Vault ideas for a Fan game?

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    Feb 17, 2014
    As the title suggests, i'm making a fallout fan game. (i'll post more about it, if some of you are interested in hearing about it)
    But i've hit a bit of a snag, i've created 3 concepts for Vaults so far, but i don't have a lot of ideas.
    Do any of you have any interesting concepts for Vault experiments i could use?
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    Jan 11, 2004

    Well first, keep in mind that the Vault experiment are suppose to be Social Experiments and not 'wacky' experiments with ridiculous purposes.

    One idea I had for a Vault was one that would be run by a super computer instead of a Vault Overseer. If people had questions or needed instructions on how to make something or repair something they would turn to it.
    But the computer was so designed that it would become less and less effective over the years, gradually loosing critical information. It was also so designed that it could easily be hacked by the more technical skilled Vault Dwellers.

    Purpose of the experiment was to see if people would preserve knowledge by recording it themselves once they had lost access to the original source. (that they would make technical manuals, medical books and so on to preserve and expand on their knowledge).
    As it had been predicted that one result of a nuclear war would be the loss of knowledge the government wanted to know if regular people could be motivated to preserve it and instead of having another scientific dark age.

    And sure, post your ideas for your fan game.
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    Hmm... here's a few off the top of my head.

    1) A Vault full of teenage geniuses. Mainly the students from an elite private school (so under 18), with a few 'elders' (ie under 21) to fill the leadership roles. They think the 'true' Overseer, Doctor etc were lost in transit. Vault-Tek has made sure that their archives are well-stocked in cultural history. Purpose - they want to see if they can build their own society with no adults to guide them, and what culture they'd eventually develop.

    2) A Vault where all the senior roles have been picked to have personalities that would clash. The Overseer would be weak-willed, and the other leaders would have their own agendas which would offend the others. The Vault has been deliberately designed to suffer from chronic minor problems to cause stress - and arguments on how to solve them. Purpose - would this community self-destruct, or could they learn to co-operate?

    3) A minimally-functional Vault. The engineers had been working on the thing when the bombs fell, so they closed the door. The core functions are on-line, but they're missing much of the stuff to make it actually livable. On the plus side, they are Vault-Tek engineers, so if any group can jury-rig the place, it's them. Unfortunately, they still need stuff, which means venturing outside. Oh, and of the team of 35, only one is a woman.

    4) The Vault with the insane quartermaster. On the surface, all looked well. Then as they started to root through the supplies, they realised that their supplies were a little... odd. They've got loads of stuff, but most 'everyday' items are critically short, while rarely-needed ones stocked to excess. (ie. no aspirin or underwear, but three crates of false teeth). The computer records and books are also weird; texts on advanced nuclear physics, but no Jack & Jane learning to read ones. Detailed maps of the entire US, with the exception of their local one. Purpose - could the Vault adapt all this non-standard kit so they survive?
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    Thank you, KarmaPolice. May i use that fourth one?