What Was The Purpose of This Thing? (The Cross Labeled "Trash" in Golgotha)

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    In Fallout 2 at the New Reno Graveyard(Golgotha) there's this cross that you can find that's labeled as "trash", and if you interact with it, The Chosen One will remark that it's just a cross.
    Can anyone explain to me what purpose of this is? And if it's some kind of joke that I'm not getting, care to explain? I'm really lost on what it is TBH.

    And NGL, there's a lot of funny grave marker descriptions in this game! I love the wittiness and humor in them, especially with their use of irony, puns, self-deprecating, and dark humor.


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    If it is a joke, it most likely is a deep-cut developer inside joke, a lot of those in Fallout 2. In the context of worldbuilding though, Golgotha is where New Reno mobsters kill those who crossed them, Casino (1995) style. You could maybe infer the label of "Trash" was done by a mobster, maybe the guy was a rat or a lousy bum. I'm of course pulling this from my ass though, there's really nothing to indicate who this was or why it's labeled as such. Neat to speculate though.
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    It also might just a distraction to ensure that sometimes you use the look icon without gain, to get a poke out of players~ Break the monotony.
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