who did you side with on your first playthrough

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    Oct 12, 2011
    Yes, I think that helps enforce my feelings for House. The idea that choice has been taken away from us in this endeavor, when Fallout is all about choices, really shows House as a controlling, powerful character. Now, this may be interesting from a character point of view in relation to the universe, as a player I want to be able to do what I want. Sorry, House.
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    There is a mod that kinda does what you talk about. Something akin to a House/BoS alliance.
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    Well, I dunno if I'd get that, to be perfectly honest. If it was AT ALL "akin" to an alliance between the 2, then I'd definitely not find any interest in it. I'm with the developers' sides regarding their decision to remove the option to save the Brotherhood while working for House. It really doesn't make sense given both factions policies. They'd come into conflict with one another, and House simply wouldn't allow that as a remote possibility, even if it was theoretically an option to "convince" the Brotherhood to somehow not conflict with him.

    But I thought that "forcing" them to leave the Mojave would have been a viable alternative. Their ending would be effected in several ways, depending on the player's choices, so that JUST their departure wasn't everything. If Hardin took over, then they'd never reconcile with the NCR, and he'd refuse to leave the Mojave, and they'd all die out. If Still In The Dark was completed with McNamara still in charge, they could peacefully leave, and it would depend on whether or not the NCR was still hostile to them to determine if they'd SAFELY make it out of the Mojave or not.

    But still, even if THAT was what the mod proposed, I'd probably still have an issue with it, because it would involve some dialog with NPCs that was never recorded, and I detest mods that make or turn NPCs into mimes. Even if it was user-created voice overs, I like seeing mods that provide some LIFE for its material.