Vampire : Bloodlines FINALLY available on GOG

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    Oct 30, 2009
    I had to wake up of my cryogeny and come here when I discovered this.
    The masterpiece Vampire : Bloodlines, one of the 3 best RPGs ever made, was finally restored by GOG's team after all these years, a few month ago.

    You have no excuse not to play it anymore !
    There was a strong backlash against the game's lack of finish when it was hastily published by Troika before they had to close the door. This new release has to be good enough to fit GOG's chart of quality !

    Just read a few of the reviews there. I couldn't say it with better words. This is to me, to date, the truest experience of what a RPG in the first person could be. And the one that actually proved to me that that can work perfectly, and 3rd person is not the only possible way to immerse yourself into a character's fantastic adventure.

    Warning : in a similar fashion to the effect Fallout can have on the unprepared body, you may experience a desperately bland and empty feeling when playing other RPGs after having experienced the depth of VtM: Bloodlines.

    Edit : Apparently according to an article on RPS, GOG's release includes some fixes that were provided by the community, but not the full set of it.
    So once you install the game, be sure to get the latest unofficial patch here :
    Featuring lots of restored content and bug fixes. (This guy must be the equivalent of our Killap :))

    Another summary from a comment on reddit :

    Get the True Patch Gold and the game will run pretty well; it was released unfinished (Activision forced Troika's hand) and bombed on its debut. Let me be clear: this is the greatest ARPG of all time. No game come close to the immersive quality of its missions. The levels are unforgettable, the characters equally so. A flesh-eating gypsy and street-shark demon are among a motley cast populating the ultraviolent, White Wolf certified World of Darkness. The leveling system is awesome. The dialogue is fantastic. Best of all: the clans are so diverse that multiple playthroughs are almost mandatory--a brand new experience evey time. I've never replayed a game more than Bloodlines. Get this game. Play as Tremere. Fucking Blood Magic.
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