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Discussion in 'Fallout 4' started by FalloutIsMyDrug, Oct 10, 2016.

  1. FalloutIsMyDrug

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    Sep 29, 2016
    A new Fallout 4 DLC listing has recently been added to the game's SteamDB info page.

    You can check it out here .

    Speculation has been floating around Youtube and Reddit about a possible new DLC, though Bethesda has already stated that Nuka World was the final DLC for Fallout 4. Some have speculated that this is VR support in the works or a dead end. It is worth noting that New Vegas and 3 also have similar listings.

    So, what do you all think? Is this VR, a new DLC, Toddler fumbling on his keyboard hoping something "just works", or perhaps just nothing?

    Here's a funny little article about it.
    "However, the weapon modding system is too detailed and diverse already to be worthy of getting new mods..."
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  2. Mr Fish

    Mr Fish Slippy sloppy, The

    Sep 11, 2010
    Maybe they stole the unofficial patch that modders have created and intend to give it out as a last optional free patch? Why optional? Cause then they can go "oh but we didn't create it, so we shouldn't be held responsible for anything it might fuck up".
  3. Chud

    Chud Still Mildly Glowing

    Jun 8, 2015
    I doubt it's anything big or exciting. The game's done, and only those that care enough to try and extend gameplay through mods are going to stick around, which isn't that big of a group compared to past entries in the series.
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  4. MercenarySnake

    MercenarySnake Kept you waiting huh?

    Aug 22, 2015
    With how poorly put together each new release is getting I thought he was using a gamepad to do everything, atleast it would explain the shitty interfaces since Oblivion.

    If this is really another DLC I'll just be sitting over here laughing when they announce the DLC is not supported by the season pass and pull a Memelands 2.
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  5. Jogre

    Jogre So Old I'm Losing Radiation Signs

    Oct 25, 2015
    I hope it's not a DLC. The less content Bethesda releases the better, as every single game/piece of DLC they've released so far has in some way/shape/form fucked the series up the arse.
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  6. Baccius

    Baccius First time out of the vault

    Sep 28, 2016
    Nuka World might have been the last... of this year, new season pass and 2017 DLCs
  7. whirlingdervish

    whirlingdervish Brahmin Cavalry Commander

    Jul 3, 2007
    the concept of a "season" pass for a single player game that has nothing even approaching seasonal content is sort of strange to me in the first place.

    Baccius might be on to something, and I wouldn't put it past Bethesda at this point to try to milk this turd for another "season" of absolutely idiotic procedural quest dlc and workshop content. Those literallly take them next to nothing to produce and people just keep buying them.
  8. Millim

    Millim Venerable Relic of the Wastes
    Orderite [REDACTED]

    Oct 13, 2010
    Oh God No.
    No more DLC.

    Just unplug Fallout 4 from life support, let it die.
    In fact let the series die now, it's been humiliated enough.

    I swear, there must some guy who has made a porno on the deep web and called it 'Fallout's destruction' (after the infamous Daisy's destruction).
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  9. NovaRain

    NovaRain Casual Modder Modder Moderator

    Mar 10, 2007
    I seriously hope(?) it's the asset DLC for modders making PS4 mods.
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  10. Risewild

    Risewild Antediluvian as Feck
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    Jun 14, 2014
    I hope it is just a bogus DLC that adds nothing at all, has no files or anything and costs $5. I bet bethesdrones would still defend it.
  11. mrchaos

    mrchaos Super Orc

    Nov 14, 2015
    I bet it´s going to be horse armor 3.0 DLC for the amazing low price of 25 €.
  12. whirlingdervish

    whirlingdervish Brahmin Cavalry Commander

    Jul 3, 2007
    One day, they'll get around to adding the horses and charging us for it too
  13. mrchaos

    mrchaos Super Orc

    Nov 14, 2015
    And then we will have to use mods to make the horses work without crashing the game.
  14. Chud

    Chud Still Mildly Glowing

    Jun 8, 2015
    The final DLC will be a mailed envelope full of tape, paperclips, and a postcard that reads: Assets for Modders.
  15. Jogre

    Jogre So Old I'm Losing Radiation Signs

    Oct 25, 2015
    Don't forget they'll also add in a few skeleton props and teddy bears to help modders with environmental storytelling :-D
  16. lolpop109

    lolpop109 Water Chip? Been There, Done That

    Jul 14, 2016
    UN DOWNLOAD THAT SHIT ; re-download FNV and download some fresh mods !!!!
  17. olestra

    olestra Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Mar 26, 2016
    this is what i was thinking. i mean for a shooter that doesn't support 21:9 resolutions either, it just makes sense that i should pay for video settings