Fallout 2 mod Unofficial Fo2 patch thread - problems, reports, suggestions

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  1. Dahakra

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    Apr 12, 2015
    Same issue as Zargon !

    PS. The "shotgun" sound doesn't suit Bozar at all !
  2. Slider2k

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    Nov 11, 2008
    Here's a new bug:

    The game becomes unstable if the door to the Becky's basement in The Den is destroyed. Savegame attached.
    Steps:1. Destroy the door (with the Molotov in this case).
    2a. Hover look at characters (Sulik, the door guard, croupier).
    2b. Enter, exit the basement. And try to pass through the broken door doorway.
    3. Game crashes most of the time.

    The crash can be avoided with saving/reloading or exiting/entering the map right after destroying the door.
    Happens whether using sfall/hi-res or just clean 1.02 exe.

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  3. Slider2k

    Slider2k First time out of the vault

    Nov 11, 2008
    Can't get Valerie to upgrade a Hunting Rifle.

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  4. NovaRain

    NovaRain Casual Modder Modder

    Mar 10, 2007
    It's not a bug. Valerie doesn't have the dialog option to upgrade hunting rifle at the first place.
  5. Slider2k

    Slider2k First time out of the vault

    Nov 11, 2008
    Right, I was misinformed by the wiki. But then again Val confuses things by saying that she can upgrade rifles among other things in her dialogue.
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  6. Slider2k

    Slider2k First time out of the vault

    Nov 11, 2008
    Driving from New Reno to Stables (if entering the world map through exit grid) or Golgotha (any way) the Highwayman gets lost.

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  7. Fox Wernicke

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    Sep 11, 2014
    Wish patch v1.02.32 or something'd come anytime, as with RP 2.3.4.
  8. Skeltek

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    Jan 18, 2008
    Does anyone know what happened to the ending where you overoptimize the Gecko reactor, Vault City gets tempted to try conquering it and Gecko gets destroyed in the process?
    Somehow that ending screen vanished from my game after applying some patch. The game somehow feels wrong this way.
    I believed one of the bigger concepts of the game was that neither extreme good or bad was actually the best outcome for the post-apocalyptic balance.

    Somehow it feels like somebody tried to make it possible to get a perfect ending on purpose, because they couldnt bear the fact that there was no "perfect ending" up until some fan patch or something...
  9. NovaRain

    NovaRain Casual Modder Modder

    Mar 10, 2007
    Fix and optimize the power plant, but do not deliver Gecko's economic data holodisk to McClure.
    The 'prefect ending' is inaccessible in vanilla due to a scripting bug, obviously it should be fixed in a patch.
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  10. Prisoner416

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    Nov 3, 2014
    I found a few typos and errors. Should I report them?
  11. BreakinBenny

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    Jun 18, 2015
    Check the Restoration Project bug reports page for anything you've found, the typos are also in the unofficial patch because it's part of the Restoration Project.
  12. Maverique

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    Dec 19, 2015
    Hey everyone. New here. Loving this patch, but have one question. Did it become impossible to be a quad made man? Every time I enter the room where Mason is (after becoming a made man for Bishop) he attacks me. I tried glitching with the combat mode but no luck so far.
  13. theAE

    theAE It's letting go

    Jan 17, 2016
    Hey, can someone tell me why killapp's path makes my game extremely laggy?
  14. SorgFall

    SorgFall Still Mildly Glowing

    Jul 2, 2007
  15. NovaRain

    NovaRain Casual Modder Modder

    Mar 10, 2007
    In February he said he's planning to push RP 2.4 and new UP. He's probably busy at real life stuff I guess.
  16. burn

    burn Mildly Dipped

    Apr 22, 2012
    RP could probably benefit from a more open development process
  17. Felipefpl

    Felipefpl Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Jun 17, 2010
    Killap said SEVERAL times he'd keep developing but nothing so far, and no one showed any interest into keeping his work alive. :/

    But i agree with burn, an open process like the one from Temple Plus:



    It would be really cool and it would allow more ppl to get interested and keep the project alive.
  18. El Rizzo

    El Rizzo First time out of the vault

    Jul 17, 2016
    Hi everyone,

    I hope this is the right thread for my problem, if not I'm sorry and please delete/move this post. After having played through Fallout 1 for the first time quite recently I wanted to play Fallout 2 now (GOG copy) and in preparation for it have done some googling for unofficial patches as I expected one to exist as is basically custom for Fallout/Bethesda games :p I installed the latest version of the unofficial patch and noticed that it also installs sfall along with it. The GOG version of Fallout 2 already includes the High Res Patch (version 4.18) which I plan on using to play, but like with Fallout 1 the performance using Dx9 mode or DirectDraw7 is quite awful and fps are fluctuating heavily even in the main menu. I know that deleting the ddraw.dll and using DirectDraw7 solves the issue for Fallout 1 but since sfall fixes some engine issues and enables convenient things like mouse inventory scrolling I would very much like to keep it alongside the High Res Patch.

    My question is therefore how do I use sfall alongside the Highres Patch and would deleting sfall disable the unofficial patch or would it work regardless ? Thanks for any help in advance ! :)
  19. Drobovik

    Drobovik Vault Archivarius Modder

    Jun 20, 2011
    You should definitely leave ddraw.dll untouched! Just make sure that in ddraw.ini the setting below is set to 0 when you using HiRes patch in DirectDraw7 mode
    ;Set to 0 for 8 bit fullscreen
    ;Set to 4 for dx9 fullscreen
    ;Set to 5 for dx9 windowed
    ;A dx9 mode is required for any graphics related script extender functions to work (i.e. fullscreen shaders)
    ;Modes 1, 2 and 3 are no longer supported
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  20. El Rizzo

    El Rizzo First time out of the vault

    Jul 17, 2016
    Okay, these settings were already correctly setup in my ddraw.ini, but how do I get decent performance with this setup ?

    My complete ddraw.ini setup looks like this:

    ;sfall configuration settings

    ;Change to 1 if you want to use command line args to tell sfall to use another ini file.

    ;Uncomment and point to a file to get alternate translations for some sfall messages

    ;Sets the number of allowed simultaneous sound effects
    ;Set to 0 to leave the default unchanged (i.e. 4)

    ;Set to 1 to allow attaching sound files to combat float messages

    ;Set to 1 to automatically search for alternative formats when Fallout tries to play an acm
    ;This does not effect the play_sfall_sound and stop_sfall_sound script functions

    ;Set to 1 to override the music path used by default if not present in the cfg
    ;Set to 2 to overwrite all occurances of the music path

    ;Set to 0 to disable everything in this section

    ;The speeds corresponding to each slot in percent. (i.e. 100 is normal speed)

    ;The initial speed at game startup

    ;Set to 0 for 8 bit fullscreen
    ;Set to 4 for dx9 fullscreen
    ;Set to 5 for dx9 windowed
    ;A dx9 mode is required for any graphics related script extender functions to work (i.e. fullscreen shaders)
    ;Modes 1, 2 and 3 are no longer supported

    ;If using a dx9 mode, this changes the resolution
    ;The graphics are simply stretched to fit the new window; this does _not_ let you see more of the map
    ;If set to 0, use Fallout's native resolution

    ;Set to 1 to do the palette conversion on the gpu
    ;Set to 2 to do the palette conversion on the cpu
    ;Set to 0 to pick automatically
    ;GPU is faster, but requires v2.0 pixel shader support

    ;Set to 1 to allow using 32 bit graphics for talking heads
    ;Requires graphics mode 4 or 5, and gpublt set to 1

    ;Set to 1 to enable the mouse scroll wheel to scroll through your inventory

    ;The mouse Z position is divided by this modifier to calculate the number of inventory
    ;slots to scroll. My mouse moves 120 pixel in the z direction for one click of the mouse
    ;wheel, but this may vary depending on your mouse manufacturer and windows settings.
    ;Set to 0 to only ever scroll 1 click

    ;Adjusts mouse sensitivity to some percentage of normal.
    ;Negative values are valid if you want your mouse axis reversed for some reason

    ;DX scancode of a key to press when the middle mouse button is clicked
    ;The default of 0x30 toggles between your two weapons
    ;Set to 0 to disable

    ;Set to 1 to reverse the left and right mouse buttons

    ;Set these to 1 if you want Fallout to access the keyboard or mouse in background mode
    ;Try these if you get the 'Failure initializing input devices' error


    ;The modifier key you have to hold down to change any speed settings
    ;Set to 0 if you don't want to use a modifier key, or a DX scancode otherwise
    ;Set to -1 for either ctrl key, -2 for either alt key or -3 for either shift key

    ;A key to press to toggle the speed tweak on or off
    ;Specify 0 if you don't want a toggle key, or a DX scancode otherwise

    ;The keys corresponding to the 10 speed slots
    ;Set to 0 to disable a slot, otherwise specify the DX scancode of the key you want to use

    ;A key to hold down to move the window around when using graphics mode 5
    ;Set to 0 if you don't want to use a modifier key, or a DX scancode otherwise
    ;Set to -1 for either ctrl key, -2 for either alt key or -3 for either shift key

    ;A key to press to toggle the highlighting of all items on the ground on the current map

    ;Set to 1 to also highlight containers
    ;Set to 2 for purple outlines

    ;A key to press to reload your currently equipped weapon

    ;A key to press to open a debug game editor


    ;Time limit in years. Must be between -3 and 13
    ;Set to 0 if you want to die the instant you leave arroyo
    ;Set to -1 to remove the time limit, and automatically reset the date back to 2241 each time you would have reached it
    ;Set to -2 to remove the time limit without resetting the date. The game will lock up on 8th of March 2255
    ;Set to -3 to remove the time limit, automatically reset the date, but override Fallout's GetDate function to return the correct year

    ;World map travel time percentage modifier
    ;Modifies how fast in game time passes while you're moving around the map screen without affecting encounter rate
    ;100 is normal speed, 0 stops time from passing

    ;Set to 1 to enable functions relating to overriding the file system

    ;Set to 1 to use the Fallout 1 code to control world map speed

    ;Controls the world map speed if WorldMapFPSPatch is 1. Higher values cause slower movement

    ;XX ;This will change the physical speed at which you move across the map
    ;XX ;Set to 0 to leave at the default. (i.e. limited by vwait in windowed mode, or by processor speed in fullscreen)
    ;XX ;If set to something other than 0, it enforces a maximum fps on the world map screen.
    ;XX ;Changing this to something other than 0 is not recommended if you've already applied a world map speed patch to your Fallout exe.
    ;XX WorldMapFPS=0
    ;XX ;Only set to 1 if your systems high performance timer is unreliable for some reason
    ;XX ForceLowResolutionTimer=0
    ;XX ;Set to 1 to enable Ray's patch to make world map encounter rate independent of your travel speed
    ;XX WorldMapEncounterFix=0
    ;XX WorldMapEncounterRate=6
    ;XX ;Obsolete, but can still be used if you know what it does.
    ;XX ;WorldMapDelay=0

    ;The number of slots available in the locations list panel of the world map
    ;Set to 0 to leave unchanged. 17 is default.
    ;Setting this greater than 17 requires a replacement background frm, or you'll get glitched graphics

    ;To start a new game somewhere other than artemple.map, uncomment the next line and set it to the map you want to load

    ;To change the 'FALLOUT II v1.02d' version string on the main menu, uncomment the next line
    ;You can use up to 2 %d's in this if you want to include Fallout's version number somewhere
    VersionString=FALLOUT II 1.02.31

    ;To use a config file other than fallout2.cfg, uncomment the next line and add the name of your new file

    ;To use a patch file other than patch000.dat, uncomment the next line and add your new file name
    ;If you want to check for multiple patch files, you can include a %d in the file name (sprintf syntax)
    ;By default, only the first patch file found will be used.
    ;If you want to load multiple patch files at once, uncomment the NumberPatchLoop line and set it to the number of files to check for

    ;To change the default and starting player models, uncomment the next four lines.
    ;The default models can also be changed ingame via script

    ;To change the various ingame movies, modify the next 17 lines
    ;Most of these can also be changed ingame via script.

    ;To change the starting year, month or day, uncomment the next 3 lines

    ;To change the limit of the distance away from the player to which you're allowed to scroll the local maps, uncomment the next two lines
    ;Defaults are 0x1E0 in the x direction and 0x190 in the y direction.
    ;Not compatible with the res patch!

    ;To add additional perks to the game, uncomment the next line and set it to point to a file containing perk information

    ;Set to 1 if you want the pipboy to be available at the start of the game

    ;Set to 1 to double the number of available kill types
    ;If you use this, you need to provide the extra descriptions in proto.msg (entries from 1450 to 1487 are names and 1488 to 1525 are descriptions)
    ;Changing this option mid game will not invalidate old save games, but the players kill counters will be completely screwed.
    ;Setting this to 1 may cause problems if the player kills more than 32767 of any one critter type
    ;Additional kill types must have their new critical tables set! (See the OverrideCriticalTable option)

    ;Choose the damage formula used to calculate combat damage.
    ;Don't set this to anything other than 0 unless another mod you're using explicitly tells you to!
    ;0 - Fallout default
    ;1 - Glovz's Damage Fix
    ;2 - Glovz's Damage Fix with Damage Multiplier tweak
    ;5 - Haenlomal's Yet Another Ammo Mod.

    ;Prevents you from using 0 to escape from dialogue at any time.

    ;Prevents you from using number keys to enter unvisited areas on a town map

    ;Set to 1 to disable the horrigan encounter

    ;Set to 1 to disable the random element in npc levelling.
    ;This will cause all npc party members to automatically level up as soon as the player reaches the requirements

    ;Change the initial starting location and world map viewport
    ;Leave at -1 for default

    ;Set to 1 to force Fallout not to use multiple processor cores even if they are available

    ;Set to 1 to override the art_chache_size setting in fallout2.cfg

    ;Set to 1 to fix issues with the GainXXX perks not giving all the bonuses that they should

    ;Prevents you from saving in combat except at the start of your turn to avoid a few bugs
    ;Note that even with this option enabled, it is still not advisable to save in combat at all.
    ;Set to 2 to block all saving in combat

    ;Point at an ini file containing elevator data

    ;Uncomment and set to a comma delimited list of numbers to use a custom xp table.
    ;Players level is capped once the highest specified level is reached

    ;Set to 1 to enable additional weapon animations codes from o-t
    ;The 4 byte value at 0x39 of weapon protos may range from 0 to 15 rather than 0 to 10
    ;Since the letters 'n' and 'r' are in use for other animations, an animation code of 11 corrisponds to 's' and 15 to 't'

    ;Uncomment these lines to modify the default modifiers for aimed shots at specific bodyparts

    ;Set to 1 to use a CriticalOverrides.ini file to override the default critical table
    ;Set to 2 to use the default critical with bug fixes (doesn't require an ini)
    ;Set to 3 to use a new format CriticalOverrides.ini file, with preadded bug fixes
    ;If the ExtraKillTypes option is enabled, this should be set to 3, with containing entries for any new types
    ;Must be non-zero to use the edit/get/reset_critical script functions

    ;Set to 1 to get notification of karma changes in the notification window

    ;Set to 1 to always reload messages, rather than only at map load

    ;Set to 1 to force the player to play the idle animation when reloading their weapon

    ;Set to 1 to prevent corpses from blocking line of fire

    ;Set a number of milliseconds to idle each input loop
    ;Set to -1 to disable
    ;Set to 0 to idle only if other processes are waiting for processor time
    ;Set to 1 (or some higher number if needed) to prevent 100% cpu use

    ;Set to 1 if using the hero appearance mod

    ;Set to 1 to skip the 3 opening movies

    ;Causes npc's who complete their combat turn with ap left over will try and find other ways to spend it.
    ;Only npcs with ap left equal to or greater than the value given here will be considered.
    ;Set to 0 to disable

    ;Allows the use of tiles over 80*36 in size. sfall will just split and resave them at startup
    ;Set to 1 to check all tiles on started (slow)
    ;set to 2 if you provide a XLtiles.lst file in art/tiles/ containing a list of the tile ids that need checking

    ;Change the skilldex cursor frm numbers
    ;Default is 293 for all skills

    ;Remove window position rounding

    ;Set to 1 to add scroll buttons to the pip boy quest list, and remove the quests per area limit

    ;Uncomment these lines to control the premade characters offered when starting a new game
    ;Multiple options should be separated by commas, and there must be the same number of entries in both lines

    ;Use this line to modify the list of cities and their associated global variables used for city reputations
    ;Syntax is 'city id : global id',with each city/global pair separated by a comma.

    ;Set this to a valid path to save a copy of the console contents

    ;Set to 1 to add additional pages of save slots

    ;Set to 1 to speed up the hp/ac counter animations
    ;Set to 2 to update the hp/ac counter instantly when the number is not negative

    ;These lines allow you to control the karma frm's displayed on the character screen

    ;Set to 1 to allow science and repair to be used on the player, or 2 for all critters. (Rather than only brahmin/robots)

    ;Modify this value to change the players speed of rotation on the inventory and character screens
    ;Default is 166

    ;Uncomment to set the text colour of the extra 5 interface boxes
    ;The line must contain a 5 digits, each either a 0 for green or 1 for red

    ;Set to 1 to fix the bug that caused bonus HtH damage to not be applied correctly.

    ;Set to 1 to display additional points of damage from Bonus HtH/Ranged Damage perks in the inventory

    ;Modify the maximum number of animations allowed to run on a map. (Default is 32)

    ;Set to 1 to remove the limits that stop the player rolling critical successes/misses in the first few days of game time

    ;Set to 1 to enable party members with level 6 protos to reach level 6

    ;Change the colour of the font used on the main menu for the Fallout/sfall version number
    ;It's the last byte ('3c' by default,) that picks the colour used. The first byte supplies additional flags

    ;Two alternate fixes to the interaction between HtH attacks and the fast shot trait
    ;0 - Fallout 2 original behaviour
    ;1 - Haenlomal's fix, called shots are enabled for HtH attacks
    ;2 - Restoring the -1 AP bonus for HtH attacks (i.e. Fallout 1 behaviour)

    ;Allows you to edit the skill tables
    ;Point the next line at an ini file containing the replacement skill data

    ;Set to 1 to boost the maximum number of script names from 1450 to 10000

    ;To change the relationship between SPECIAL stats and derived stats, uncomment the next line
    ;See the Stats.ini in the modders pack for an example file

    ;These options modify the checks to see if a critter can carry an additional item, changing which items are counted towards the weight limit and adding an additional size check
    ;Set the mode to 0 to disable the size check, 1 to apply to pc only, 2 to apply to the pc and party members, or 3 to apply to all critters
    ;Only the PC uses CritterInvSizeLimit. Other critters will use the extra unused stat (STAT_unused = 10)
    ;Add 4 to the mode to limit the weight check to used items only

    ;Some bit flags to alter behaviour of the motion sensor
    ;1 - Allow sensor use on automap when motion sensor is in pack rather than hands
    ;2 - Motion sensor doesn't require charges
    ;4 - Motion sensor is required to use the item highlight feature

    ;Set to non-0 to adjust the maximum encounter table size
    ;Default is 40, and the maximum is 127

    ;Set to 1 to disable the pipboy alarm button

    ;Prevents you from using super stims on a critter who is at full health.

    ;Change the AP cost for accessing inventory in combat, and the related effect of Quick Pockets perk

    ;Set to 1 to allow objects seeing through other objects with their ShootThru flag set

    ;Set to 1 to use the balanced bullet distribution formula for burst attacks

    ;These options modify the bullet distribution of burst attacks if ComputeSprayMod is 1
    ;All the bullets are divided into three groups: central, left and right
    ;These three groups will then travel along three parallel tracks, trying to hit targets on the way
    ;CenterMult/Div set the ratio of how many bullets go to the central group, and remaining bullets are divided equally to left and right sides
    ;TargetMult/Div set the ratio of how many bullets in the central group will attack the primary target directly
    ;Multipliers are capped at divisor values

    ;Set to 1 to make explosions and projectiles emit light

    ;Uncomment these lines to change explosives damage. DmgMax can be set to 9999 at max, and DmgMin is capped at DmgMax

    ;Uncomment these lines to change the timers of how many days after the game starts Hakunin dream sequences will occur

    ;Set to 1 to enable the new arrays behavior
    ;Set to 0 for backward compatibility with pre-3.4 scripts

    ;Set to 1 to add proper checks if there is enough ammo to use weapons that use multiple ammo per shot

    ;To add additional books to the game, uncomment the next line and point to a file containing book information
    ;See the Books.ini in the modders pack for an example file

    ;Controls the speed of combat panel animations (lower - faster; valid range: 0..65535)
    ;Controls the speed of dialog panel animations (lower - faster; valid range: 0..255)
    ;Controls the speed of pipboy alarm clock animations (lower - faster; valid range: 0..127)

    ;Allows you to directly control other critters in combat
    ;Set to 0 to disable
    ;Set to 1 to control all critters in combat
    ;Set to 2 to control all party members
    ;If you want to control only specific critters, uncomment the ControlCombatPIDList line and set it to a comma delimited list of PIDs

    ;Set to 1 to stack empty identical weapons, no matter what type of ammo was loaded before

    ;Changes the way weapon reloading works when you drag ammo onto a weapon in the inventory
    ;Set to -1 to disable (vanilla behavior with the 'Move Items' window)
    ;Set to 0 to use all the ammo boxes to reload
    ;Set to 1 or more to reserve the specified amount of ammo boxes and use all the rest to reload
    ;If the amount of ammo boxes in the inventory is less than or equal to the reserve, only one box will be used

    ;Allows 9 options (lines of text) to be displayed correctly in a dialog window

    ;Set to 1 to leave the music playing in dialogue with talking heads

    ;Set to 1 to fix the bug that unable to sell used geiger counters or stealth boys

    ;Set to 1 to fix the issue with being able to charge the car by using cells on other scenary/critters

    ;Set to 1 to skip weapon equip/unequip animations when performing various actions

    ;To change the carry weight limit, uncomment the next line (Default is 999)

    ;Extra sfall configuration settings that can be used by modders
    ;This section is not effected by the 'UseCommandLine' option. It will always be read from the main ini

    ;Set to 1 to enable sfall debugging mode

    ;Set to 1 to enable debugging output to screen or 2 to create a debug.log file
    ;While you don't need to create an environment variable, you do still need to set the appropriate lines in fallout2.cfg

    ;Change to 1 to skip the compatibility mode check

    ;Set to 1 to skip the executable file size check

    ;If you're testing changes to the Fallout exe, you can override the crc that sfall looks for here
    ;You can use several hex values, separated by commas

    ;Set to 1 to stop Fallout from deleting non readonly protos at startup
    ;Has pretty nasty side effects when saving/reloading, so don't use for regular gameplay

    ;Set to 1 to give scripts direct access to Fallout's address space, and to make arbitrary calls into Fallout's code

    ;These options control what output is saved in the debug log

    ;Prints messages duing sfall initialization
    ;Prints messages relating to hook scripts
    ;Prints messages relating to scripting
    ;Prints messages relating to the critical table

    And my High Res Patch settings (via the patcher) are 1080p, 60Hz, 32bit and Direct Draw 7 and with these ddraw.ini and High Res settings the game feels incredibly wonky and sluggish, as soon as I delete the ddraw.dll it becomes smooth and playable so what can I do to get smooth gameplay with the dll present ? Switching to dx9 doesn't help either and my system is more than capable of handling this game ;) (i7 3770k@4.5, 16GB Ram, GTX 980ti) so I'm a bit clueless as how to fix this.
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