Vanilla Plus New Vegas (Rebalance mod made by veteran player)

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    Aug 27, 2022
    Hey all, I made this mod after doing New Vegas Iron Man runs for hundreds of hours. My goal was always to reach level 50, and clear all the areas in the game, doing as many quests as I could do that wouldn't conflict with others as well. Along the way I noticed many things about the game that were too easy to break or not good enough to be worth doing. Off the top of my head a few things are that the barter does not effect prices enough, it's too easy to break the bank at casinos, and it's too easy to pick up van graff power armor on your way into freeside. These are just a few of the things I've modified though. In addition to economy rebalancing, I've also modified some useless perks to instead become traits, and I've added a couple of perks/traits that are either in an older game or are just a decent addition for roleplaying, Ex. There is a perk which grants +2 charisma when not wearing a hat or helmet. I've also went into everyone's dialogue and manually removed the indicators for whether or not saying something is a skill check. You'll never again see [SPEECH 23/50] and just instantly know you should not choose that option. One would be surprised how much this can effect a playthrough. I'd be happy if some veteran players tried it out and gave me their thoughts. :D
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