Who else REALLY hated Amata?

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    I thought better of addressing his post, though I will agree, I was rather confused with his addressing Rosh. I mean, *I* never saw Rosh, and I was a member here for the past 2 years, whereas this guy joined up just a few weeks/months ago. It just looked like he was trying to find things to be spiteful about. Hell, just one look at his "special mention" to me, quoting me for something I'd never even said, and that's evident enough. He just wanted to get up on his pedestal and find something to be extremely resentful towards. Thus why I decided not to address his post. On an intellectual level, I think posts like his are still fascinating to study the habits of "violent social departure", which always seems to play out in the same exact way, but as far as these boards go, there's no purpose in dignifying said departure with any acknowledgement. It's already plenty of recognition that I'm referring to it right now in the ambiguous classification.

    But the way you talk about the old NMA, it makes me ask, why the new account that's less than 2 years old if you were around here 10 years ago? I mean I had LITERALLY not been around NMA much until about 2 years ago, where a series of frustrating bugs in the then-current version of killap's RP sent me from the wiki's bug report section to the topic's bug report section on NMA to get it addressed. I'd heard of the site for many years, having played FO1 and FO2 passionately for several years by that time, so it was kinda hard NOT to hear about it, but had never endeavored to join it until fairly recently. So, you being a more seasoned vet with a much younger account strikes a curious nerve with me... Or are you really Rosh, but you're hiding that? Eh? Eh??? =D

    I'd say that's just a consequence of a game that's as simplistic as FOT, tied to a franchise that was known for creativity, complexity, and a strict adherence to "do it your own way". You could TACTICALLY approach most of the combat scenarios any way you pleased, but that's not the same as choosing to ignore entire sections of a game, or deciding how to approach situations from a diplimatic perspective. Whereas players were constantly finding out new things they had no IDEA they'd missed in their second and third playthroughs into the original games, and so on, there wasn't anything new to see in FOT. You left your bunker, went to a mission, beat the mission, returned to your bunker, rinse and repeat. I personally enjoyed FOT, but I can see why someone would find difficulty with "falling in love" with the game. It certainly doesn't lend it to that as much as FO1 or FO2 do.
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    Nah like I said I never really signed up. I usually posted without signing up (back then it would say "Guest"), but even me posting here back then was rare. I just used to ghost ride the boards, read all the threads, get the laughs, watch the good times go down, etc. etc. But I never actually truly signed up until about 2008, and then I lost my internet for a long time and eventually my password was lost to history (aka memory). So when I got my net back againm after about a year I re-signed up here, but something about it just felt... I don't know.

    Maybe think about how the Vault Dweller must have felt when he first walked through the empty streets of Los Angeles, knowing that it used to be a great population center with massive culture, now reduced to the Boneyard. That's kinda how I felt. But I still love NMA, I still think there is hope for it. Even if half of the mod's are inactive, the Order doesn't do much anymore, and the Fallout section of this board is only 1/10th as active as it used to be. But I think once Wasteland 2 comes out things might kick up again.
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    I am kind of your opposite here.

    For me, i registered here in 2013. When i finnally tried Fo3-FoNV, i decided to lurk in the forum i knew about and this one attracted my attention. (They cared to make in-depth post, unlike many boards in which the usual post are rather small)
    When i tried to register on NMA, it said "that account already exist" or something like that.
    I tried to login and use a few of my past common password and found out that my account already existed 7 years prior, without any post.
    I might have registered to download some files or see a link or a thing like that and totally forgot i had an account.
    (i knew NMA existed since 2001-2004 but wasn't interested in the forum/board itself)

    This isn't the only website/forum i find out i already have an account, but one of the rare i manage to enter the right password after so many years.

    PS: I am more exited by Van Buren & Underrail, that i am for Wasteland 2 or Fallout 4...
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    I suppose, then, it's fair to say that the time I signed up (mid 2012) was a "Silver Age" of sorts for NMA? If the waning end of one, anyway. I know that at the time I joined, threads were brimming with activity and conversations were moving along like many other highly active forums I'd been to. But apart from being a Fallout-based forum, NMA also just lacked certain really negative qualities that I couldn't ignore in those other sites, so while I found myself moving away from them, I felt happy to stay here. =)
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    I consider 00' - 2008 to be NMA's golden age. For some reason after 2008 everything changed.
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    Gee, I wonder what?

    Couldn't have anything to do with the floods of "newcomers" to the series, who have no idea what games this forum was founded around the fandom of, introduced to a TES skin with a different name, could it?

    Reminds me of a phenomenon I called "The Flood" in the in-game Dota 2 channel that I frequented for almost 2 years. Back then, out of an average of 200 users in the channel only about 20-40% would ever be actively chatting, with the mainstay having perma-AFKed, but for an in-game channel (with a 1000 user cap) this is no big deal. Suddenly, in early 2013, things violently changed. Without understand why, the channel went from the usual 200 average users with 300 at peaks to being constantly maxed-out at 1000. Getting into the channel was an arduous task of trying over and over to get in until someone else left just as you timed you attempt perfectly before someone else's attempt came before yours. Not only were there many times more users, but almost ALL of them were spambots, few of which were even spamming in English. There was a tidal wave of Chinese users, in this English-speaking channel. There was a cascade of tradebots, in this chat-centric channel. Out of nowhere, the channel went from lively and full of sometimes awful but oftentimes enjoyable discourse to a mess of unending walls of text. It took me literal DAYS of muting hundreds of users before I could finally see the underlying chat again, but this still did not change the fact that it became a hassle to even GET IN to the channel, since it was almost always capped out.

    Weeks later the reasons for The Flood came to light: Valve had changed the order of the channels in the channel directory from alphabetical to popularity based, and since our channel was pretty lively placing us at the top of the list, the spambots came storming in. As a consequence of our channel getting filled with more "users", it cemented its spot at the top of the list, so EVERY kind of user under the sun came pouring in, as well. Because it was "so popular" all of a sudden, the spambots permanently added our channel to their programmed list of channels to visit and post their spam. It was a vicious cycle that fed itself, and the channel hasn't been the same, ever since. Newcomers will never see the chat because they don't have those hundreds of mutes that takes several days to accumulate in order to "filter" what they want to see from what they don't. Older participants are forever isolated from the one another because few can be bothered with the several-minutes-long hassle of just TRYING to enter the channel. The mainstay of all "conversation" are just spam, not the topical conversation that it used to be. This in addition to the usual standard of behavior you can expect from the internet, with the best of conversations being hard-to-uncover gems covered in piles of degenerate filth.

    I still go, and God knows the conversations can still be great much of the time, but ever since The Flood last year it's just never been the same...
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    A lowly newcomer here, ..well actually not too new as I came lurking around for new mods for the Fallout 2 game way back in the day. But to answer the topic question, no I didn't really like Amata, nor Moira either. I don't hate them, as it is hard for me to hate someone unless they actually cause me harm, I just do not view them as my favorite NPC. Amata has her own agenda and has nothing to contribute to the Player's survival, and Moira seems like she is purposely ignoring what you are trying to tell her.

    Strange as it may sound, I never really trusted the BOS either from Fallout 1 and 2 on, and I can not pin down where that feeling came from.

    Not a spambot either as I have always enjoyed the Post Apocalyptic story genre from the Commodore64 game Wasteland on through Fallout 1, and Fallout 2.
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    I also don't really care about Amata that much. She was obviously just a love interest but she didn't really have any development to her. They should've made it so you could talk her into becoming a companion or give her more dialogue options before you leave and when you return to the vault for that quest.

    It would've been great to have companion quests like in New Vegas. Her's could have been about getting used to outside the vault, and obviously dialogue would change depending on if you brought her as a companion at the start or after the return back to the vault. That would also change up the Homefront quest as well which wold be good for some variety.

    On a side note, I read that argument, that was a pretty entertaining flamewar to read :grin:, but one thing did stand out for me:

    While I think that guy overreacted a bit, I don't think it was right to say he was delusional for thinking the WSG in both games was the same, I can easily see were he was coming from on that.
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    I actually understand Amata on this decision. The Lone Wanderer's presence would just be a reminder of the tragedies that took place in Vault 101 after he was forced out. Besides, if i had to choose between living a safe but utterly boring life in Vault 101 or an exciting if dangerous life out fighting raiders, Super Mutants, and (most recently) Enclave, where I am also free to choose my own destiny, what do you think im going to choose? Especially since by then you have gone halfway on your journey to becoming a Wasteland Juggernaut.
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    Unlike the presence of previous Overseer? You know, the psycho who caused all of this. Yeah, let's just expel the guy who saved us, not the one directly responsible for many deaths. We could just, you know, explain entire situation to rest of the people, but noooo. All that "you are hero, you must leave" is yet another failed attempt of paying homage to older games. Not that I agreed with Jacoren, but he had way better reasons to expel Vault Dweller.

    Maybe Amata just looked for scapegoat to protect her father.
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    Maybe she doesnt blame your for it, but a lot of the Vault 101 dwellers do. Think about it: until your dad left everything was doing relatively well. Then he left followed by you and thoughts of rebellion started happening. Yes the previous Overseer is to blame but the ones who hate you do NOT blame the Overseer, the blame you. Thankfully most of them are a previous generation, so eventually they will die out, allowing you to return later. Also who says you wont be allowed back into the vault after some time passes? Of course it wont happen in game, but who knows what happens after.
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    Again, it would be better to just explain entire situation, instead of expelling the guy (Amata's life long friend btw) who saved them from God knows what fate from the hands of despot. No matter how you look at it, what Amata did is wrong - asking the innocent guy who was almost killed and basically expelled to unforgiving wasteland to help them... and than expelling him there again. For no reason. She apparently thinks that catering to opinion of some ignorants (I don't believe that there are many people that stupid anyway) is better than doing what is right? If that is her choice, she apparently doesn't have guts to be new Overseer. Tell me, who from Vault 101 was hurt by Liam Neeson (whose only "crime" was defying some absurd rules, which harmed no one (maybe except Overseer's ego) or you? And how many died because of Overseer's orders? Why he isn't the one who should be punished?
    You skipped a part about witch hunt for you, when security was ordered to attack you on sight. Which also caused some deaths among other civilians. Maybe that was incentive for rebellion?
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    All I tried to do with Amata was get in her pants
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    Yeah. That "I'm more like a sister to you" was some bullshit.

    I would have broken into Dad's office, stole some Med-X and slipped that shit into her drink.
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    Banned for misogyny and attempted raep.