What were the yields of the nukes used?

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    Also, would it be reasonable to assume that smaller nukes would be used for smaller cities and more radialogical nukes for cities with dug in defenses? It seems to me that a government would already have planned out what they were going to strike with what in case they ever have to.

    Was there any mention of what types of targets were struck? Was it major population centers or mainly military targets with the resulting fallout killing civilians?
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    Beats me!! :P i don't think there was any reference to what you're asking (as far as i can remember), not from Harold, Zax, or the history holodisks in FO1, nor from anything in FO2, the only thing i can remember is the Enclave President saying something like: "and then those damn reds launched everything they got... we were lucky to get our birds in the air... but at least we sent the damn red menace back to the stone age"... hehehe, i always liked the absurd idiocy of that character, his "bushness" :mrgreen:
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    Maybe so, maybe not. F1&2 didn't mention size of nukes used, so it's open for interpretation, fanfiction or whatever you want.

    Not really. There's plenty of talk about how the bombs fell, but not much about where exactly did they fell. The West-Tech labs being a military object are propably the only in-game place of impact mentioned. And that's on the chinese side, we know nothing about where did USA's nukes strike.

    It may seem logical that a government would have everything planned ahead, but then again, the whole 50's nuke frenzy is about nukes falling everywhere, without any planning or great scheme, with amount over accuracy.
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    We know that the attack was made by a mix of ICBMs and bombers. Since Fallout is pretty retro, I would bet they used a lot of overpowered hydrogen . Hydrogen bombs can go to 100 megatons and beyond if you want them to. The Russians made a big bomb once, Tsar Bomba. It was 100 megatons, but they made a 50 megatons test because it was too risky to use it on maximum power.
    Now imagine something with the yeld of say, five megatons. Now put a lot of those bombs on MIRVs. Devastation.
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    I doubt they used hydrogen bombs. The Glow, despite being bombed to crap, was still reasonably intact underground.
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    I think in the case of The Glow it could have been an equivalent of let's say a nuclear bunker buster. Low yield made to penetrate armored mountains of sorts.
    I could just be pulling shit out my ass figuratively speaking