What can we do?

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  1. Zeal

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    Apr 20, 2003
    Well I think the only thing we could do is to boycott the game, no? What else can we do? And i mean something that will work... Calling the man every insult known at the face of the Earth won’t be the solution (but it will be a little gratifying)... But all that bullshit really pisses me off. I just don’t get it?! Why does Interplay or BIS prefer to bet on a game that they KNOW it was nothing to do with fallout, will displease fans and will just be more a clone of a clone instead of producing F3!? I would even buy the game two times just to say thanks… Oh well… Maybe he didn’t take his Rad-Away when he was exploring the fallout Universe and the rad affected his brain or something… :(
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    I always meant that fallout sites should boycott Fot:bos :)
  3. Jarico

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    Yes always take that Rad-Away, or maybe they just ran out of it, I always did :( BUt you know how hard it would be for interplay to make F3 with the kinda shit money they have? Lets just put it hard with several more D's. First off Interplay does know what the fans want and thats the bad thing, most Fallout fans porbaly ( this is probaly just me ) think that Fallout should not go to 3d, it never will work and it should stay with orginial graphics. WIth that in mind if they made a F3 with orginial graphics there are alot of bitches out there who think a game is only good as its graphics. Then they have to create a entire new store, and I dare say that will be hard to do after F1 and F2 which were both great games. So maybe after this FOBOS BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!! ( sorry... ) passes they might find some fucking rad away and restore there brains and make somthing WORTH being called a Fallout game.
  4. nWo

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    Apr 20, 2003
    You guys could start by bending over thats what you could do :!: :twisted: :wink:
  5. Roshambo

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    Apr 3, 2003
    Well, BIS has nothing to do with this game. I think many of their people have made it quite clear they want nothing to do with this title.

    As for boycotting the game, there is one next level that we can go from what happened for FOT. FOT, word of mouth and the game's faults did that a fair number.

    Now, the Fallout fansites can go several steps further from that.

    A nice, big, banner at the top of their page, leading to why the game isn't quite Fallout, would be one step. To attract attention, it can be flashing. Since most of the fansites (especially this one) come up high on the good search engines like Google.com, it can spread more notice that wauy.

    Active visitation of sites that do notice and like Fallout, like PCGR.com, including console sites that still remember the flop of Run Like Hell, detailing why this game is questionable at best. For notice and since PCGamer likes Fallout, we can get into contact with the people we know there and show why the game is failing, and perhaps they can print up something for their viewership.

    At the end of this, I doubt that sales along an Ed Wood post-mortem Plan 9 From Outer Space in seeing how awful the game is would be sufficient of an impact. The gamers have many more things worth their money than to spend it on this trash. Sheer awfulness didn't help Daikatana much.
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    Now theres a Man with a Plan ( or Woman which ever one you want ^_^ ) Thats perfect, or you could just stand out side your locale EB games/KB toys Gamestop ect ect and hold a big sign saying not to buy FOBOS.
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    Hey that's a good one, let us know how it works for you Señor pendeja.
  8. Ratty Sr.

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    Apr 23, 2003
    dont worry...

    this will sound stupid, but the best thing to do is to just sit back and do nothing! believe it or not, fallout for consoles is simply DESTINED to be a total fiasco, and i'm only worried what will become of Black Isle afterwards. you see, Fallout has always been an underground title which was loved by its fans and either hated or ignored by everyone else. it is a kind of game like, for example, Europa Universalis or Might&Magic - these games dont arouse much attention when they're released, simply because they are meant to be played by their true fans. all attempts to further commercialize these titles and make them attractive for great number of players will inevitably fail. why? well, casual players won't buy some Fallout game they've never heard of when there's HALO 2 or Brute Force that look so much better. old fans will, of course, boycott such a pathetic excuse for Fallout sequel. result: a complete and utter failure... just remember what happened to Might&Magic 9, Ultima Ascension, XComm: Interceptor and other "sequels". cant wait to see faces on Black Isle guys when they finally release fallout: POS... :twisted: :wink: :twisted:
  9. Miroslav

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    Sep 30, 1997
    I don't know how fundings are handled in Interplay and it's sub sectiosn (I mean here BIS), but if the'y're in some relationship, it's going to be bad for BIS, this game could easily create only net loss, if you know what I mean... funding unprofitable games only get's you deeper into sh*t
  10. Ratty Sr.

    Ratty Sr. Ratty, except old Moderator Orderite

    Apr 23, 2003
    it is my opinion that financial fiasco wouldn't hurt Fallout. on the contrary, it would help! here's my theory: most of the old Fallout team has already left BIs, and now Feargus is leaving too. They could likely settle down in Troika, where part of old Fallout team already is. if this crappy fallout conversion sells bad, Interplay will have no choice but sell off Fallout 3 licence to some other firm, like, oh let's say, Sierra. and Sierra owns Troika games...so you see, that way we could get Fallout 3 in a couple of yours, only not from Interplay! :)
  11. Index

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    Haha directed at interplay

    It strikes me as quite funny that interplay has gotten to this point. they are using last ditch efforts at this point to save their asses from total bankrupcy. If they continue this path they will have to sell of shit to keep themselves afloat. they are hurting and if they hurt enough they might just start selling the rights to games. Would it be a bad thing if troika got ahold of the rights to Fallout. this latest abomination means that the day that fallout is liberated from the hands of interplay and put into the hands of a more capable publisher i.e. one that wont make a fallout POS. i have the utmost respect for Fergus and the black isle crew. but unfourtunately they have gotten in with the worst publisher in the united states. I wouldnt trust interplay with Pong clones. If they sell off the rights to games such as fallout then we have a chance for Fallout 3. so lets all hope interplay chokes on its own feces and gets desparate. Hell maybye black isle can gain freedom from interplay. Interplay is making a last ditch effort to not fade away. instead they are going to piss us off then do it. i think its gratifing just thinking about who ever made fallout pos working at burgerking and getting picked on by the teenage kids that work there. i love fallout but i hate interplay. It's fun to imagine what would happen if fergus went to work at troika or some such capable group. interplay going under means they would probably cut losses by selling games that they cant make money off of. like fallout
  12. Ratty Sr.

    Ratty Sr. Ratty, except old Moderator Orderite

    Apr 23, 2003
    amen. one thing is for sure. Interplay is going down this time. it would've happened sooner, back in 1998/99, but they hit jackpot with Fallout and Baldur's Gate and survived. this time, nothing can save them. it's kinda sad seeing a once respectable company that published many great games like Descent 2, Freespace, MDK, Redneck Rampage and, of course, Fallout go down like that. :cry:
    i just hope they manage to publish Lionheart before they close down completely. that game looks very promising. :|
  13. DarkShade1989

    DarkShade1989 It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Apr 21, 2003
    What Happened?

    How did Interplay go from a respectable game publisher to a poor, foolish collection of crap dealers? What makes a company start selling out some of its best franchises in cheap sequels? If money's involved, (Did I need the if?) why not spend as much of their money as possible on making a good game that might actually make money? In short, WHAT THE F*CK IS WRONG WITH INTERPLAY?
  14. Roshambo

    Roshambo Antediluvian as Feck

    Apr 3, 2003
    Re: What Happened?

    Do you need to ask?

    Flagrant idiocy, that's the cause of their downfall.
  15. Ratty Sr.

    Ratty Sr. Ratty, except old Moderator Orderite

    Apr 23, 2003
    i forgot to mention wasteland, bard's tale and lost vikings :(

    why does Interplay sell bad games that bring a lot of money? i think that company is run by a computer with highly advanced business software installed. this software conducts complex calculations and defines company policy accordingly. the program goes somewhat like this:

    void main(){
    double money;
    goto makegame; /*this is where BIs gets an email saying they have two years to make a kickass game,then program shuts down*/
    else goto makecrappygame;/*this is where Chuck gets an email saying he has two weeks to make any kind of game, then program shuts down*/

    so you see, each time the program starts, variable "money" isn't initialized, which means its value is random and depends on current content of the particular memory address. this means they never know if it will be positive or negative. so even if Interplay actually has plenty of money, variable money is random so it's quite possible line "goto makecrappygame;" will be executed, so Interplay will start releasing crappy games even though all logic suggests they are have enough dough to make something good. Interplay's programmers are too busy copy/pasting FOT code to XBox software development kit, so they dont have enough time to fix the bug in Interplay business software! :P
  16. Guest

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    Simple question, has anyone here actually played the game?
  17. Roshambo

    Roshambo Antediluvian as Feck

    Apr 3, 2003
    Well, since it hasn't come out, I'd say that is a simple "no".

    However, much like FOT, there are other aspects that can be considered. For the first part, the screenshots they have released are quite atrocious. There's one fellow that looks like a Red MegaMan, aside from that pic, there's one of one wielding guns akimbo like nobody in the Fallout universe (and which is just a pop culture thing from modern movies, you don't see that EVER from where Fallout's universe and style are taken from - around 50's era sci-fi). Then there are the women in leather thongs and other things that don't belong. Speaking of that Red MegaMan, that armor really doesn't exist anywhere in Fo1, Fo2, or FOT. It's nowhere in the Fallout timeline. My guess is that this is some "cameo" item that is introduced as some uber piece of equipment that nobody has heard of before, is better than anything current, and then it vanishes conveniently for FOT and Fo2 and nobody remembers it at all. If that is some existing armor, then they are way off.

    Give me a fucking break already, the concepts are utter shit. :roll:
    (Not really aimed at you, just a bit of exasperation about the game concepts.)

    Next up is the interview, in which a link to it can be seen in the thread linked to in my .sig. Most, if not all old-time Fallout fans who have read that interview have cringed badly. Then there's the press-release that mentiones pirates (Arr!), and the lead guy on the game has said that FOT was too tactical, and he preferred it to be more action-based. I'm not going to bother dig up the exact quote, he's all dreck between the ears.

    It's pretty obvious that schmuck only played FOT and was given some timeline outlines, possibly looked into the FO Bible a few times. This can be seen as they don't have the right oil company, which is "Poseidon Oil", they have something else called "United Oil".

    There's also been talk that they would make this game "better" by the release date, but I doubt that as well. I know IPLY too well for that to be entertained. The folks over at VE3D aren't too amused, either, and that's saying something.
  18. DarkUnderlord

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    Apr 6, 2003
    The really sad thing is, that even if by some miracle, FO:POS turns out to be a reasonable action game, it's still likely to make several holes in the Fallout timeline. Hell, even reading half of what Chucky says, you can see the man has NO CLUE as to what is actually IN the two Fallout RPG's. Any story that comes out is likely to be so badly slapped together, that it'll leave a bigger stink than Tactics ever made.

    Here's the full Chucky Interview. It's pretty scary, so turn the lights on and make sure you're not alone.

    If it's dark outside and you're a little too afraid to read the interview, here's a quick summary of the game from Chucky himself:

    Oh yeah.
  19. Django

    Django First time out of the vault

    Apr 26, 2003
    Weren't the monty python jokes in FoT 1and2 mindless pop culture references? The new jokes are simply pandering to the new target audience; the mainstream console gamer.The old jokes were simply pandering to the old target audience; computer nerd. Not that there's anything wrong with either; but your kind of setting yourself up for a fall there Roshambo.

    I' kind of with that nwo guy on the previous page; the only way we can beat this is by not buying it. That new X-Men isometric action/rpg is going to kick the shit out of PoS in the sales charts anyway. Let's only hope this doesn't fuck up the chances of Fallout3 ever happening.
  20. illiterati

    illiterati First time out of the vault

    Apr 26, 2003
    I don't know who you think claimed the Monty Python jokes were a major draw to Fallout, but I remember a lot of people complaining about them being out of place too. I wasn't too fond of them either, to tell you to truth. I believe Roshambo's beef is with the fact that FO:BOS looks set to shitcan just about everything that did make Fallout stand out in favour of all the trappings of modern action games/movies -- it's just gonna be dressed up in a cheap dirty post-apoc costume, for "variety".