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    Mar 16, 2006
    Since I'm not able to cover some part(s) of the development from my own sources from time to time, I believe it might be a good idea to start a "BGE mercenary thread".

    Language mutations

    Although BGE is mainly Czech-based and written at first in Czech, we consider English mutation as equally (or even more) worthy from the very start.

    With Chapter One planned for 2014, it could be a good time to consider other language mutations as well, but after EN version of a certain area is 100% finished.

    If you are a native speaker in language of our potential interest, have some experience and find some free time in the next few month, I will be very glad for dropping me a line (e-mail: marekfiser [at] gmail [dot] com / PM here at forums).

    But under this condition: at least two persons for each mutation, at least one of them with concrete experience with.


    I'm strongly looking forward for a critter animations of a guy fighting (as well as doing anohter various things) with the shovel. It could be a wholy new one or just an edit of some critter from the originals.

    I think the reason why we do need this is pretty clear.

    Generally, we appreciate helping hand of any experienced person, exluding positions we're not yet ready to hire foreigners due to language barrier.