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    Hey guys,

    Not really what I would or wouldnt like to see in fallout as such but it is heavily inspired by Fallout and this forum is the closest thing I imagine this sort of thread would go in.

    Basically I love comming up with ideas for games being a sort of half arsed games designer / level designer myself. I have come up with this idea for a game which I envision would have much in common with what I felt made Fallout 1 & 2 such great games.

    Below is basically a brain storm for the game itself with some of the basic ideas and concepts behind the game. What I want really is just some feedback on what people think of the idea.

    Questions about anything you want to know or opinions about anything you think is a good or bad idea and so on. Comparisons to Fallout or even pitching ideas of you own. All (constructive) feedback is welcome.


    Earths future is one filled with darkness. Once man had unlocked the secretes of science Earth was cast aside as mankind exploded out into the galaxy. The call for resources and manpower lead to Earth being ravaged for all that it had to give. Conflicts erupted globally and many countries were laid to waste in the wake of World War 3. The end result was a home world stripped of all her resources and left to die a polluted ruin of a planet while much of mankind escaped into the stars.

    Not all were taken on the great exodus however. Some chose to stay, some thought abandoning Earth was wrong, many were simply left behind. As time went by the conditions on Terra worsened and eventually became inhospitable to most forms of life. With most of the planets water supplies diminished and contaminated from years of abuse and the atmosphere filled with poisons and toxins the Human survivors lead a harsh life. Much of the seas had retreated leaving vast expanses of desert intermixed with ruined buildings and cities filled with relics of the past.

    Clean drinkable water has become the main currency of Earth bound man. Hydro-farms grew into settlements and eventually settlements were organized, policed and run by the New Earth Zealot Initiative. An organization designed to keep order on Earth, created and controlled by the New Colonies Government. The NEZI control the main supply of water and thus have a heavy dominance on what is left of Earth.

    Under the oppressive rule of the NEZI the Earth bound populace are trapped, only the rich or powerful can secure some of the highly limited living space away from the hell bound wasteland and into the safe and comfortable NEZI controlled Keeps. The NEZI rule the Earth with a iron fist, they make the rules but they also protect the common man from the numerous dangers that threaten settlements and supply routes through the wastes. The NEZI are relatively well equipped and have total Air Space dominance on Earth with their fighter bombers and gunship transports.

    There is a faint flicker of hope for survivors however. While buying safe passage off Earth to one of the new Utopian colonies in the stars is almost impossible there is more than one way to leave the planets surface. The surface of Earth is now peppered with crashed derelict space ships. Ships which have served their time, broken down or become to worn out to be of any use to the new colonies are sent on auto pilot to crash land on Earth. Sending a ship to auto-crash land on Earth is the standard operational tradition of the space fleet.

    The survivors are able to scavenge and loot many of these derelicts which can lead to riches and eventually a ticket off world. More often than not however entering a crashed derelict will only lead to a bloody radioactive chemical death with mutants or malfunctioning equipment picking at your corpse until the next salvage team comes along to try their luck. A single man however can usually slip in and out of the more dangerous wrecks without too much trouble – if they know what they are doing.

    This lead to the formation of Wanderers. Lone men and women who would loot wrecks, for their own gain, able to stay under the radar and dodge or overcome the perilous dangers the derelict ships had to offer. They have to be prudent with weapons as well, mutants, other salvage teams, on board security systems and even criminal gangs can usually be found hanging around in one wreck or another. The best of the wanderers would go on to become mercenaries or guides for salvage teams, entering the elite of the Terran populace, feared and respected.

    Their success was a beacon of hope among the survivors on Earth. Every day more Wanderers would appear, some going on to riches and fame themselves, some lasting no more than a week; going out on missions into the derelict graveyards never to be heard of again. Now comes news of a New Colonies Government plan to have one large open transport leave Earth for new worlds. With a limit of places available on the transport and tens of thousands of people all vying for a place Wanderers are more numerous than ever. Everyone is desperate to buy or earn a ticket off world.

    Some of their stories end well, some do not. How will your story end?

    Imagine a desert wasteland sparsely dotted with city ruins and titanic crashed rusting space ship derelicts. Mutants, Bandits, Slavers, Mercenaries, Criminal gangs, Zealous NEZI patrols with orders to shoot on site. The land is a harsh one but the smart, the strong and the brave can prevail with a little luck.

    Wandering the wastes from settlement to settlement, signing up as a guard on supply caravans to more quickly get from place to place or just going it on foot through the ruins of cities and old earth armies. You start out as a young man or woman with the most basic of resources available too you save for one thing – Your mask.

    Your survival mask is unique, while it performs all the duties of a regular mask – some air filtration and basic protection it also has high tech computer components worked in. This is the advantage you have over others. Your mask is capable of organizing your situation, keeping logs of your activities, quests and adventures, sensing your surroundings, providing guidance and area mapping as well as combat information when its most needed. It is also capable of being upgraded with the right tools, know how and equipment.

    You yourself are the same as most other wanderers. You can carry two to three large weapons at any time including up to three smaller weapons (side arms / light arms) depending on your style of play. Up to eight 'packs' can be carried, depending upon your suit, which can include aid kits, grenades, decoy devices or combat enhancers such as combat adrenalin kits, personal magnetosphere-shields or muscle relaxant agents (to aid in long range fire fights).

    The back pack is the wanderers signature item, back packs come in various types and qualities, the most basic providing simple storage for loot, ammo and water while more advanced packs have space for various miniature tool kits, extra water storage, stealth field generators, climbing aids, breeching tools etc. Everything the wanderer could need to sneak, break or fight their way into and out of a derelict ship or sticky situation.

    The suit is the wanderers best friend. The basic models providing only light protection while more advanced (and valuable) suits can be fitted or even customized for heavy protection, stealth, agility or even extra storage pockets for the part-time trader or ambitious looter.

    Drinking water is the life blood of any Wanderer. Not only is the main currency throughout the wasteland it is also a limit on how far you can travel before you need replenishment. Most wanderers will either trade in their excess water for Credits or have a hideout where they can stash water, loot and supplies. Credits are accepted in most trading stations throughout the wastes and are much easier to carry than many liters of water. While credits will not be accepted by everyone they can be used to purchase a flight ticket on board one of the NEZI controlled gunship transports which regularly fly between settlements for quick transport.
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    Well, I quite like the idea. Kind of makes me think that this is what would happen if Firefly met Fallout. But there are a couple of questions and comments I have.

    Why? Why would they use resources to send ships back to Earth? It'd make a lot more sense, given that there'd be limited space on the ships for supplies, that they'd break them down to reuse parts to build shelters on the new homeworlds. Fuel would probably be pretty damn useful on a new planet as well.

    This bugs me. Why is your mask unique? It doesn't really make sense that you'd be the only one to have this seemingly much more advanced version. Also, if you did have the only one, wouldn't you be the target of every single other person on the planet? Everyone on Earth is fighting for a ticket off, and that mask would be worth a pretty penny.
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    Imagine a modern day nuclear submarine. Once they have been in service for so long they are parcially irradiated and need serious maintanence to bring them back to 100%.

    The 'space fleet' is no different only the problem is much bigger. Various damage to the hull through wear and tear, battles, meteorite showers, traversing and asteroid field or even a collision with another ship (etc) would create the need for a brand new outer hull. This would be a lot of work to do to a ship which has already been fully constructed as you have to break the ship down first and then re build it.

    Also the reactors on board, over time they would slowly irradiate the inside of the ship, making it hazerdus to live / work in.

    Rather than spend the extra time re-making the old ship they simply build a better, stronger, faster, newer model because resources are almost limiless - the galaxy is open to grab materials from. Its not like they are going to have a shortage of brass and copper.

    Also, its not like they simply punch in the auto pilot on the bridge and step off the ship. They strip the ship (for the most part) of valuables (weapons, batteries, food rations etc) and then they send it on its way. Its not a case of needing fuel, the reactor on board can easily supply a ship with enough power to crash land on earth.

    Once a ship is on the ground the damaged caused by the re-entry allong with the ship being stripped of vital components means it is effectivly a 200 thousand ton radiactive paper weight.

    Sending ships back to earth costs them nothing and is and easy way of keeping track of 'old' ships. It is also traditional and frankly the vast majority of humans in space couldnt care less about the humans on earth.

    Really they arnt using any extra resources on ships to send them back. Just punching in a flight plan into the navi-computer and sending it on its way.

    I am also considering having ships sent back to orbit earth as per standard and over the years ships will eventually deteriorate and crash land - I think this works pretty well too. Unmanned ship of course.

    Well think of the Pip-Boy in any of the Fallouts. The Pip-boy devices would be worth a pretty penny sure, but no one seems to care nor know.

    My thinking is that the mask isnt obviously special. It just looks like a slightly fancy mask is all, no one knows it is specail and it is custom made which is not unusual but in this case it is because the custom make gives the mask wearer superior abilities.

    Basically the mask is like the pip-boy 2000 / 3000. Of course its valuable tehcnology but most people either dont know it, dont care or dont notice. :)

    Those that do know and care and notice will have to be confronted at some point of course. ;)

    Does this answer you questions?