Who could possibly know about Enclave?

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    Hello there,

    I'm working on a small project about Enclave, and although I can't tell you more about it, I need the help of fellow Fallout 2 enthusiasts.

    By 2198 approximately, the Enclave stats its activities in California from their oil rig headquarters. In 2241, Fallout 2 begins, and ends one year later.

    I need to know who in Fallout 2 (RP included) tells/knows about the Enclave, except Enclave soldiers themselves of course. These people could tell you about the Enclave without knowing the name of the organization, that doesn't matter - the important is that they witnessed Enclave activity or know about some. I would gladly appreciate your help as my memories for such a detail in Fallout 2 can't really be trusted :)

    For now, I think some people around Klamath could know thanks to the crashed vertibird.
    I also think Metzger refers to Enclave as he listens to their communications with his radio.
    I'm not sure about Gecko ghouls.
    The Salvatores trade with Enclave, although they are a different case since the Enclave itself contacted them.
    And, of course, there's the Brotherhood of Steel.

    Can you think of more people? :D
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    The Wright kids I suppose, only ones I can think of that you haven't mentioned already, referring to their soldiers as "metal people" or the like.
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    Thanks to FONV, it can be assumed that Klamath did indeed have SOME form of contact with the survivors of the crashed Vertibird (as it was confirmed that there were indeed survivors, one of whom you meet). Whether this means some of the townsfolk were introduced to them, saw them, or simply had no idea about it beyond the rumors about "ghosts" is never specified. Although the non-RP vanilla game strongly implies that the "Bugmen" Torr is traumatized by could have been Enclave soldiers. Naturally this was restored to a different (earlier?) version by the RP to simply be the Duntons. Regardless, it IS possible some residents of Klamath had some form of exposure to the crash survivors, though to what extent is never confirmed. Whatever your project may entail, assuming possibility is an option.

    Also there's a similar circumstance with the Tanker Vagrants in San Fran. Because their leader was an Enclave deserter, some of them doubtless heard his story and were aware of some group of psychopathic military group that operated nearby. They were depicted in the game as a group with intense solidarity, so the idea that NONE of them were close to the Captain and knew about his Enclave background is slim to none.

    Some of the inhabitants of Redding might be aware of the Enclave, since many of their miners were apparently taken by the Enclave under ambiguous circumstances. Melchoir Jr. states that he's fully aware that men took his father (one of the miners, whom you meet as the "final boss" Super Mutant at the bottom of the excavated Military Base) and several other miners from town. If he was the only witness or not is never specified.

    The tribesmen that are added into the game in the RP (where Sulik hails from) have had some limited exposure to the Enclave, as some of them were captured and enslaved by the Enclave in the past. At least one was certainly killed by Enclave soldiers. Though unlikely, it's entirely possible some of those still there may have witnessed the raids that lost some of their members.
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    There's Dr. Henry, the Enclave defector in the NCR who gives you the cyberdog in exchange for testing the mutagenic serum (and who later shows up as one of the Enclave Remnants in New Vegas).
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    Thanks for your answers, I had forgotten about the tanker vagrants, the Wrights and Dr Henry, indeed. Thanks again for your help :)

    @SnapSlav I don't consider FNV as canon, but it is quite obvious someone at least near Klamath saw the crash, yes. I don't remember Torr sayins something about being scared though, I'll check the files for more details.
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    Also Metzger, the slaver's guild lider in The Den, has a dialogue in which asked "what radio signals is he spying", he talks briefly 'bout secret desert transactions (referencing Salvatore's bussines with Enclave) just before noticing he's said too much.
  7. Izual

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    Sep 18, 2009
    Yeap, I mentioned that bastard in my first post :p
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    I don't remember them mentioning the enclave directly (been a while since my last run through them parts :( ) but the intelligent deathclaw variety would surely know them, considering they were born through enclave experiments and used as attack dogs in their hit squads
  9. valcik

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    Yup, according to Xarn and Goris, the V13 deathclaws are well-aware of the Enclave.
  10. Yamu

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    Come to think of it, almost everyone in the southwest corner of the map (or the leadership of ever faction there, anyway) seems to have some idea of what goes on at Navarro-- aside from the Brotherhood, Vagrants, and Deathclaws we've already covered, the Shi and the Hubologists will both independently request for you to infiltrate the outpost and bring them back a set of Vertibird plans.
  11. Languorous_Maiar

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    Also some records in Emperor.

    Most important, remember one thing.
    Enclave has some bases around California. There are people, who wasn't born on Oil Rig, and even never been there. (For example - Ron Meyers. Also in Navarro Cookie refer to them as "locals".)

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    Sorry, totally overlook that part.
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    Great, I think we nailed it now :) Especially with that wiki page.

    Thanks again for your answers guys, your help... Really helped :D
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