What the Chosen One left behind

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    Aug 23, 2010
    So at the end of Fallout 2, the Chosen One establishes New Arroyo but what else did he leave behind and what path did he choose? I'm just piecing together the references to him and working out some additional lore in between the events of FO2 and New Vegas.

    - From what Cass tells us, Cassidy joined him and then at some time later had her and then left the family afterwards.

    - Marcus tells us that he joined and stayed with the Chosen One all the way up until the oil rig conclusion.

    - The Wrecked Highwayman is most likely the FO2 vehicle, complete with ammo in the boot.

    - But best of all and most significantly is Bruce Isaac in the hotel room in Novac saying that he's on the run from Mr Bishop in New Reno after stealing from him and sleeping with his daughter.

    ...A Mr Bishop who would, by the events of NV, be too old to be the same Bishop in FO2 forty years prior to NV, and whose daughter Angela would be about 60 or so.

    ...A Mr Bishop who "knows the wasteland like the back of his hand"... i.e. the Chosen One's illegitimate child who enjoyed wandering the wastes and then eventually gained control of the family.

    Any other references you guys have found?
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    Oct 27, 2010
    the cook woman t the miner place(meomary is shot right now.) mentions her grand mama in modoc used to keep a deathclaw ntil someone shot it right in the eye(oh chosenone your so naughty)
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    I agree with most of those, but there is no way that is the chosen one's car, it's a different model. that stuff is not in the boot/trunk it's in the empy engine compartment. It's a reference to fallout 2, but not the same car.
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    Technically the Bishop baby could have been anyone's, seeing as how Angela Bishop was a great big ho. Why are all the canon main characters male?!
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    Aug 21, 2008
    One of the Remnants mentions seeing Sergeant Dornan chew a recruit out because he had no armour. It was inspirational.
    Which I think happened in everyones playthroughs because it was so funny.
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    Becuase of the target audience.

    Uninteresting note: KOTOR 2's canon Jedi Exile(the pc) is a light side female.