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    Sep 30, 1997
    I noticed this on Duck and Cover, a recent article from PC Gamer. Pretty much, Interplay's Team Chuck sucked the dirt, and here's your quote of the day:<blockquote>Finally, a word about what has to be the biggest RPG disappointment so far for 2003: Interplay's announcement of a console-only Fallout game. To have Interplay finally make some noise again with this excellent franchise, and have theat news come in the form of a "darkly humorous thrid-person action/adventure" called Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel - for Xbox and PlayStation2 owners only - is a bit of a slap in the face for loyal fans of the PC series.</blockquote>What now?

    Update: I actually got word about this from AdamG who frequents our boards, I forgot to post about it (since the domain was down and all). Thanks AdamG! (Odin)
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