What did the Vault Dweller do in Junktown that was so terrible?

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    In the Vault Dweller's memoirs, he says as such

    "I found myself in Junktown. It was here that I learned the most important rule of all: doing a good thing sometimes means being a very bad person. My memories of Junktown are tainted, and I feel no remorse for my actions in that place. It was there that I came across a dog, who adopted me and was my faithful friend from there on. I miss Dogmeat to this day.
    While Junktown was a city of traders (and traitors), it did not have a water-chip."

    What is he alluding to? Helping Gizmo seems extremely out of character even for something he says he regrets. I just can't really work it out.
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    May 17, 2016
    I see things this way : helping Killian is the good moral choice, but it ultimately leads to spying, and executing (bad) people in cold blood, with no good repercussions on the future of the city, as it stays in a stagnant situation while the rest of the state evolves. Helping Gizmo on the other hand, brings prosperity to the city, but at the cost of morality. Either choices can leave a bad taste in the vault dweller's mouth.
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    During development of Fallout 1 / before releasing the game to the public (or was it in Fallout 1 v1.0? Don't remember) the endings for Junktown were swapped.

    It MIGHT be a urban legend, throught.


    Helping Killian -> Junktown becomes community with strict moral laws. Alcohol, drugs, prostitution, gambling, loan and pawn shops, boxing are banned. Junktown under Killian rule suffers a major economic collapse.

    Helping Gizmo -> Junktown cassino grows, and with its growth new jobs for locals are created. People from all over the wasteland (Hub, Shady Sands, even Brotherhood sometimes) come here to have fun and relax. Money spend by outsiders are reinvested to make the city wealthier (city defences, electrity, maybe even healthcare).

    Sometimes helping the bad person by doing the bad thing (wiping out the law force) means doing the good thing for the community. Its law vs chaos dilemma. Good one. Pitty tough this idea was abandoned in final version of the game.
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    But the Vault Dweller's Memoirs were from the Fallout 2 manual, right? Surely that was written after that idea had already beeen scrapped. I can accept the argument that blatant entrapment was probably pretty morally dicey for someone fresh out of the Vault, but I'm not entirely sure. One of the ideas I thought of is the Skullz questline. As part of the questline to infiltrate and eventually bust the Skullz, the Dweller has to join the gang and steal the ashes urn of the bartender's wife to his own distraught. I'd say even if you ended up busting the gang, stealing an old mans wifes ashes is pretty fucked.