Wasteland 2 tidbits, big update in January

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    Wasteland 2's Facebook page lets us know the bulk of writing is done, and a big update is coming in January.<blockquote>The bulk of the writing for Wasteland 2 is in its final stages. The next phase is about implementation and then lots more writing but based on iteration and the game play experience. Both Chris Avellone and Colin McComb are wrapping up their areas now and we will update soon on the status of the other writers. Also we will have a Wasteland 2 update in about 6 weeks showing off new graphics, game play and other snazzy stuff.</blockquote>That's the big huge update incoming, but there will be smaller updates in the meantime, and we're prepping some good stuff for the forums.

    Speaking of forums, producer Chris Keenan talks about replayability.<blockquote>That is one hell of a true statement. One of our main goals throughout development is to get you saying "shit...what would have happened had I done it this other way". It's kind of crazy to think that of the amount of content we'll be adding over the next 12 months, most of that won't be seen by the player on a single playthrough.</blockquote>And about the world map.<blockquote>We will certainly be close, with some slight modifications for playability. We have a new overhead map mechanic that requires us to tweak the original distances a bit for fun factor, but for the most part, the locations are in the same areas.</blockquote>And animator Josh Jertberg continues to talk on animations with fans in the animation thread.<blockquote>Ok..... I have to do some work to get done this morning(Rigging/animating a Honey Badger) but I will answer more directly in a bit.


    Yes! we want the characters to animate in some way during conversations too. I already have a framework in place that conveys basic emotions, sad, happy, angry, scared. It may not be super complicated but I will try my best to make the conversations have some life.


    The plan now is to NOT have the camera zoom in during conversations. There are a lot of reasons for this, but our feeling is it will look better to keep the camera in its battlefield or default orientation.</blockquote>Friggin' honey badgers, man!
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    Honey Badgers. Holy fuck, this game will be hardcore.
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    Sounds very, very good. Zoom is really annoying, especially when you are looking at soulless character trying to be "not boring". My imagination will do it better, thanks.

    And does anyone know some game with good conversation animations? Anyway, hope W2 will have it.

    That's what makes this game really old-school. Can't imagine another way for W2. Most of modern companies will never spend budget for something that player probably never see.
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    Ok, I normally don't post silly remarks like this: but damn I think I just creamed my pants.
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    Sounds great! Thanks for working on it!
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    Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines