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    I came to the dirty.org/BIS (new BiS secret project) and I found a forum. I asked BIS guys what they thought about the development of Tactics: BOS.
    This is his reply:

    A couple of things...
    First of all, I'm a little bit baffled by some of the negativity I've seen regarding Fallout:BOS. I think a lot of people are assuming that all our eggs are in one basket and that we can only have one Fallout title in production at a time. BOS isn't even being done by Black Isle, so it's not like any of our resources are being taxed so that we can make a venture into RTS gaming. If we decide to continue to Fallout series in the future, it will happen regardless of the development of BOS.

    This being said, I think BOS will be great game. The senior designer is Chris Taylor, who was the lead designer on the original Fallout, and recently headed up design on Starfleet Command (which I think is a GREAT RTS, personally... and I don't even like Star Trek that much). So, I have a lot of faith in that project.


    Any comments?