What Does The Quote "War, War Never Changes" Mean to You?

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    I don't think this has ever been asked before on this website, so I just wanted to know what does the quote " War, War Never Changes" mean to you? You know like what's your interpretation of it?
    For me I'll just give the gist of my interpretation, basically humanity never learns from it's past mistakes, and will always repeat them. The causes/reasons that start wars, and their end results are all the same. So yeah that's pretty much how interpret the iconic quote!

    Oh, and I even made a video edit that covers the themes surrounding that quote:


    Also most importantly, HAPPY 26TH TO THE FALLOUT SERIES!!!

    :cool: 8-) 8-)
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  2. Eumesmopo

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    Dec 6, 2012
    Pretty much. The Fallout 1 intro was a cynical commentary on the nature of war. It states very clearly that the motives for the old wars that ravaged human history and those that ended civilization were the same. Territory and resources. It implies that self-interest and greed inevitably lead to violence when nations compete for limited natural resources, specially in a world where those resources become increasingly scarce. It is pessimistic and bleak, much like the rest of the game... As peak oil hit the world before the Great War, national hostilities erupted over the last remaining petroleum fields, uranium mines, and other vital assets. Propaganda and deceit dominate the airwaves, glossing over the crimes against humanity that are being perpetrated by the american forces occupying Canada, a reminder of the role of the media institutions in keeping the population asleep.The human ability to split the atom, the crown jewel of the 20th century, the most magnificent achievement in the entire history of physics and engineering, whose discovery sparked an age of hope in progress, was perverted by the pursuit of military supremacy. Instead of unifying humanity, technology only exacerbated our divisions and plunged the world into the most destructive conflict ever waged. It underscores the message that moral progress struggles to keep pace with technological progress, and that we continue to exist a world were, despite all our modern comforts and facades of civilization, mutual assured destruction could condemn a significant fraction all humans who ever lived to be incinerated by the light of nuclear fire, plunging us into a rather primitive-like state of barbarism and dispossession. The world is left dead and silent, a husk of it's old glory is all the memory that is left of each and every human achievement. History is frozen, like a clock broken by an explosive blast, like a shadow of a child engraved into the brickwork, like the ruins of a building whistling with dreadful winds. And the most haunting thing about it is that, even though it is almost 30 years old, it still speaks with such relevance to our actual geopolitical reality.
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  3. Ape Fighting Vehicle

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    Sep 15, 2022
    "The details are trivial and pointless, the reasons, as always, purely human ones."

    To me it means that the reasons for war are always the same. Petty, selfish, misguided, and destructive. No large essay needed to convey my thoughts on this, I think. Throughout history there's always been reasons given, but the hard facts about why war starts are always the same.

    Purely human ones.
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  4. Muttie

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    I sometimes think the line is overused. It's more an introduction to the follow up of "but the world can end" and then it pans over in the post apocalyptic set up.
    War itself doesn't matter much in the Fallout universe, it's all gone. What is important is to never rebuild it. It may not be realistic but even after a 200 or 500 years the wasteland can never be rebuild. It would contradict the whole point of it. So the unspoken "but the world ended" is actually more important than "war never changes".

    I think it's also a challenge to the writing to explain why the world never recovers. It can always only be places like Vault City who have enough for themselves, but never everyone. I think that's important. Also the NCR would need to get knock down again, it can't grow back into a proper civilisation. I think that would be a mistake. It (rebuilding the wasteland) may sound like a natural (and maybe fun) thing to do, but I believe it's a fallacy one actively needs to stay away from. It can't recover.

    That said, that war never changes may be a key to it. I recently thought about it and thought a possible scenario could be the Fallout Tactics robot army invading the west and pose such a threat that it forces an alliance between the NCR, New Reno and Vault City, and during the conflict all progress gets reset. I think that could be epic. (the diplomacy, the threat, seeing the world go up in flames again set against a relentless enemy).
    I also thought that the robots would be closer to the old villain flair, like the master, his super-mutant army or the Enclave, than those guys who dressed up as Romans.
    But even so the concepts of war only ever exists in its most primitive form of struggle for survival. Resources, power and territory have become mostly meaningless. As long as the wasteland never rebuilds, there won't be war, only raiding. Until a threat appears.

    Anyway, I think the meaning of the line is just to create an introduction to the scenario. To me it's just a segue. And personally, I would never use it in a mod ;). Only for fan-servicing, but, tbh, I think that's a bit cheap and patronising.

    Anyway, maybe that's a bit of a different take on it.
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  5. william dempsey

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    Jan 23, 2022
    War is a means to an end. If mankind stopped bombing and killing that would mean woke people and lesbians had gotten their own way.