Where in the hell is Shady Sands?

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    Seriously. It's driving me nuts. Trying to pin where it is in real life. Everything points to it being in the Owen's Valley region, but it can't be too far north otherwise the NCR would have just used the 95 Highway to get to Vegas instead of having to rely on the 127/Death Valley route or the Long 15. Yet, it can't be in the south of Owen's Valley because that's where One Pine and Owen's Lake is, and apparently that was a backwater shacktown that was filled with raiders, not dealt with until as late as 2269.

    So where the hell was it???
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    Ignoring that your maps showed two different spots for Shady, it still doesn't explain the fact that Owen's Valley was apparently a raider riddled backwater as late as 12 years prior to NV with some bumpkin nowhere town, yet at the same time the home of the capital of the NCR.

    I'm also pretty sure that wiki entry is specifically referring to the stretch of 95 that runs through the Mojave being used by NCR as an alternative to I-15 (as in the way the player travels in the game), not the part I'm referring to which runs from California through most of Nevada leading north into the Mojave.
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    Well, it was. Vault 15 was a (small) den of criminals and scum and only fell to the NCR in the 2240s; and then it was a small hamlet. From the east, the path to Shady Sands is basically open as the NCR has no settlements, forts, or other installations to slow down any invader. NCR attention is firmly south, towards the Hub, Necropolis, and Boneyard. Shady Sands, despite being a capital, is a veritable frontier outpost, the middle of a big X - to the north, Vault City, Gecko, Redding, Klamath, to the south, the Hub, Junkyard, the Glow, Necropolis. To the west is Maxson and the Shi north-west of that. To the East is nothing: Death Valley, the Mojave, Area 51 down the road. I almost made a comic about that premise, hah. But yea, the NCR is not ,or was not, forming in a way that automatically controls the stuff the next valley/vale/hill over.