Why is Fallout Tactics so underrated/Disliked?

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    May 17, 2016
    In tactics specifically? I seem to remember having the choice to take sides for unagressive non-human during a few missions, for example, which leads command to disregard you, but ultimately allows you to conscript mutants in your team and have unique NPCs to talk to. I think it also changes one element of the ending, with the brotherhood coexisting with mutants and working with them on scientific projects instead of hunting them down.
    There's that mission with a tribe holding a vault, that can be killed by accident if you turn on the vault's electric systems (which help you in your mission, but dooms the civilians outside) and gets you roasted by your command in the debriefing.
    The way you deal with missions also change how tribal NPCs react to you if I'm not mistaken. Dialogues with elders from the tribes at the beginning are different depending on how you handled side missions, like taking more risks in order to help a hostage escape. Correct me if I'm wrong, I haven't played tactics for a long time, but I have good memories of it. Not as memorable as the big trio, but still a pretty solid Fallout title, which introduced new gameplay and lore elements in quite a good way.
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    You are actually using James underreaction as a proof of consequence :question:

    And that quote is Burke wasting sound recording with noise to not actually say anything.
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    You are suggesting that it isn't consequential?

    As I said, it's not exactly quality writing. My only point was that he provides reasons. *quotes
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    Jul 27, 2016
    I have Tactics but I've never played it, so I have no clue about its actual flaws. However, I played Fallout and Fallout 2 back to back in 1999 while playing Jagged Alliance 2, which is another squad based tactical RPG. Upon finishing Fallout 2 I thought it would be a great idea if there were a game that combined Fallout and JA2, because these two games would complement each other's weak points. Indeed, Fallout was a better role-playing experience, while JA2 offered better tactical and squad control, interactions between team members and so on. I assume Tactics failed to do that, otherwise it'd be our favorite Fallout game.

    Perhaps you should compare Tactics with JA2 first and then decide whether or not it was successful in achieving its full potential.
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    I am currently on my first playthrough of Tactics. I'm reserving jusgement until I'm done. Liking it so far. It's different.
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    Dec 6, 2016
    It would be wonderful a slide ending for FO3 where you blow up Megaton and the wind carries the fallout to the Tempenny tower, killing everyone XD
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    Except if you moved the ghouls in :wiggle:.
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