What the HELL is this???

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    Okey everyone! This is getting out of hand! What about we all put down our weapons and calm down?
    Read my reply at the "Important Questions"-post.
    What about it? If we starts shooting it would be hell. Because no-one wants their character killed they would just say "No, you missed me with all those 500 shots from your Superminigun you "found" in the tank at that deserted Military base" So no-one dies and it would be just shit all this. I say peace. Okey? And Snake, don't kill every cop or ranger you see cause non of our characters are so powerfull that they can take on a powerfull group like the NCR rangers. Make love not war. ( I'm no hippie I just don't think everybody should kill all the other humans in the wastelands that's no fun)
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    Apr 24, 2003
    *Shoots a piece from the huge bone in Salem's nose*

    The next one will be between your eyes, got that? And don't even THINK about shooting that laser gatling at me. I might not survive if you pull that trigger, but every ranger in this area will be all over you if you do! Now drop your weapon, and come with me quietly. A night in jail will cool you down.