Wasteland 2 is built around reactivity

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    Rock Paper Shotgun has been running some features on Wasteland 2, highlighting how reactivity is at the core of the game's design. The choices you make matter in the world you see, and the inhabitants react to the choices you make. RPS touched on that in an interview with Brian Fargo two weeks ago:
    <blockquote>What if, for instance, you disobey Ranger orders to the point of becoming a liability? You become a pariah. Your own organization turns on you, hunts you. The entire game changes. And then, of course, there’s the extra-colossal, radiation-mutated elephant in the room: you can kill anyone, anytime. And sometimes – for example, if a party member won’t stop selling your stuff for booze money – you might have to.

    “Remember: you can shoot or kill anybody in the whole game,” Fargo interjected. “That in itself [is huge]. If someone joins your party, you can kick them out, kill them, whatever you want. There’s whole sequences you’re not gonna see later because you offed the guy. We just deal with it. There’s no replacement – no NPC that joins you and acts just like him functionally. He’s out. You’re just not gonna see it.”</blockquote>
    And today they came out with a feature on gender and discrimination in Wasteland 2, contrasting the approach with Fallout 3's, which largely ignored gender.
    <blockquote>“Here’s a merchant that turns into a store if you help him get his cart out of the mud,” explained inXile president Matt Findley. “Otherwise he’s just a guy that hates you. The conversation that he has with you is really dependent on so many different factors – the makeup of the party. He has different lines if you come up with an all-women party or if there’s a really high charisma male. There are little flags that he’ll react to.”

    Wasteland 2 isn’t necessarily trying to make a statement, though. Rather, the goal is to portray a world full of interesting individuals – each with their own preferences and prejudices. This place certainly isn’t a kind one, so some will inevitably be assholes. Others might give you the benefit of the doubt simply because you’ve picked a certain sex/background or brought a certain character with you.</blockquote>
    That's the kind of reactivity we loved in Fallout 1 and 2 and to a lesser extent in Fallout: New Vegas. A world that acknowledged the choices you have made and the character you are playing.
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    I've heard from one of the developers that he was amazed by the writing process, I think that's what they're talking about, and hopefully lives up to the hype.

    Since some major dissapointments in game releases, I've tried to distance myself from hype. But if this all turns out to be true, we might see a competitor to Fallout 1 in this sense.
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    Reminds me of back when I played Wasteland (when it was new) and I discovered you couldn't get into the bathrooms of the bar without separating out the men from the women. It was a minor point in Wasteland but it was the first time I saw gender have any actual effect in a game.
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    Reminds me how going into the female toilets in Deus Ex gets you chastised by Joseph Manderly. Most games never tracked your actions like that.
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    Anybody completed Wasteland 1 ? I mean will it have any old fans, or just new ones?
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    Uh? What do you mean? Of course some people completed Wasteland, some more recently than others. Sure, a lot of people likely jumped aboard more because of the Fallout connection, but that doesn't mean there aren't fans of the original title.
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    A better question would be who has not completed Wasteland.
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    If I raise my hand, shall I take cover? :P
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    Hi Tagz, I haven't
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    I haven't either. *ducks*
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    I have.
    there aren't many old fan who are not fan of Fallout.
    because Fo1 is actually kind of remake of WL1 and lots of time had gone since WL published, Fo1 has good point of WL and other good points(graphic, dialog, sound, music all the things that came from evolution of technology) that were not from WL.
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    I played games on commodore 64 as a kid, likes of maniac mansion, zak mckracken and sid meier's pirates, but I had never heard of wasteland1, which I tried about a year ago, but didn't finish it because I sucked at it and died, or the game crashed. Started over 3 times but never got very far. But at least I understood how deep that game is compared to many others on the 8bit platforms (similar to those other 3 games I mentioned) and I can see how important wasteland was for existence of fallout series.

    Anyway about the news, sounds good I guess.
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    I played it 3 times in the 90s, never finished it though.