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    Hi Everybody!!! Since I have no purpose on this board except to be the guy that takes a month to figure out something to post, I have decided to post the newest happenings of this message board. This will also be time to post misc. stuff that would be ignored otherwise. Now the news will be made easy to understand for everybody! It will be mixed up with embellishments by me!!! So, without further ado, here's the News:

    Alpha banned, for calling using crappy arguments to defend his position of calling randomn people Nazis. As a sympathy gift, he will be given a dictionary and an encyclopedia. To give him a use for those things, he will be re-enrolled in the 4th grade.

    I would give news on .223, but I'm kinda tired

    Turn to Xotor's post on err... big animals to hear an enacment of a banning!!! Great Role Reversal! 5 stars

    And now for the hell of it, I'm posting my list of NMA heroes!!!

    1. Hell Patrol
    2. Smackrazor
    3. Shadowman
    4. Roshambo
    5. Xotor

    Hell Patrol has 2 days to respond to this post, or he will be immediately dropped from the list. Xotor was about to get the number 4 position, but the SHT episodes pushed Rosh ahead.

    And in other news, HappySuitcase Man is trying desperately to become a regular. Help!!!

    This post meant no offense to anyone.

    Post any thoughts on this post!!! It's really loney talking to the computer.
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    Woohoo! Number 2!

    *Does somersults around the room.*

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  3. Hell Patrol

    Hell Patrol It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Apr 2, 2003
    Hmmm.. What did i do to get on that list?

    >And now for the hell of
    >it, I'm posting my list
    >of NMA heroes!!!
    >1. Hell Patrol
    >2. Smackrazor
    >3. Shadowman
    >4. Roshambo
    >5. Xotor
    >Hell Patrol has 2 days to
    >respond to this post, or
    >he will be immediately dropped
    >from the list

    After recieving this lovely compliment, and bone chilling threat, I'll come out of lurking for a couple minutes to share some wisdom -
    If you spill a lethal poison onto your hand, do NOT lick it off, cuz it tastes like fucking SHIT. And it makes my throat hurt. I think I'm addicted now. Damn nicotine...

    - Hell Patrol -
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    Only #5?

    [font size=1" color="#FF0000]LAST EDITED ON Oct-01-00 AT 07:16PM (GMT)[p]It's so good to have three of my heroes on the same post!!! But Xotor, what do you mean ONLY 5? There are about 60(?) people on this board, and of those people, you're #5!! The Doors are the 5th best band in the history of Rock n' roll. I'm sure if Jim Morrison was alive today, he would be very proud.

    And to Hell Patrol, anyone that posts all the endings and writes a really cool thesis of fallout is #1 in my book!!!
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    RE: Only #5?

    >And to Hell Patrol, anyone that
    >posts all the endings and
    >writes a really cool thesis
    >of fallout is #1 in
    >my book!!!

    what exactly did he do? I did a search and he has no posts the last few days
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  8. Hell Patrol

    Hell Patrol It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Apr 2, 2003
    RE: Only #5?

    >what exactly did he do? I
    >did a search and he
    >has no posts the last
    >few days

    My glory days (now I'm just a drunkard in the Den) on this board were basicaly when miro just switched the board from the old format to the newer, cooler DCforum. I'm not sure if my contributions to the Fallout community justify my spot as #1 hero, but I suppose I did help liven things up at least a little. For those of you newbies or semi-newbies to the board, here are my guesses as to why HappySuitcase man nominated me as his #1 hero -

    1. Helped kick off the NMA modding community - I was one of the old modders for Fallout, and when miro made the modding/hacking board, I let all the other fellow modders know of the existance of that board and gave reasons why they should operate here instead of their own private message boards on the splinter factions of TUF's defunct modding team, and NMA became the hub of the modding community. I directed Grendelin over here, and he definitely had a LARGE part in kicking off Smackrazor's modding career, who is arguably the #1 modding hero.

    2. Wrote really, really, really longwinded rants, speculations and arguments, which sparked lots of heated discussions. This is probably the reason I rarely post anymore, I'm incapable of writing short posts and I don't have the patience to write long posts anymore. I was the first person to have their message board post mentioned on the main NMA news section. I mainly wrote strong arguments why Fallout 3 needs to use a 3d engine, why Fallout 2 sucks (at least compared to FO1), and what Fallout 3 needs to focus on. Reading other people's posts, some still use wording that is very familiar to my old posts, so it seems my viewpoints on Fallout helped refine many peoples' eclectic philosophies on the Fallout universe.

    3. That pain-in-the-ass Fallout 2 Endings file - Someone asked for a list of all the possible FO2 endings, and I entracted the 5,000,000,000.5 endings files from the FO2 master.dat, and compiled them into a readable, single file listing all the possible (and deleted) endings.

    4. I tongue washed HappySuitcase Man's car - definitely the reason why he nominated me as #1.

    5. I worship Ernest Angley and drink A&W creme soda religiously.

    - Hell Patrol -
  9. APTYP

    APTYP Sonny, I Watched the Vault Bein' Built!

    Apr 2, 2003
    RE: don't get disappointed, Xotor, look at me, I'm even not

    Yeah, our Super-Puper Admin is not in the list!!! :-p

    That list is pointless and misleading. For example, Miroslav is not in the list, while he should be #1 for founding the site, forums and doing hell of the job just so we could talk here! Is he not your hero?!

    Pointless and misleading. You wanna see my list? What about the list of other 60 people?

    On the other hand, it's your opinion. Carry on.


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    heh... so which place was I on in your list?
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    I would type "Do'h!!!" but I already used that as a subject title. I had a feeling that I left somebody out, and that happened to be Miroslav. Now to fix any feeling that may have been roasted, cooked, etc., here's my new and Improved list!!!:

    0.1: Hell Patrol
    0.1: Miroslav
    0.2: Smackrazor
    0.3: Shadowman
    0.4: Roshambo
    0.5: Xotor
    0.6: Dr. W95
    0.7: Sweaty Testes
    0.8: APTYP

    See how decimals cure all ills!!! You're all #1, or technically, better than #1, each and eveyone!!!
  13. APTYP

    APTYP Sonny, I Watched the Vault Bein' Built!

    Apr 2, 2003
    RE: oops...

    Hell Patrol, you got yourself a fan. Congratulations :-P


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    You sure that list is good. I mean it could offend someone. Isn't it gonna seperate the people or something like that?

    Or is it just an ok opinion. Wrote straight from the heart?

    I hate when people makes the "Oh-my-god-that-could-Offend-Someone!!!" trip. In my opion all of you are just people i dont know, so anything you say cant offend me if i dont let it. And i dont let it unless it have a good reason.

    Write whatever you fucking want it what this board's here for.
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    RE: oops...

    [font size=1" color="#FF0000]LAST EDITED ON Oct-14-00 AT 07:52AM (GMT)[p][font size=1" color="#FF0000]LAST EDITED ON Oct-14-00 AT 07:50 AM (GMT)

    APTYP at 8? haha.

    i think you just said that cause you either had a frontal labotomy or you are trying to win brownie points with the "in" crowd of fallout(which is the out crowd in most the rest of the world)
    Shoulda stopped at seven, cause its a magic number and cause its where sweaty testes is.

    anyways its hurts not to be able to post either
    wildly sarcastic things or blunt opinions, but thats the way shit hits the fan.

    and why isnt Ghaleon on that list? he started the dumbest topic that wouldnt die(70 post about minguns? people we need to move on). he should win an award for that heruclean task.
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    RE: oops...

    >anyways its hurts not to be
    >able to post either
    >wildly sarcastic things or blunt opinions,
    >but thats the way shit
    >hits the fan.

    You can, just make sure they're justified and not too harsh.

    >and why isnt Ghaleon on that
    >list? he started the dumbest
    >topic that wouldnt die(70 post
    >about minguns? people we need
    >to move on). he should
    >win an award for that
    >heruclean task.

    I dunno, it wasn't such a bad thread and for the most part, Ghaleon didn't make it long.


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    Why do you hate me? (Reused Title)

    First of all, ATTYP is at 0.8, not 8. If it will make you any happier, you can be 0.9, until a better hero comes up. That's my answer to all of life's problems. If you make an enemy, make them your hero!
  18. Guest

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    RE: Why do you hate me? (Reused Title)

    >First of all, ATTYP is at
    >0.8, not 8. If
    >it will make you any
    >happier, you can be 0.9,
    >until a better hero comes
    >up. That's my answer
    >to all of life's problems.
    > If you make an
    >enemy, make them your hero!

    First I don't really understand what all this "hero" business is about anyway. It is not like we've done anything special.

    All you need to do is be a good board patron and participate (or not) in any of the rousing topics that form. Don't form favorites or "heros," that'll only make people dislike you.


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    This can't be good...

    What do you mean "particapate (or not)"? Do you mean that I've reached the level of being so annoying, it would be better for me to stay silent? (This was a confused type of question, instead of the bitter sarcastic type question.) Will somebody help me? Oh well... to make everyone happy, I'll never post a list involving members of this board again.
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    RE: This can't be good...

    >What do you mean "particapate (or
    >not)"? Do you mean
    >that I've reached the level
    >of being so annoying, it
    >would be better for me
    >to stay silent? (This
    >was a confused type of
    >question, instead of the bitter
    >sarcastic type question.) Will
    >somebody help me? Oh
    >well... to make everyone happy,
    >I'll never post a list
    >involving members of this board

    Something like that. If you want to become "one of the guys" here, simply converse with the topics that go around here. You don't need to actively try to please people or make them your "heros." Just, well.. talk about stuff. Maybe earn a good reputation by becoming an oracle of information in the Fallout 2 forum or something. It just gets annoying when someone is trying too hard to become liked.


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