Vault Boy pics for the Hero Appearance Mod

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  1. LionXavier

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    Dec 29, 2007
    Hello all,

    Knowing about the upcoming update of Killap's Restoration Proyect, I've found myself remaking/tweaking the Vault Boy/Girl pics for the Hero Appearance Mod (and, while at it, doing some new ones for other possible PC candidates just for fun). I'd like to ask any charitable soul out there who masters the damn Fallout palette to convert the images of the currently existing PC appearances (Default Dude/Girl, Long hair Dude, Bald Dude and Darkhair Girl) into Fallout format pics so that Killap can have them before the release of the new update of the RP.

    *Looks around for Snake and Pixote...* :look:

    Here they are:


    Mr. Default Dude:
    [spoiler:231f65332b] This corresponds to both the default race and the default style of male Chosen One, our well known and loved default protagonist: [/spoiler:231f65332b]

    Mr. Bald Dude:
    [spoiler:231f65332b] The two versions (normal and unshaved-for-improved-badassnes) of the bald dude: : [/spoiler:231f65332b]

    Mr. Long-Hair Dude:
    [spoiler:231f65332b] Again the two different versions, this time for the guy of the mane[/spoiler:231f65332b]

    Mr. Short-Hair Dude:
    [spoiler:231f65332b] This would be the VB pic for the hero with the head of the male tribal/Sulik critter:
    A poor choice for making a new PC given the amount of work needed and the little difference obtained, I know... but making a simple VB drawing about it sure is easy :-P[/spoiler:231f65332b]

    Mr. Black Dude:
    [spoiler:231f65332b] The pic for both the race and default style of the black hero, one of the new PCs we have more chances of seeing finished: [/spoiler:231f65332b]

    Mr. Bald Black Dude:
    [spoiler:231f65332b] The bald version of mr. black hero:
    If we had a quick an easy method of recoloring/shading, this one would also be a good candidate to see the light of day.[/spoiler:231f65332b]

    Mr. Long-Hair Black Dude:
    [spoiler:231f65332b] And here's the long haired version of mr. black hero, another one which would beneficiate from a quick recoloring technique: [/spoiler:231f65332b]


    Ms. Default Girl:
    [spoiler:231f65332b] This corresponds to the race of our beloved default classic female protagonist.[/spoiler:231f65332b]

    Ms. Dark-Hair Girl:
    [spoiler:231f65332b] The pic for the style of our well known default girl: [/spoiler:231f65332b]

    Ms. Redhead Girl:
    [spoiler:231f65332b] The (not so) secret love of many, the popular redhead beauty who also has many chances of being finished: [/spoiler:231f65332b]

    Ms. Ponytail Girl:
    [spoiler:231f65332b] It just ocurred to me that the female tribal style could be a potential option:
    Again a choice not so rewarding for a hero appearance proyect, but easy enough to depict in a single VB drawing.

    Ms. Blonde Girl:
    [spoiler:231f65332b] Here is what I think would be a rather interesting option, the blondie babe:
    Any modder out there to take the challenge? :wiggle: [/spoiler:231f65332b]

    Ms. Mohawk Girl:
    [spoiler:231f65332b] And here, the most rebel of the possibilities: the punk, nonconformist chick: [/spoiler:231f65332b]

    Ms. Black Girl:
    [spoiler:231f65332b] The picture for the race of the ebony-beautiful heroine. Just like the default race pic, it's mostly representative, and wouldn't necessarily have an in-game counterpart.[/spoiler:231f65332b]

    Ms. Short-Hair Black Girl:
    [spoiler:231f65332b] Just the first obvious option one come up with for a black female PC: using Lynette's head:
    (only the exterior, of course. The interior of Lynette's head is better to be left aside :-P)[/spoiler:231f65332b]

    Ms. Medium-Hair Black Girl:
    [spoiler:231f65332b] Another obvious choice for another black girl style would simply be a recolored default female protagonist: [/spoiler:231f65332b]

    Ms. Ponytail Black Girl:
    [spoiler:231f65332b] And finally, another possible option could be a recolored ponytailed lady: [/spoiler:231f65332b]

    Hope you like them and they inspire people to keep working in these long but rewarding proyects. My thanks to all of you.


    Edit 06/27/2011:
    Added Ms. Black Girl, Ms. Short-Hair Black Girl, Ms. Medium-Hair Black Girl, and Ms. Ponytail Black Girl.
  2. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005
    The new hair type ones are really nicely done. Just sad that it might take forever until these critters are done... if ever at all.
  3. Josan12

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    Oct 15, 2007
    Excellent work Xavier. :ok:
  4. .Pixote.

    .Pixote. Carbon Dated and Proud

    Sep 14, 2009
    Beautiful is the image you require. The characters can be reduced to fit in the space right up to the edges. Some quality will be lost after the reduction.

    LionXavier didn't you do this before?

  5. LionXavier

    LionXavier It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Dec 29, 2007
    Thanks for the comments, guys.

    Yes, I did, but every result I've obtained, no matter how much I've tried, doesn't fit exactly with the background tone of the character sheet. It seems that the image somehow becomes brighter once edited and converted; I try to correct the shadow/contrast patterns at a guess, but no matter what precision level I think to have achieved, you'll always notice some degree of contrast in the background if you put a bit of attention.

    That's why I felt obliged to ask anyone who masters this issue to do it for me. I could do it, but I think Killap's Restoration Proyect deserves the best level of perfection, one I'm not able to achieve.
  6. Rain man

    Rain man First time out of the vault

    Apr 20, 2010
    Look at this try, for me it fits perfectly.


    Just use FrameAnimator and its pallet "Default.act" to convert .gif into .frm.

    If you want I could create all of frm you need LionXavier, but everyone can do this... :)
  7. tiagop

    tiagop First time out of the vault

    May 24, 2006
    Astonishing work, I wish all of those Heroes were released but it's nearly impossible since it requires so much work.

    I'm hoping to see that in the new RP :clap:
  8. LionXavier

    LionXavier It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Dec 29, 2007
    Excelent! More than perfect, Rain man, thank you very much. And yes, I also use FrameAnimator, but after some recent testing I've determined that it's my software of choice for image editing, Photostudio, what very slightly alters the brightness of the image when working with layers; something mostly unnoticeable, but definitely evident in the case of Fallout format pics.

    So yes, I'd be grateful if you could do the rest of needed images for the next RP release: Default Girl, Darkhair Gir and Long hair/Bald dudes (unshaved ones are cool, but I personally think that the ones to be used should be the standard version); convert them into .frm and send them to Killap or upload them somewhere so that Killap can get them at any time. I'd really appreciate your effort.

    Oh, by the way, Rain man, I don't want to miss the opportunity to tell you that I've seen your work here, and it is of an outstanding quality. Your technique looks like it has great chances of being a solid source of new Fallout critters.

    Thank you again and regards.
  9. .Pixote.

    .Pixote. Carbon Dated and Proud

    Sep 14, 2009
    So Rain Man will fix all these images right?...and then pass them onto Killap...:look:

    EDIT: It's done. They are slightly larger than Rain Man's version. Grab it here - Appearance Critters Perk Images



  10. Rain man

    Rain man First time out of the vault

    Apr 20, 2010
    Thanks for your appreciation LionXavier, for me it's a honour to get those words from you. :D

    I have spend a little bit time to think about your idea to create all those hero types, and, you know, it's almost imposible to create them in standart way (I mean to work directly with sprites).
    OTOH, for me it takes 1 day to create two critter's full-sets (for ex, default suit + leather jacket). To materialize your idea we have to create... 4 sets for each hero type. 4 sets * 11 new heros = 44 sets -> 22 days of hard work, IOW 1 month of work to do this hell job... And remember, that newly created critters will not fit perfectly with original fallout-ones (I'll show you an example)! Are your sure that this is nessecery for RP project ? Also it will explode RP archive size. :scratch:


    Please, LionXavier, choose a hero style, that you would like to see alive, I'll make it as an example.
  11. LionXavier

    LionXavier It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Dec 29, 2007
    Excelent, Pixote! I've tested them in-game and they fit perfectly! Thank you very much :ok:

    And I really mean those words, Rain man. You see, I love Fallout, and I'm certain you're aware of the excitement caused by the watching of new critter animations and the expectation of new content, to those like me. And in my opinion your work is not only good in itself, but also it's 'Fallout-y' (I'm sure you know what I mean with this epithet)

    I... I don't know what to say! Some hours ago I was just drawing and dreaming about new character types... and now you are offering a serious chance of that happening! :crazy:

    I'd say it's one of the greatest modding news I've heard in a long time! :clap: It would be a great addition to Killap's RP optional content. As I've already said, I think your style, even if not identical, it's more than Fallout-y enough (heck, it's miles more Fallout-y than half the new critters originally added in Fallout 2). And about the size, I wouldn't worry; in last instance, it could be arranged as a separated download compatible with the RP, like an expansion pack: Rain man's Player Models pack for Killap's RP

    In any case, I think that the only real determining factor is if you really want to do it, as it's you who have to do all the hard work. But if you do, I'm certain I'll not be the only one to be grateful to you :D

    Since you present me with this choice, I'll say I'd be eager to see something about the Blonde Girl :wink: or, if it has to be a male hero, any version of mr. black dude.

    SHADOW-XIII First time out of the vault

    Nov 19, 2007
    that's awesome, would be amazing to introduce in RP but I imagine amount of work to be done must be overwhelming!
  13. Continuum

    Continuum Vault Fossil

    Nov 8, 2006
    My favorite:

    How about replacing that ugly boy with those beauties on all images when you're playing as female?
  14. Rain man

    Rain man First time out of the vault

    Apr 20, 2010
    Ok, It's done, you can grab your sexy blondy girl here :)


    PS I have not checked it in-game, so if smth goes wrong - just let me know and I'll fix it :)
  15. Dude101

    Dude101 Vault Fossil

    Aug 3, 2005
    Wow, that is amazing! You have really nailed the FO style. MOAR! please.
  16. Rain man

    Rain man First time out of the vault

    Apr 20, 2010
    I'd like to create all of requested new hero types, but... you know... I'm working hard on my real job to get some money for me and my girlfriend, after that I'm working even harder on my game to open up a game developng company and earn even more money :) , but after all I have only 6h to sleep... :(
    But be sure, I'll make for you a few characters. :)
  17. jasper

    jasper First time out of the vault

    Jan 21, 2011
    Wait :shock: does this mean that you can/will make other playable character types for the rp? I, too, can not believe this! I did not think it was going to become a reality.

    I might as well just chip in as well, that in my eyes, the most needed one to make currently is the redhead. I am not trying to tell you that you should make the redhead obviously, but i'm merely casting my vote here, if you decide to make a playable character and need to prioritize. I (as well as my girlfriend, and i'm sure many others) would be eternally gratefull.

    Oh and your characters look very good btw!
  18. Nark

    Nark Sonny, I Watched the Vault Bein' Built!

    Dec 6, 2008
    Really love the drawings, great work.
  19. Dude101

    Dude101 Vault Fossil

    Aug 3, 2005
    That is great news :) what about smoking animations etc? you could do some new interesting stuff.
  20. LionXavier

    LionXavier It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Dec 29, 2007
    I've just got it and tested it in-game and I must say...


    I'ts amazing, Rain man! Your technique it's way better than I could ever imagine! The girl looks Fallout-y, the shadows are perfect, the animations are incredibly accurate and ms. Blondie fuses splendidly well with the rest of the gameworld.

    Here are some screenshots:



    The only suggestion I'd give you, is that I think the running animation would benefit from slightly tilting forward the girl's torso, so that it doesn't look too vertica while running. Other than that, I really think you could be the Holy Grail of Fallout critter-making!

    Anyway, I understand that all of this implies a considerable amount of work, and of course we all know how bitch real-life can be. So I want to tell you to not feel coerced to do this on a given basis for us. Just do it when you can and if you want; we'll welcome any addition made by you with really wide open arms :D

    And, by the way, keep me updated about your game developing company proyect. I want to know where to find good stuff :wink:

    Well, if there's a method for implementing VB images based off gender, then it could eventually be possible (the amount of pics to be made isn't little). It's a very interesting idea, actually... but I suspect that there would be some images that would look... akward...

    *thinks of the 'Strength' pic* :wtf:

    BTW, Continuum, I've also followed your work here, and I have to say you've got a great talent. It is impressive, your whole work in general and your Talking Heads in particular.