What makes WL2 a Wasteland game?

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  1. egalor

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    Jun 20, 2007
    Yesterday I've just asked myself: what would make WL2 WL2, other than the word "Wasteland" in the name? Why should not I think that it's just yet another postapoc game?

    Thinking of this, I tried to figure out which elements defined WL1 for me, and hence which elements would make WL2 really WL2 for me.

    These are (in no particular order):

    - 80s vibe;
    - lots of wicked-looking robots of insane design (just one Scorpitron is not enough, especially considering it completely contradicts the WL1 picture);
    - radiation;
    - adventures in one's brain (i.e. Finster);
    - readily available Citadel with extremely fat loot;
    - desert with scorching sun healing my wounds through the canteen;
    - lots of radiation;
    - a location where only females can enter (remember that toilet in the casino?);
    - gas masks;
    - textual violence;
    - gradation of wounds: UNC-SER-CRT-MRT-COM-death;
    - power armour;
    - an "escape-the-base-before-it-goes-off" quest;
    - a monk with a VISA poster.

    What about your elements?

    What of the above can I hope to experience in WL2 (80s vibe is sort of confirmed)?
  2. woo1108

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    Sep 27, 2012
    -Party based
    -use PnP rules
    -use skill and attribute to solve porblem
    -post apocalypse
    -can seperate party
    -various way to solve situation
    -broken toaster

    I don't care other things
  3. yarga

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    Jul 19, 2004
    -Setting: In the wasteland lol
    -CRPG, party based
    -Tactical/RPG hybrid
    -Moderate puzzle/quest solving difficulty
    -Mostly skill-based solutions, combat and otherwise
    -Unforgiving environment, easily killed*
    -No magical bullshiat ever, everything must at least give a nod to science (fiction).

    *permadeath sucks, imo, I'm glad its optional here, but I admit it made finishing the game more of a payoff. I think it's worth noting that in my personal experience that was the last time I ever played such a harsh game, I avoided them after that, mainly because my roommate was constantly pulling my powercord out of the wall in order to avoid party-wipe, and that was a $1800 computer at risk.
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    Oct 24, 2013
    Oh how I've missed you...
  5. BigBoss

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    Dec 24, 2012
    These things aren't really related to Wasteland, but rather related to BIS games as a whole (yes I know WL2 is made by InXile), except post-apocalyptic.
  6. Atomkilla

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    Dec 26, 2010
    Toaster repair skill is WL-exclusive.

    That being said, much of these things listed are a staple of many older RPGs, but they all belonged to WL, among other games, so a successor of the original should have them. Also, WL wasn't a BIS game, it was made way before BIS was found.
  7. woo1108

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    Sep 27, 2012
    I heard there aren't much game has those elements which was created by BIS.
    Fo2, eh.. except that? I don't know.
    If they successfully made Fo3 that can be counted but it was cancelled...
    but unfortunately, Fallout series don't have any party based system.

    fan of old RPGs don't say it is realated to BIS' RPGs but Interplay RPG's basic elements.
    not only Wasteland but I heard Dragonwars which was created by Interplay also had that elemts. of course, Interplay is dead but it has two succesor.
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