Were you teased in school

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    Jul 2, 2004
    My story isn't particularily interesting, but hey you asked for it.

    Up to and including elemental school all was fine. Except for the usual stuff like getting teased because you happened to be a friend with some of the girls and that either rendered you "in love" (which I wasn't) or a fag (which I wasn't either).

    For some reason I was an easy target in high school (years 5-13), though. I guess it was because I sucked at soccer (heck, both times I "got into it" I ended up with a bloody nose because some jerk kicked a football in my face -- I just don't like sports involving high-velocity projectiles in the vicinity of my face; I rocked at defense though) and absolutely hated school sports.

    Of course I also happened to grow my hair longer than others -- I never had a buzzcut or anything, so that's that.

    I had only about two people I would call best friends back then. Both of them kids I went to elementary school (yrs 1-4) with. And they didn't exactly defend me or anything, one of them even hung around with the kids that teased me as of year 7 or so onwards.

    Of course I thought about suicide. Everybody does at some point or another, but I never actually considered it a viable option (it's not only a total waste if you happen to be an atheist -- and a one-way ticket to hell if you're a Christian or Muslim -- but also it affects everybody who cares about you).

    In retrospective, I would say that I suffered from depression quite a lot. I'd shake it off when around others, of course -- pretend I don't care (as your parents always tell you: "they'll stop bothering you if you don't react because it'll get boring for them", but that's bullshit because you know they won't stop and they don't need you to react, they only need a victim to feel better about theirselves) and just think of brutal ways to kill them (of course I wasn't stupid enough to persue any of them, I was angry, not retarded).

    Anyway. Turned out the best way to deal with jerks is to piss them off.

    I think it happened at some point in year 9 or 10. Someone made an obnoxious comment about me again -- right in front of me, so I could hear it. I just blurted out "Fuck you".

    He was a bit irritated to say the least. I had never dared to offend them directly before -- I was sure I'd end up taking a beating.

    He turned around and asked "What did you say?".

    I was sure he would punch me if I said anything wrong, but I was building up adrenaline, I guess. I just didn't care about the consequence. "I told you to go fuck yourself."

    I don't remember what exactly happened next, but that was pretty much the end of it. Nobody attacked me or anything. Not even a snappy comeback. It just pretty much stopped.

    Of course someone would occassionally come up with a stupid comment about me every now and again, but by then I had learned to come back with sarcastic remarks or just tell them off.

    I'm glad I worked up the courage to overcome the situation on my own and it certainly helped me build up my self-esteem (even though it's still far from what it could be), but that doesn't excuse their behaviours.

    Of course they were dumb assholes. They're jocks. What do you expect? I'm sure my adolescence would have been happier without them (heck, I'm 21 and have never been in a relationship -- go figure), but if I wouldn't have worked up the courage (or desperation, or just plain anger) to bark back, it would probably have taken me a lot longer to get back to a healthy level of self-esteem.

    Anyway. I'm still pretty much a loner and not the most cheerful person in the world, but at least I've learned to stop worrying so much.

    I guess what finally fixed my social habbits, though, was reenactment, not school. I guess any hobby with a diversity of people who hardly know each other could have done that, but in my case, it was reenactment.

    Spending your sundays away from all your worries having fun with people you at first hardly know and then grow to consider friends, can be a great experience.

    But I digress...
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    Hey, that's my life in a nutshell.
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    Jul 2, 2004
    Maybe I should add I went to a "Gymnasium" (no, not that muscle place -- the type of school), which is the highest of the three tiers of education after elementary school.

    So the social standards were a wee bit higher. I think I only really saw about three brawls in the time I spent there (years 5-13), and physical violence was a sure-fire way to get suspended.

    Two classmates managed to get a one-month suspension for playing soccer with a Coke bottle that happened to shatter to pieces on the stairs right in front of the principal. Nobody other than the bottle itself was injured, but they nearly got kicked out of school for that.

    Though the school officially denies it, many of the kids of course DID smoke weed (though I'm not aware of there having been any kids doing other drugs) and apparently gang violence wasn't entirely unheard of as I remember a fairly recent case of a truckload of teenage Turks appearing with baseball bats and shit and assaulting a group of guys, one of whom apparently had an affair with a girl who used to be the girlfriend of a guy those bastards were somehow affiliated with... no permanent injuries, though, and I think the girl faced harsh consequences because she pretty much played the two groups out against each other for shits and giggles.

    The gang incident happened when I was in year 13, so either things are going downhill or that was a pretty unique incident, though.

    In terms of maintenance and computer equipment, the place was a shithole, though. But as I said, "highest form of education" and only way to get the certificate you need to apply for a public university (private university are scarce in Germany and most so-called "academies" are pretty doubtful when it comes to quality education).

    So, yeah, my fears were probably mostly unrealistic, but even though the brawls that did happen were pretty harmless when it came to injuries, I was physically unfit (I've become a lot stronger since then, but I still couldn't win the upper hand in a contest of pure strength) and had not the faintest knowledge of fighting at all (now I know enough to save myself in a life-or-death situation, but not being interested in martial arts, that's about it) and didn't exactly like the idea of enduring any physical pain at all (I still don't, but I'm not a total wuss anymore).
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    "I told you to go fuck yourself" BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA that must of been classic! *whipes laughter tears from eyes* Seems here, you see someone say that, and it ends in a fight, though I can see why that wouldn't of happened at your Gymnasium. mmm, anyways, back to procrastinating