What do we know of project V13?

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    Considering V13 was the Fallout MMO that was unfortunately canceled, did we ever get any information of the storyline/lore? If I recall correctly, it would have taken place in Seattle, and a variety of promo art for the game heavily focused on some kind of new Super Mutant army, along with one of the promo trailers having a desk with the engravings "The Master Lives"!
    Although all of this is fruitless to discuss (considering we'll never see this game reach the light of day), I find it a interesting topic of discussion. What do you guys think? Could this "V13" have been a good Fallout game if it was properly finished?
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    This was the description of the game:
    These are the relevant parts from an article about Project V13:
    So I don't think there was ever a real storyline released to the public. That article mentions a few things, and I think that is the most information about what the game could have been, that I ever found.
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    Thank you for this very informative post. From the looks of the quotes by the developers, I’m not sure how this would have turned out. Starting another apocalypse seems very redundant (must of been Chris “make Fallout post apocalyptic again” Avellone’s idea), and the thought of female super mutants and time travel sounds downright silly. Of course, these are just rough drafts, and these ideas could of been great with the proper writing and execution, but as it stands it seems extremely lore breaking and not wholeheartedly original.
    I’m still interesting in this whole “return of The Master” thing they were going to do. I wonder how that would have went down. Nevertheless, thank you for this information.
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    Sounds like fallout 76 with more commitment to the MMO elements than the survival ones.