed the name of the game and following the same path and will carry over after Fallout 4, then we can expect more quests and tales set on a post-apocalyptic world filled with Minutemen, Synths, Super Mutants, and Ghouls. — BM, GMA News"
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    Uhhh NV is far from a spin-off. And who wants anything from fallout 4 in the next fallout game why would any of those things be in New Orleans. This article has me mildly triggered. Especially since they used the phrase following the same path... NV didn't really have anything from fallout 3 that didn't already exist in the fallout universe (besides bloatflies and lurks...)

    Oh and Uhhh @Hassknecht you wanna merge those threads man?
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