Would Fallout New Vegas Have Been Better?

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    Sep 17, 2016
    I'd like to hear it.
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    Jun 15, 2015
    Here is a few lines that a female Courier can ask two legion NPC's at Cottonwood Cove. I have to say that even though I am a woman that I greatly enjoyed writing dialogue for the Legion. It was loads of fun.

    Courier: Are you always this disrespectful to women?

    Marcus Licinius Crassus: Women are weaker and more emotionally irrational then men. Whenever they try to act like one of the men they come across as a poor imitation.

    Nobody wants anything but the genuine article.

    Profligates like the NCR and Brotherhood of Steel think their equality is their greatest strength when really it is their greatest weakness.

    I've seen the men of the NCR and Brotherhood fall to the sword when it comes to protecting the women on the battlefield.

    Having women on the battlefield makes men reckless and sloppy. Nature intended for women to be at hearth and home and men to be hunters and warriors.

    Courier: Really? Because from what I've seen your “civilization” is nothing but a pack of lowly murderers.

    Drusus: I'm going to let that slide, since I am in a good mood and tell you why you are wrong.

    When you see the Mojave and NCR, what do you see? I'll tell you what I see.

    Lawlessness, corruption, addiction, poverty and degeneracy. You people long for it to be cleansed but are afraid to do what must be done.

    We of the Legion are the antidote to mankind's follies. Purging the poison that infects and hinders mankind's development.

    Truth is you profligates need us, even if you are too afraid or proud to acknowledge it.

    For we are the ones who aren't afraid to carry out the choices that need to be made for the betterment of mankind.

    Courier: Are women always treated poorly in the Legion?

    Drusus: Ugh, you women really don't know what is good for you.

    You always complain about how poorly you are treated because you have to do something as horrid as doing dishes and cooking. Oh, the humanity!

    Yet we men of the Legion are the ones who risk our necks during raids to provide you women with food and clothing.

    We save you from a life of squalor and desolation and all we ask in return is that you become good wives and mothers.

    But don't worry. I am sure you will learn all of that in due time.

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    No one wants the Legion to be sympathetic, but they want them to be more understandable. Caesar does give a lot of context to the Legion, but it's not enough.

    Really, my problem is how little content the Legion has. The NCR had to be the first faction to get development time because pretty much the largest chunk of content in the game belongs to the NCR, and the Legion basically gets table scraps.

    Seriously, do a Legion run and realize how shorter it is compared to a NCR run. I think it's even shorter than the Independent or House routes.
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  4. Atomic Postman

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    The Legion definitely needed more content and I think an easy dunk would have been playing Viet-Cong and doing lots of guerilla warfare/subterfuge/proxy conflict support beyond what was already in the game.

    The problem I think lies with the fact that NCR naturally will have more content because its position in the Mojave is fundamentally different. It's an active annexation/colonization project rather than a well-organized nomadic invading army. Similarly, the fragmented order and chain of command of NCR naturally opens up opportunities for more side-stories whereas the controlled monolithic operation of the Legion doesn't do that as much.

    The NCR has trouble controlling its territory - which makes room for lots of nicely interesting conflicts. The flying flag argument of the Legion is that they don't - which naturally limits the amount of conflict that the player is going to experience East of the Colorado.

    Although, it could be done. Perhaps an entire storyline of the Courier willingly entering a gladitorial combat championship for the sole purpose of garnering status (beyond just the pokemon battle tier one in-game). There's drama and collusion in the ring, amongst the various fighters. If you're a woman, perhaps some of the fighters are willing to play dirty for the sake of not losing to you, which you could then expose and further garner status. Playing Frumentarii and weeding out corruption or disloyalty within the ranks - something a powerful outsider would naturally tempt or expose to the air, or playing Frumentarii by acting as an active spy/sabouteur ala the McCarran spy.
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