Wanted: Snake Burton

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    Snake burton wanted by the NCR Rangers for practiceing slavery and for aiding and abetting others who practice slavery. Reward is $1500. Snake is an experianced servivalist and is to be considered armed and dangerous. To claim the reward Snake must be delivered alive. All bounty hunters may contact their local Ranger's Post for more details.

    The next bit is out of char.

    (this is not a perpetuation of the snake burton debate. i just really like the char. he made. so please don't think i'm taking either side. If the real snake can't be here then let's have his char. live on in infamy.)
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    Here he is. Gimme the money.
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    Waits until night then sneaks over to the ranger station

    *Snake carefully walking up to the ranger station whistlin looks over his shoulder then tears down the Snake Burton wanted poster clumsly and shoving it into his leather coat pocket* laughs...All in the reflexes!!!