Which historical era would you choose to set an rpg in.

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  1. Black Angel

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    Mar 21, 2016
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  2. Cobra Commander

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    Dec 6, 2016
    I'll keep a eye on this, love the description, love the class system.
  3. Kohno

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    Jul 30, 2009
    Nothing older than the eighteenhundreds. I can't stand the ancient to medieval styled stuff anymore, it bores me to no end.

    I'd like to see a game taking palce during the late industrial revolution and early 20'th century.
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  4. Imagination Engineer

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    Jun 14, 2018
    That looks nice. But what an ODD title for what is says it's about.

    Well for starters the title says "Which Historical" and I see multiple posts be about PRE-History already.
    Come to think of it, the title IS restricting. I like many eras and things before or after. Why not be flexible about it?? Also there are many factors that make or break a title for me not just ERA. For instance Bethesda puts me off EVERY SINGLE TIME with their First Person obscession, though they have an impressive graphical team.

    I like the style I call "Player as Observant mode"(I activelly DISLIKE terms like iso, top-down etc.{who comes up with these anyway?? hideous!}). Ala Fallout 1/2/Tactics. Star Trek Away Team was another one I liked, which was such a huge waste considering it was BEGGING to be made as a team-based RP. Arcanum if it had better Graphics. XCOMs and Gollop's older Company cancelled title "Guardians:Agents of Justice"(this was a strategy with strong RP elements). Future like we can't imagine so much, or steampunk based.

    Also, prehistory would be interesting. Since we haven't really seen what it is like and there is a lot of "room" for speculation and such. Also Franchises: Star Trek(TOS, TNG, ENT, pre-ENT, 2060's), Star Wars(various), Golden Era Doctor Who(Baker up to Tenant, certainly not the current repulsive DEAD version), Marvel SuperHeroes(eg. Ironman and Cap would be interesting), Judge Dredd, Gamma World. Modern Era were the character is a secret agent or Mercenary that works undercover all over the world and gets contracts to get a job done.

    Or even peaceful, were the character gets to build areas or rebuild areas after catastophes or wars and has to negotiate materials, construction documents and the like for a change. Or is a doctor or something like this, finding cures and making inventions etc. I'm often fed-up with all that non stop violence I see in both the world around us and pass time titles. I can tell you this is not the way to build a better world for the future teaching such values..vultures that like and/or promote this must be gone sooner rather than later.

    For sure: A Role Playing Title requires alot of items and therefore inventories. Both the era and setting must provide for such(Mythological and/or ancient times were popular for this reason cause they provided with alot of different items. See that for Medieval settings they usually add paranormal{i.e. NOT HISTORICAL} elements, probably for that same reason. Imagine having to run an entire title's duration having a stone spear, knife and axe only..I doubt most would like that, I know I wouldn't and wouldn't be interested in that. And progress during those times was so slow, as educator teach, so next invention would have taken ages..hard to find some way to make it work properly for fun.)

    Disclaimer: Since this is a FO-based forum, it's possible Bethesda/Zenimax and possible subsidiaries people visit it randomly or often. NONE of the above ideas(within my post, excluding Black Angel's information on one that I'm quoting at the start of this specific post) are to be used by them(Bethesda/Zenimax/Todd Howard/Pete Hines and possible subsidiaries or even external contractors working on their behalf in ANY way or form) as I consider them as my "intellectual Property". I MIGHT be ok with other companies using them if they produce a nice title(pass time) out of them.

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