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    Jul 2, 2012
    Ok, so I've been trying to create different types of maps in the last time, and I reached the conclusion that it takes a lot of time when building unique maps. I bet the FOT dev team worked like 3 persons on a single map to create such realistic terrain and buildings.

    The tiles are hard, it's like a puzzle, it takes some time to create a good shape. So I've been thinking there should be a program to randomize shapes. Build floor shapes quickly without putting to much time in the landscape. Same for the mountain tiles. If anyone would design a program like this, the maps will be done in no time.

    Also, the FOT editor is outdated, there should be a model scroll bar, where it uses the .clp instead of .til But for that it would be needed the source file of the FEditor.

    Now, I shall present the ones interested in urban enviro maps, some works I spent some time last year. I have another maps like this, but I won't bother completing them, majority of them are like sketches or some home invading scenarios. I have a mission that tries to imitate the purge scenario. But gets boring fast.

    there is the urban map. In the empty places were to be some other buildings, but the editor is really slow when exceeding like 800-900kb in map size. It takes like 2mins to move a brick to another place by ctrl+arrow or ctrl+pgup. That's why it's impossible to work at very big maps that's why I used the .clp during the set.

    For example, this big guy is 800kb, and that's just only one building I used in the map from moddb last year.

    And one more thing... The map height is really annoying, the maximum is 256, if you go beyond that, higher than that, the tiles/walls/floor etc... start to disappear. If there's some way to modify the maximum height in editor in which you put tiles, post the idea. Would be greatly appreciated.
    Because I wanted to do some really high skyscrapers, like the ones in the trailer .bik, like 24-30 floors. But the maximum is 16-18 floors(with caps, because without using caps I would be gone up to 21 floors)

    In conclusion, I don't like the lag when trying to move things in a huge map. It drops to 2 fps. It's not because of the PC, it's because of the game's settings I think.
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    Jul 2, 2012
    There were at least 2 people who downloaded , feel free to share your feedback.