What mods/TCs do you consider canon?

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    Jul 12, 2015
    Recently there's been quite a bit of talk about establishing a fan-curated Fallout canon separate from Bethesda's own games, usually using mods and TCs as a starting point. While most agree that a large-scale effort will probably have lots of disagreements and eventually splinter groups, I still see a lot of sentiment that people here have more or less divorced Bethesda's Fallout from their own and opt to create their own by choosing the mods they like.

    So I want to ask: what mods, TCs, or even semicanon/unconfirmed outcomes to canon games do each of you count as part of your canon (fanon? headcanon?) for Fallout? Also as a related note, do you consider Van Buren and/or Tactics canon, and if so which endings for them?

    Personally, I liked Fallout Nevada and Fallout 1.5 and so I consider those canonical to my own Fallout world. I'm hoping that New California will be good enough to make the list, but I haven't played it yet and I've heard mixed reactions.
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    I wouldn'T use the word canon, for several reasons.

    But the most lore friendly TC for Fo2 i've played or playing so far were Last Hope, Resurrection 1.5, Fallout of Nevada, Shattered Destiny, Fallout demo. FIXT and Restoration Project aren't TC, but restore original cut content.

    Some others aren't lore friendly, but still worth mentionning, like 13V, Vault Rats, Rock Collecting Mod, Oblivion Lost, Wasteland Merc 1&2, Olympus 2207 and Megamod\Global Mod.

    About Van Buren, most of its content was changed and integrated into FoNV. I wouldn't forget the Fallout Bible, which settles any continuity issues from Fo1-Fo2.

    And there are some project still in devellopment that will most likely be lore friendly.
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    Most fan mods tend to be on the garbage pile in terms of writing and what with that I don't consider 3,4 or 76 canon and they're officially licensed games due to poor writing I'm certainly not going to consider the vast majority of mods.

    I'd probably consider reasonable world altering ones like JSawyer placing the pre-order packs in logical places to be canon and probably mods that restore cut-content that isn't hugely intrusive/changing i.e I would consider something like restoring the Followers of the Apocalypse vs Children of the Cathedral questlines canon but not something like House-Brotherhood treaty.
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    Jul 12, 2015
    Forgive me for not replying sooner: I thought nobody had responded to the thread!

    I can agree with calling things "lore-friendly" vs. "lore-unfriendly." My main idea is being able to form a narrative that more-or-less attaches to the Fallout narrative stretching from FO1-FO2-FONV (and Tactics) with minimal conflicts with other mods or the original games. Would you say that the mods you've listed are capable of being a part of that?

    On Van Buren: while some content was definitely reused, I feel that the narrative presented in New Vegas was not possible without at least some of the events of Van Buren being canon, and so I would call most/the majority of its narrative "lore-friendly."

    This is a fair point, but what mods would you consider?
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    Oct 19, 2006
    Those i mentioned as lore friendly have either totally unconnected plots or draw upon etablished plots.

    Others are either focused on gameplay with barely any excuse plots, or retelling the plots of the official games, or fourth-wall breaking heavy, or extremely tonally different from the official games, or unfinished or feeling unfinished.

    Oblivion Lost is kind of weird, as it had Stalker zone into Fo2 worldmap. Its plots is not the most awful, but that is a pill hard to swallow.