Fallout 2 mod What is your favourite ammo mod?

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  1. Question2

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    Jun 20, 2017
    I've been using "yet another ammo mod", but there is one major flaw to it IMHO.

    If the weapon base damage is high enough, then JHP is still better than AP.

    The p90c is a good example of this. 10mm AP has -4 DT, but but 10mm JHP has 1.5x damage. The p90c does 12 damage minimum, 1.5x of that is 18, which is more than the -4 DT that AP ammo provides. Im not sure if damage modifiers are applied before or after the "bonus ranged damage" perk either, but if its after, that makes damage modifiers and JHP even more powerful.

    Another example of this is the rocket launcher. It averages 100 damage per shot, explosive ammo has 1.5x damage, thats 50 more damage which is much more than the -20 DT that AP rockets have. I changed rocket launchers to do 100-100 damage for testing purposes, and explosive ammo always outdamages AP ammo on enclave soldiers.

    Ironically, due to the way that DR is reduced in YAAMV, AP ammo is actually more effective if it can exceed the target DT. I think DR is reduced by 10% per excess point of DT reduction. So while AP rockets negate advanced power armor's DT entirely, it still has a 65% DR that drops damage to 35...whereas AP rockets vs power armor negates all DT in addition to 40% DR, so AP rockets vs power armor do 90 damage (much more than explosive rockets because DR is reduced).

    Meanwhile, the assault rifle is pretty much the same regardless of whether you use JHP or AP because the -4 DT is coincidentally the same as the 50% extra damage from the JHP damage modifier. Except that JHP is a lot more common of course.

    You could increase the DT reductions for AP ammo even more of course...but you still run into the problem where JHP > AP as long as the DT reduction is insufficient to reduce DR to compensate for the additional damage from JHP. This is because JHP simply does more damage, which isnt dependant on the target's armor.

    There is a second problem where damage modifiers vary based on the weapon used. So while 10mm AP vs 10mm JHP is roughly even for 10mm pistols...the p90c which does way more damage results in JHP being superior, always. But balancig it for the p90c would most likely result in 10mm JHP being underpowered for 10mm pistols.
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    Dec 6, 2007
    Listen, buddy, you don't need ANY of those fancy DT-reducing formulas. The default Fo2 damage calculation formula is fine as it is. You just need a mod that changes the ammo values so they work as intended.

    You need MY mod.
  3. Question2

    Question2 It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Jun 20, 2017
    If im not wrong, due to the way DR works (applied after DT), that means that AP ammo would mainly benefit high damage per shot weapons?

    P.S. I sent you a PM about your armorizer program, did you receive it?