What's the ETA on those re-inforcements?

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    *Walks up to a man in metal armor, they salute each other and col. drives on past the hidden outpost and parks his jeep in a town named New Reno*
    Always did hate this damn town... *pulls his plasrifle from its holster on his back* May as get it over with. *walks into the desperado, struts past the gaurds and into a room where big jesus awaits* Hey Jesus, i got your crap. Now I want my payment. * they talk for awhile, it ends with Jesus giving him $2,000. after this, the man walks out of the casino, hops in his jeep, and rides off*

    * Out of Character*
    [Hey i designed my character to be a Col. in an orgainization similiar to Broth. of Steel/ NCR Rangers. outposts all over, scavenged gear from sierra depot, that kinda stuff. oh and the deal was for me to dispose of a small gang who frequently attacked him.]