What would be your take on a storyline for New Vegas

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    Explanation: I was taking about a functional small community. A company worth of mercenaries (100 to 200 fighters) and their camp followers (some traders, some camp wifes, some companions and kids) a small "can look after its pwn needs" community in the wastelands needs to be at least 200-300 man strong.

    This rough headcount applies to any basic functioning society that has to take care of its needs in wasteland I guess. You might have a hight tech relatively low pop. organization like BoS or Mad Max 2(?) oil derrick fort here and there but most of the communities are going to be pretty big if they are going to be realistic.

    In the old days it was easy to imagine that you only saw a small slice of the world on screen (and couldn't access/see most of hub or shady sands etc) but with the new strong machines I really wanted to see real places instead of toy towns....
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    Yeah, I would like to see more population in general. I dont care if it takes some randomly generated citizens, It has never bugged me in any other game.

    And if random characters include some mercenaries, merchants, repair people and doctors then it makes some variety between one playthrough and another. Of course the named and voice acted NPC's and companions will never change but it would be nice if you could get a few extra merchants (random drug dealers, scrap collectors, food merchants and weapon dealers) and extra people who can hire to follow you who are different every time you play through.
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    1. How I envision Nevada...

    The eastern part of Nevada would be inhabited by members of a tightly knit zealous religious group that wore white Oxford shirts with nametags. Obviously the game can't directly call them Mormons, but it strikes me that Mormonism would likely survive (Utah isn't likely to be nuked that heavily, and a tightly knit group of true believers would probably do well post-apocalypse. They would offer some good retro future flavour too. If you have ever heard mormons swear, you will know what I mean (they don't, as a rule, swear, but use cute euphemisms for swear words like "cheese and rice" instead of "Jesus Christ"). A possible side-quest might be going into Vegas to convert some heathens.

    Secondly, even subsistence farming would be largely impossible in Nevada, it being largely a desert. As others have mentioned, the Hoover dam would be the key to the major civilization. However, riparian agricultural civilizations have tended - rather than featuring small independent farmers - to feature despotism and slavery. A river is a single geographic feature one can control militarily, particularly if you occupy the Hoover Dam. Though not the most advanced bunch of folks they have large numbers of people (with the only source of major irrigation). The Emperor claims that his predecessors built the various casinos of Las Vegas, and spends his life seeking to make his own great casino, as a lasting legacy of his power and greatness (similar to how the Egyptians made pyramids). Oh and their attempt at grand construction tends to well, fail.

    The empire, however, would need a steady source of slaves. One possible place for that, would be Las Vegas. Owned, yes, by mafia type crime families. I know some people will balk at that, but it is the obvious retro future thing to do (yes there were still gangsters in the 50's). Las Vegas makes people broke, they become slaves, and get shipped off to the Hoover dam (along with drugs, to help prevent slave revolts) in exchange for food and the militarily superior Hoover Dam not invading. The Hoover Dam Empire doesn't need to run Las Vegas itself, wouldn't be good at it, and plays the crime families off against each other to prevent a common front to stop it. There is a symbiotic relationship then between libertine anarchy and totalitarianism.

    In the western part of the state you might have remnants of the master's army, while the middle of the state would have lots of fun military bases and stuff to explore. I could see... an old casino occupied by a ghoul that is oddly reminiscent of Howard Hughes. An area 51 kind of place (you've got to get the alien blaster somehow).

    You get to be a tribal. Your village is somewhere in northern Nevada, where there is a bit of water. Your village is unique in one respect - it has a working film projector, but only one movie - Casablanca. The movie is taken to be a complex allegory. However, one day, the film reel breaks down, and guess who has to replace it... Taking out one of the sacred texts of the village, the elder gives you a glossy brochure that he had been saving for just such a calamity. "See fabulous Las Vegas! Where all your wildest dreams can come true!"

    I'm not sure where the main quest would take you after getting the film reel or who the major baddies would be. Maybe a vault of high tech puritans who want to get a nuclear bomb and destroy the hoover dam. They would free the wastes from tyranny and end vice - but at a great cost.
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    Hoover Dam = NCR

    That's all I have to say for now.
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    Involvement in/use of drugs and gambling should be a serious crime like in many parts of the world. I like it.
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    Just playing devil's advocate but new vegas doesn't have to be set on the site of las vegas (or even in nevada for that matter). new york isn't in england, new orleans isn't in france.... the vegas part could just refer to the town it is culturally influenced by in some way.

    I still think it will be on the old vegas site or even right on top of hoover dam. As people have said the whole thing does sound good to me in terms of strategic placement.

    I think a big trade/ gambling hub run by a dictator with an army of raiders would be good. Your main quest choice outcome becomes impose a democratic government (good), become the new dictator (evil), descent the city into anarchy (neutral or just plain mischievous) etc. I would like quest lines to diverge earlier as opposed to later to improve replay value (e.g. not like in fallout 3 (and KOTOR) where the final choice was made in the last 5 minutes of the storyline).
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    While it might theoretically not be set in Vegas, the fact that New Reno is in Reno and the fact that calling your game New Vegas and then not incorporating Vegas seems like a very bad marketing strategy would make it a lot more likely that it is set in Vegas.
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    You are the child of the chosen one, in a settlement near New Vegas. Your character grows up in a manner similar to that in fallout 3. While you are growing up, your settlement is caught in the middle of a fight between different factions(BoS, raiders, etc.) the residents in your settlement are killed or taken as slaves.Depending on what you do during the battle sequence, you can end up being picked up by either of the factions, or go at it on your own out in the wastes.( I would say this would be during the early teen years of the character so that you you get stat boosts/perks, because each faction would have you go through different training). After you grow up and get your training you will have to leave the location of your faction for some reason or another ,which will take you to New Vegas.(once again the reason for leaving will vary depending on the faction.) As, you reach the entrance to New Vegas you are first introduced to the town greeter. The main character then must do what it takes to get his job done from talking to the dirty prostitutes on the streets to assassinating kingpins on top of the remains of grand casinos. You might even notice a few familiar faces from your settlement who have some interesting info for you and also be tasked with finding out what is really going on at that dam.
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    Provided, that some of the original devs pitched the idea they're bound to draw inspiration from somewhere. The way I see it - Six String Samurai. And probably Snake Plissken.

    So I'm thinking, that the whole place should be a huge prison. Also, a King of New Vegas wouldn't be unexpected, at least for me. VB's original idea was to start off as a prisoner, so I'm not excluding a partial re-hash.
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    Interesting ideas so far. I had an idea myself, and like a few others, tried to think of something that didn't depend on a McGuffin or anything with a Vault.

    But, a Vault could easily play a role, albeit just in ancestry (like the Chosen One's distant relations to Vault 13.)

    You're essentially a tribal part of a formerly primitive outpost. Your Vault was destroyed/raided some time ago. Maybe a generation or more before the games beginning. What could have been a Vault City lookalike, instead got annihilated early on by this mysterious force. They stole most of the Vaults easy-to-carry technology, and took many of the skilled people as slaves. Imagine how much a scientist would fetch on a black market? Need a new drug? Buy someone to create one. Want to start an army? Buy an engineer. Anyway...

    The Vault was almost gutted to uselessness, as was many of the people. Now, a Vault obviously would have armaments, so not all was lost. Survivors stuck to their guns, and beat back the more seasoned forces. Very mercenary-like, once the going got tough, they pulled out and just cut their losses. The few soldiers they lost were great investments for the many pricey weapons, tech, and people they make off with.

    Now, back to the beginning of the actual game. After the disastrous history, the Vault would still be a reservoir of useful things. It won't be a Vault City, but at least they could survive. Maybe they have their own water-source still thanks to the depth of the Vault and some of the inner-workings. Cannibalizing the entire Vault for electronics, they start a new town above-ground. With the water being pumped, they manage to survive and almost thrive. The 'hero' could have any number of reasons for leaving.

    --As someone mentioned, they would like a good/evil/neutral/snarky divergence early on, and I do agree to a point. EVEN if its not binding to the end of the game. Imagine being cast out of the town at the start of the game for being a punk, stealing, or even murdering a friend or maybe even your parents. You start the game off harder, (and you might or might not get a Pipboy right away. Stealing yours, paying a hack-doctor to graft it to you might be what gets you kicked out. And if you go the good-route, then it is a reward for maybe saving someone during a raid early on. OR, even better, its part of a dowry. Think I spelled that right, anyway, its a gift before a marriage, and maybe you have to go prove yourself in the world before they fully let you have your betrothed. Whether or not you actually Want the chick. Or.. a man. Maybe thats why you run away. :P )

    Woo, back on track. *Rubbing his chin.* Ah, yes. After getting a Pipboy then, or soon after, you head out into the world, determined to get revenge on your town, help it by trying to find trade with a neighboring town (doesn't have to be Las Vegas at the start. Vegas could very well be the 3-6th town down the line you get to).

    Down the line, you could maybe join and then take over a Raider group, and even return to destroy and then enslave your former community. The raiders may have been on the run and needed a new headquarters, and by handing your former town to them on a silver platter, per se, you also have earned your right to lead them. The place will still exist, but in a very dark way, with your former family and friends under collar and butchered. Then again, maybe you start to join the raiders, hoping to make something for yourself, and when you find out that maybe they are heading for your community, you decide to save them. This can be done even if you were evil at the start, this will be your redemption. You lead them there, then backstab them at the assault, and slaughter the Raiders.

    With adulation and applause, they accept you back to their hearts. Which, you might still turn evil again later in the game, just for an even Bigger plan than a simple raiders HQ. By gaining their trust, you might politic and take over your home. Turning it into a haven of maybe farmers, or soldiers (which you need to arm by buying trade and opening up to Vegas), you become a new power in the local area. With time, you invest into Vegas, becoming a new crime family. Now, you might have to silence some of your people who protest, but others will embrace this new life, seeing it as a way out of their meager existence.

    ... I got off track. But, there is alot more I could go into.

    Back to what I should continue saying, Ahem.
    No matter how you slice it, you pass through Vegas early on for one reason or another. (maybe seeking a black market doctor to put the Pipboy on your own that you stole/killed for. Not being able to pay for it, you might owe him a favor and then become indebted to a crime family, who owns the doctor as well.)

    Maybe by opening up trade from there to your home, you also expose them the former people who almost destroyed your past generatoin. Finding out that there is still people, in time, you return home to find that it is mostly burning and destroyed. (This could be rebuilt, left to die out while you move yourself to Vegas, or among other things is up to the player, of course.) You find that there is a market dealing in technology in Vegas, which is almost solely fueled by some force that steals it from the nearby states and lands. Vaults being an easy target if one knows where to look, it could be quite profitable, especially for a small mobile task force. Small amount of people = huge rewards. Put a few in power armor to act as tanks for primitive weaponry/low quality guns, bam, few losses, total win.

    You might go so far as to specifically taking over a crime family JUST to either join/destroy this Mysterious Force. Or... dare I say it, take them over. You might just later own All of Vegas (probably quite hard and maybe not even lasting.) But you use that power and resources, and then absorb the Force. A part could resist, hiding in a military base far to the north (south, east, whatever) that you must snuff out. That could be the end-game, no matter what you did. The leader could be there, or the leaders liuetenant (incase you actually convinced the leader to join your cause for whatever reason). Depending how you do it and played the game, the last base could be quite large, or smaller than expected. If you made things difficult for them, they won't have as many men to deal with. Or maybe they'll have back-ups of ghouls or mutants if you managed ot make enemies of certain towns outside of Vegas because of your methods.

    Remember kiddies, evil plays the enemy of my enemy is my friend game too.

    In the end, depending how you want to evolve, you might change from good, to evil, redemption, vile throughout the whole story. Maybe your character is actually a bit insane, and some of this was done just for a lark. Imagine at the end, instead of turning everything into a empire, utopia, crime syndicate, corporation....

    You instead release the dogs of war, assassinate every leader that followed you, and then disappears into the wastes. The endings could be quite interesting to see of what happens to your legacy when you re-introduce anarchy to all/none/partial of the entire state of Nevada.

    Wow. I wrote a lot. From the top of my head. I hope someone enjoys reading this at least. I spent about 20 minutes writing this. :clap:
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    Very original... :) especially the Vault Dweller.
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    I think it would be nice to see not yet another go find the water chip/GECK/another GECK type of deal. Sure they are good ways to start your wasteland adventure, but how about something different.

    Here's an idea if you were to be a vault dweller: your vault was near or in Vegas, it opens up, and the vault dwellers' mission is to maintain/rebuild society there. You either lead or are part of a scouting team that must find out what the outside world is like and then clear up a spot to begin rebuilding with your GECK. But of course there are already people living in Vegas, but the whole point of your vault was to establish New Vegas, so you gotta deal with that problem, and its kind of like NCR believes that the area around Vault 15 is rightfully theirs, same deal with this Vegas area vault wanting the ruins of Vegas. And of course problems arise, once you regain control of your intended territory some bigger problems come along, etc.

    I don't know, its just an idea. :|
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    What about a simple power struggle over New Vegas? Split it over a couple of factions, which the player may support - helping them capture key locations in the city or securing trade relations and routes with surrounding settlements (which wouldn't be availabe in game, but through trade contacts etc.). Depending on who and how much you support, the city will fall on influence of a certain faction. If you will remain neutral enough, a whole-out war will breake between competitors, resulting in the city being mostly destroyed.
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    For the moment I am ignoring the player set up; where he or she is from and what his or her goals in the game are, instead I am focusing on the general setup of the game such as locations, factions and their motivations and background.


    The general campaign takes place in the ruins of Las Vegas, now called New Vegas, towns and locations surrounding the city and the so called Area 51 military base famous from government conspiracies.

    Places such as Hoover Dam; local Capitol of the New California Republic, and Maxson Bunker; the local base of the Brotherhood of Steel might be mentioned but are not necessarily visited in the campaign, both the NCR and the Brotherhood make an appearance but the campaign storyline does not focus on them though they may play an optional role in it.

    Unlike major West Coast cities Las Vegas didn't suffer a direct hit from nuclear bombs and ICBMs during the War but it did suffer from the fallout of the bombs that were dropped on nearby military bases.
    At the time Las Vegas was visited by tourists who had come to the city to gamble, after the War the local government at Las Vegas had to give shelter to these people that no longer could go home.
    Supplies such as food, fuel and medicine quickly ran out and after a couple of months authority in Las Vegas collapsed and anarchy followed as people organized into small groups and factions.

    The city suffered heavily from the fighting taking place and during these entire buildings and city blocks were burned to the ground as factions fought each other for control.
    In time portions of the population left for the towns around the city or headed towards the West Coast or the Midwest, only the most steadfast remained.

    A couple of years later a population of Ghouls, coming from locations such as Necropolis and the destroyed military bases arrived and set up a settlement of their own within the ruins, dealing with any raiders or faction that would want to drive them out.
    They have built a market on the salvage and repair of technology which they sell to others within the city and passing caravans.

    Now after several decades of fights and shifting power balances a form of equillibrium has been reached in what is now called New Vegas.
    The city is divided in various territories and no man's land that divides them from each other with each territory being home to a settlement or base of operations of one faction.

    The largest population center is the trading hub of New Vegas were various groups and trading caravans come together to trade goods, this place is also home to what entertainment New Vegas has to offer such as gambling, bars, and prostitution.

    Other settlements stride to maintain themselves or prey on each other for what little goods and supplies they have.
    A number of cults have also set up operations in New Vegas, trying to convert the residents of the city to their faiths.

    Since Jeremy Maxson came to power at Lost Hills and wished to regain the Brotherhood's former greatness by taking all advanced technology from wastelanders there has been a war between the BOS and the NCR.
    Though the BOS enjoys superior technology and training the NCR outnumbers them in forces and manufacturing capabilities and the war has caused great losses at both sides.

    Knowing of the possibility of superior technology being hidden in or near New Vegas both the BOS of Maxson Bunker and the NCR at Hoover Dam have been sending envoys to the city to convince the people in power there to join their side in the conflict.
    There has even been some fighting between the BOS and the NCR army within the New Vegas limits as both search for advantages and leaders of both factions have occasionally recruited or hired locals to assist them.

    The BOS leaders know of a mythological military base called Dreamland or Area 51 which according to the ancient files once stored incredible advanced and secret technology that was being developer by the US military and various corporations that worked for the government.
    They hope to gain this technology and use it to defeat the NCR army once and for all.

    However knowledge on how to access the base has disappeared within the decades since the War and local stories tell of a military base somewhere North of New Vegas from which people either never returned from or returned half dead and insane.

    Going there is considered to be suicide.

    Unknown to the BOS some of the local powers in New Vegas also know of this place and wish nothing more to gain control of it themselves so that they can deal with the BOS and NCR once and for all and secure the entire region for themselves.

    Then there are those who would like to exploit the conflict for themselves, becoming rich in the process while thousands suffer from the violence.

    The player can play a significant role in this matter, perhaps gain control of parts of New Vegas and help either the BOS or the NCR destroy the other side or resolve the conflict between both peacefully while investigating the rumors of powerful technology hidden in the city or outside it.
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    Area 51 would be interesting to explore, but I'm uneasy about the whole idea of including it at all. With Besthesda's new found fondness of aliens, with Area 51 included they could keep dishing out more alien related lore. (Let's not forget Area 51 is most famous for supposedly housing aliens and alien technology) Ugh...

    If Area 51 is included and all alien related stuff isn't, it could be worked nicely into the game.
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    That is what I had in mind, no alien references at all other than a cover story to explain some of the strange events taking place at the base; "Its all aliens!" in order to direct attention away from what is really taking place.

    Rather I imagine Area 51 being this top secret bas where the US army, Air Force, various corporations working for the government etc. were working on all kinds of experimental technology; new advances in computers, genetic engineering, cloning, air plane design, space travel, etc. took place, all their 'hush hush' projects.
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    The area 51 idea is genius, could be so interesting to see if anything or anyone survived in the underground bit of it. Especially that in the 50's everyone thought that alien stuff went on in there, could be made into a really cool complex.

    I would like to see it based around Vault 43 (the one from the comics with the panther) when a few people manage to escape because the panther ate some people, lol.
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    First of all.. I'm new to this forum and hopefully can be excused for reviving an old thread and/or breaking one or another unwritten rule.

    Second: I had to revive this because I had an idea I really like to share with you.

    I was fascinated with the idea of a new style of play, namely building/rebuilding a working settlement in the Vegas ruins. I think this idea has real potential and can work well with a varied path of achieving these things.


    You are a member of a small, miserably bunch of scavengers in the ruins. You make a living, but just scarcely and by taking long tracks to outer settlements for essentials. One day your life changed.. you find a functional pipboy.. and not knowing what it is, you take a journey to various folks finding out what it is, if it's worth much, and if you can use it.

    You proceed to hear all kind of stories, from simple don't knows to tales of a civilization before, building up all kind of miracles. More and more you get inspired that the pipboy is a sign for you to better your life and that of your peers in New Vegas.

    (I would envision this as a kinda tutorial sequence like in fallout 3 [please don't hit me], speaking with various kinds of wastelanders and people in settlement, fading to white for avoiding to actually take these long tracks [remember, it's just a tutorial])

    To achieve this grand feat, you track (this time really without fade :P) the wastelands around new vegas, meeting people trying to attract them to your new vegas (which kind or whom depends on your char, grizzled mercs if you are combat type would be more likely, or scholar like people if you more science boy, etc).

    But to have chances to attract more than just a half-crazed guy you'll need to improve your bunch of huts into something resembling a settlement. You will for example need to get water for the people. This could be achieved by protecting water caravans if you are a combat character.. or maybe bullying them if you are so inclined.. Making arrangements with grand speeches if you are a diplomat.. blackmail them if you are sneaky.. scavenge and use pre-war tech and improvise if you are sciency.. and so on.

    As you progress these routes you'll slowly be able to attract more people to your settlement, and you'll be able to start with growing your own crops (if the water problem is solved). Maybe new problems arise as the settlement grows.. like opportunists set their eyes on ruling the village.. raiders looking for plundering.

    The gameworld of course has to change with your decisions and progression. If you decide to get rid of pests by laying a bait trail to another settlement.. well, that settlement would suffer, people would complain, some even relocate to your settlement.. just be sure never to reveal you did this..

    I think that would make for a dynamic gameworld without grandstanding saving the world plots, but with a real sense of accomplishment and many real consequences. Your settlement could detoriate slowly as you spend too much time out in the wastes if it's not really self sufficient.. without protecting raiders could be a problem.. with just some water there's the food problem. Things can be offset by you personally solve it, buying supplies in towns, killing a raider gang, but not in the long run without improving your settlement with crops or a wall and guards.

    Since this would make a truly interdependant world it could be really immersive and still sandboxstyle, just with consequences and time constraints (not to hard, but you'll see it).

    An incentive for really get that settlement going would be factionreputation hits if you let things detoriate too much, like gossip "he let his people die of hunger while roaming around here.. I wouldn't trust him". It would be still possible to just ignore the main plot, but it would have consequences if you are not a loner wandering alone in the wastes, since I'd guess people would be wary of someone who let a settlement die while he/she/it as a leader wandered around looking for 'bling-bling'.

    In fact it would make a great distinction on your playstyle, since it could be possible to create a raidertown or a new scientific hope or a new merchant hub.. depending on your playstyle. Of course it wouldn't be a "Woah! We are now the kings of the wastelands, thanks to you" town, but a hopeful, stable town (or a depressing, brutal town, but still stable).
    This way you can have a big effect on the wasteland around you, just not the overplayed saviour-like effect like before. You'd still be a kind of saviour to your people, but it's not that there aren't other towns doing good too, or maybe even better.
    To strengthen that effect solving the town problems should involve other inhabitants, assembling a workforce.. hearing people out and deciding if they have the right idea. The player would still be the driving force, but not on a "center of earth" style.

    Hopefully my pitch will not annoy you, but I think that would make a great game (if executed good of course).

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    I have always had this idea for Fallout. That idea everyone of us has for a game. Yet I am a law student and computers seem to burn my hands when I do things more complicated then checking my email. So what I am showing you is my “Grand Idea” for a Fallout game. Yet for me it was always set in New Reno, so not much of a change to move it to Vegas.

    The map is like FO3 but New Vegas takes up much of the north eastern area. Most of the place is empty wasteland with a few homesteads, or a single radier camp.

    Township of Harmony
    You start as a child inside of the town of Harmony. You have a sister, a mother, and a father par tof the town militia. The town is a series of sheet metal, and adobe buildings. There is a bar where the happy bartender hands you a nuka-cola before saying the required “come back when you are older.” You see farms which have a little mole rat problem you and your trusty stick can handle. The city seems like that odd slice of security in the wasteland. A wall is around the whole thing, and by going to the guard tower you can see the vast empty wastelands. You know outside there is danger, but it seems like the humble hardworking people got everything figured out.

    Then a band of raiders comes and slaughters everyone while taking the children away to be slaves.

    Value Mart Slavers
    A group of Slavers has been living in the wasteland for a long time. They have a decent complex inside of an old Value Mart. Slaves are their business, and business has always been good. You have lived in this area for quite some time. Your sister is safe for the most part thanks to you doing twice your share of the work, turning in other slaves, and being a servant to Manager Bob. Manager Bob makes use of the PA system which he constantly sells slaves to get the expensive power cells for. The Cashiers, those who handle the slaves and capture them, for the most part see you as “uppity.” You have to tend to chores, inform on slaves, do tasks for people, and even explore the map seeking out treasure or scrap. One day your sister and ten slaves escape. Manager Bob is sure you had nothing to do with it but the Cashiers take it upon themselves to see what you know. Taking you out into the wastes they beat you for information, but let you learn of where your sister may have gone some place to the northeast. Seeing your chance for freedom you fight back, and you run away.

    RobCo Vaults
    You walk through the wastes for days, your vision blurs from the heat and your thirst. You have nothing but a club, and the rags on your back to your name. You then see it in the distance a crumbling building. You rush towards it, and find what was left of a town. Raiding boxes finds you nothing. Yet in the buildings you see a worn out sign with nothing but a statue of Mr. Handy pointing down some stairs. Down a stair case you find the RobCo Home Vault system. It is like the iconic vault door only smaller. So small that once you pull the lever on the console nearby you have to crawl through. The vault is small with only three rooms. A dead body is in each one. Yet the power works in this vault due to its nuclear reactor. You learn of RobCo fighting for the family markets in vault protection sales, you also find a diary of the three RobCo employees who survived, turns out the janitor poisoned the meatloaf to spare everyone the radioactive wastes, and Chinese communist hordes. You however find food rations, clean water, a fresh set of clothes, and a Pipboy still in its box.

    The Quest
    You set off in the wasteland seeking your sister. You find that for many the only city that matters is New Vegas. It is a sprawling place, which is run down but surprisingly intact. The nukes did not hit Las Vegas, but it did not last against a hundred years of raiders, criminals, and the various factions inside of it. You however arrive wearing a vault suit, and carrying a Pipboy. Needless to say you suddenly are very popular. Now for you the goal is finding your sister and trying to find some peaceful place to settle. However the crime lords of New Vegas, the religious leaders, farmers, and even those NCR fellows all want your help. They think you know all about technology, yet you may be dumb as a brick. You may know a lot about science but nothing about making drugs, or fixing the Atomo Central Computer. So you must do quests and move about the large map of New Vegas and the outlying areas trying to find clues about where your sister is. Over time the Value Mart Slavers may arrive in New Vegas and recognize you (or if you have good speech decide they are mistaken), leading to the reunion with your sister. Turns out all that work you did, all the selling out, everything you did to protect her she sees are you being no better than the slavers. She ran away with a group of NCR Rangers, and seeing you she outs you for who you really are an escaped slave. By now you lose whatever standing you once had, but learn rather quickly that others do not care what you really are, just what people think you are. So your quest is help New Vegas factions, talk to your sister and convince her you only want to help her (or face a gun fight with her NCR friends), or leave for better places.

    Not the “save the world” game, nor is it changing what I think made Fallout fun, which was quests and a sense of exploration. Plus it has the option I always wanted of the hero just giving up. Taking the money and going away, or leaving while he can.