Vault City canon ending?

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    So, as far as I can see there are two possible canon endings in Fallout 2 for Vault City. The first is where the NCR invades, and the other is where Lynette marries Westin and VC becomes an independent city-state.

    Now, personally whilst I think there's a fair argument that the NCR territory in NV is basically just meant to be composed of the worldmaps from 1&2 and as such Vault City came under the NCR banner, I tend to lean more towards the independent ending. My reasoning being that we never see Vault City referenced as an NCR territory or state in New Vegas (correct me if I'm wrong) and that the Fallout 2 ending says that the independence legislation sets the boundaries for NCR expansion north, which I actually think leads into New Vegas pretty well because that just leaves the NCR to expand eastward and into the Mojave.

    Still, what do you guys think?
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    NCR rule for me.
    Even if Lynette had somehow married a non-Citizen I would think their relationship with Gecko would've been strained under her rule anyway. Given how old McClure is by the time Chosen encounters him it's safe to say he was gonna die before young Lynette.
    With how welcoming the ghouls are I think they could easier establish a relationship with NCR even bringing along representatives to do their research for the Renewal cult.
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    New Vegas definitely establishes Vault City as being part of the NCR. If the Courier decides not to recruit Cass and instead tells her to move back into NCR territory, her ending slide says that she retired in Vault City's courtyard. This wouldn't make any sense unless Vault City was part of the republic. They don't necessarily need to have been invaded, though. There's another ending in Fallout 2 where Vault City peacefully joins the NCR, which you can get by stopping the raiders from attacking the city but not completing the correspondence with Lynette and Westin.
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    Did you forget VC power supply problems? i'm not sure which one ensures VC independence and whether should I also visit Gecko power plant ?

    OK VC did became part of NCR while New Reno didn't.