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I dont think they are working on Fallout, thats to...you know...its probaly something else
>I dont think they are working
>on Fallout, thats to...you know...its
>probaly something else

I'm pretty sure you're right. Everything on the new project has been kept hush hush, but Feargus did confirm the title wasn't Fallout 3. But since it was a title that a lot of people were asking for what do you suppose it is? Torment 2 maybe? I'm not sure about that either because I heard they haven't sold enough copies of PS:T yet.
>And if it is Torment 2,
>do you think that they'll
>switch to LithTech engine? What
>about that modified infinity engine?
>what's the name, I forgot

Actually, I don't think it's Torment 2. But I have no idea what else it could be. However, I do remember Feargus saying in an interview that most of their future titles will be 3d. What other Black Isle titles have people been asking for for ages?
My two thoughts:

One is most likely Stonekeep II.

PCGamespro.com has been smoking some serious something, as they keep saying that Stonekeep II will use the Fallout III engine.

Odd, since if I remember right, Stonekeep was FP (could be wrong). And Fallout was isometric and installment 3 was not even made yet.

My other thought, and a bit outlandish, is that they might be attempting to buy the rights of Wasteland from EA.
RE: My two thoughts:

Why they need to buy Wasteland lincence when they already have Fallout?

DO you remember Urquhart interview from Gamespot with title: "three days with AD&D" (1999)
There he said that BiS won't expand to large, in meant that they already have Fallout, Torment, BG franchise so they might used that title again. What i want to say is It is possible that they will continue fallout in their newest project even if they change their title. Though this is just a shot that maybe miss, i just hope it is.
Maybe yes, maybe no.

The lines "Just to hint at something, we are putting together a project that a lot of people have been asking us to do..." really hints to it being Fallout.

But, I guess Black Isle has been working on Stonekeep 2 for quite a while now. And creating there own engine is pain-staking so they might of stopped making there own engine and gone on to just using the LithTech. More information that would help the Stonekeep 2 theory is that the Torment team is working with the LithTech engine, and the Torment team had nothing to do with Fallout 1 or 2, Icewind Dale team is the team that workedon Fallout.

I think I started rambling on so that may make no sense what so ever.

Well... First at all, if they're making Fallout 3 don't expect to see it for 1 or 2 years (and because I'm in Argentina could take 3 years :-()

The interview talks about that the team who recently finished Torment were making a new project...
Well..... Check what the (http://dirty.org/BIS) site says about the new project...

New Black Isle Project.

We will be using the Lithtech engine for our next project.

The majority of Team Torment is now working on a new project.
It is an in house Black Isle project.
It will not be ready for release this year.
It should not be confused with Baldur’s Gate II, Icewind Dale, or Neverwinter Nights, which are separate projects

They delete this, but, a guy from BiS said that it WASN'T Fallout 3...... (because he was getting lots and lots of mails asking him if it was going to be F3! hehe)

IF the new team that's working on the new project is the Torment's one, I don't think it's going to be F3...