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    May 25, 2012
    i am new to this forum and planned on making this Character the next time i play

    Name: Maria Theresa Gonzalez
    Age: 28 (was 24 when she participated in the first battle of Hoover Dam)
    Height: 5 ft. 6 in.
    Hair: auburn Blast back
    Nationality: Hispanic
    Eye: Hazel

    Traits: Skilled and Logan's Loophole

    Skills: Guns, Unarmed, Sneak, Survival tagged and 100, along with Speech. Lock picking at 75. most other skills at 50

    Backstory: the daughter of an NCR retired Ranger and a former B.O.S member, Maria, or as she prefers to be called, Talon, always knew she was different. when she was 12, she discovered that she was gay, was caught kissing her best female friend and ended up dumping her boyfriend of four months. Her mother died when she was 16. at 18 she not only joined the NCR military, but got a tattoo of the B.O.S symbol on her left hip to remember her mother. Seven years later she was injured during the first battle of Hoover Dam, forcing her to be discharged. during the battle, Maria's girlfriend of 4 years was killed by Caesar's Legion. after her discharge she took up courier work so she can keep her skills sharp..
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    Apr 11, 2012
    New playthrough on hardcore, hes evil and so forth has not decided where he stands

    Name: Abel
    Age: 33
    Hair: black war hawk
    Abel is a relentless raider killing anybody he feels. He despises the NCR and the legion, feeling someone else should rule the Mojave such as the brotherhood or the khans. He decides to help the powder gangers for the fuck if it. Abel sees no value in human life, as proven when he shot doc Mitchell in the back of the head after he nursed and cared for him. Going hand to hand with abel is tantamount to suicide, he has been known to knock out the strongest of enemies.
  3. Akratus

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    May 14, 2011
    Name: Eric Coulson
    Age: 23
    Eric is a courier. Or was, to be exact. It was his steady job as an ncr citizen. Among his many deliveries he handled, found and traded a lot of energy weapons. He enjoys the damage he can deal with them. With it he liked fighting off those in his way. He was a thrill seeker, spending much on booze, hookers and gambling. Then he took that one faithful job were he encountered Benny. He was more cautious afterwards, he stopped drinking and paying for sexual services. He travelled the wastes again, this time working more to create progress. He stumbled upon the Sierra Madre, hoping to uncover a pre-war treasure cache. He did, but he came back an even more changed man. He's less inclined now to fight for his wants and needs, and more understanding of others. He's learned a lot from seeing the ncr, legion and vegas and talking to house, caesar, elijah, god, dean and veronica. But he hides his scars, and there's a lot more for him to see.
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    Apr 20, 2012
    Heh, I'm boring. I just name my character 'Courier' and give him the first default appearance :)
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    for all rpgs i use the same character julio

    essentially hes a drunkard and chem addict. he got into the courier ring cuz he had nothing better to do and needed the dough after he blew his earnings in new vegas (hes also a gambler). hes mainly a sneak character, but because hes pretty bad at sneaking and always stumbling into things due to his drunkeness, he likes to finish skirmishes with either a shotgun or club-like object. he also tends to snipe alot without the intention to kill, but merely as a hobby. despite his garbled mumbling, hes often able to come to diplomatic conclusions with his colleagues, and is constantly raking about for a new mount.
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    Jul 18, 2013
    Hope it's cool for me to post here, seems like it's kind of a dead thread, but I like roleplaying and sharing my characters so I thought why not?

    Name: Puer nativitas Misera (Goes by M)

    Age: 21

    Physical appearance: Brown Unsettler hair, brown eyes, Caucasian

    Bio: M is a former Caesar's Legion Frumentarius. He was born of a Legion Centurion and a slave woman out in the east. Given the circumstances of his birth M was considered to be an undesirable. The Centurion made a deal with Caesar, the Centurion would give his life in return for his son's. He was given the name Puer Nativitas Misera, which translates to Child of wretched birth.

    After many years of training M joined the Frumentarii at 14. Despite being part of one of the Legions most important forces M was still very much treated like a second rate citizen due to his heritage. His teachers and peers treated him worse than any other soldier. Yet this did not dissuade him, it made him tougher, more enduring.

    Three years after joining the Frumentarii the Legion discovered Hoover Dam. M fought in the first battle for the dam and was grievously injured. After recovering M found that his fellow Legionaries were twice as hard on him as before. During a particularly intense spar he ended up killing his opponent. In fear that he would be punished for killing another Legionnaire M deserted.

    After deserting M decided to become a Courier, hoping it would take him far away from the Legion, four years later he receives a job from Mr. House and accepts, needing the large amount of caps.

    Skills: M is very proficient with Melee weapons, his favorite being his tomahawk he had made for him while in the legion. He is also quite good at sneaking and speaking to people from his years with the Frumentarii.

    Personality: M is a very distrusting person, knowing that many of the people in the wasteland are out only for themselves, and he's the same. He doesn't give much of a damn about random people. He'll leave them alone if they leave him alone. Morally speaking he's about as neutral as they get. In terms of alliances M doesn't have any, he hates the NCR, yet has no real desire to return to the abuse of the Legion. He's happy to let both sides wipe each other out as long as he can be left alone. One problem M does have is that he's rather quick to anger in a fight. Especially when he's being beaten.
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    Aug 26, 2012
    I was bored on my 5th playthrough so I made a drug addict with no useful skills. I somehow still wiped out the powder gangers though...
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    Mar 3, 2013
    Name: Alesia Jeanne Connor (Nickname AJ)
    Age: 27 (Birthdate 2/8/2254)


    Height: 6' 2" Slender/Athletic Build
    Hair: Ginger, shoulder length, usually tied in a short ponytail (modded)
    Eyes: Green
    One tattoo on the left ankle, 8" scar on the left bicep from a machete attack.

    Bio: Born in Westside, AJ was the middle of three children (an older sister named Jessica and a younger brother Aaron). Her father owned a weapons store in town and at the age of 12 she started learning how to shoot and repair firearms. She was able to get some education from books and her mother growing up, but she wasn't particularly well rounded until her young adult years. She worked in her father's store until the age of 17 when her father Joshua suddenly died of a massive heart attack.

    AJ and her father were very close, so this was an extremely distressing time for her. She tried to keep up her father's store on her own, but things weren't working out for her particularly well. When rumors of the NCR began to circulate around Westside, she decided to investigate things, and this eventually led her to join the military at the age of 19. In the service, she was given a more formal education and trained as a fighter before being deployed to the patrols along the Colorado River where tensions with the Legion were beginning to brew.

    Over the next three years she did her service and moved up through the ranks, eventually being promoted to Corporal in 2276. During this time her younger brother had also joined up and was doing his part as a private 1st class near the Forlorn Hope area. This was also when she was nearly killed while on patrol near Searchlight. Her squad was ambushed by a group of Legion fighters and during the attack she was shot in the chest, inches from her heart. By the work of a quick thinking medic, she survived... barely.

    It was also during those three years that she met a young first recon sniper named Craig Boone. The two befriended one another and soon started a romance. In early 2277, they were married in a small ceremony at camp McCarran.

    In the summer of 2277, AJ, Boone and her brother Aaron were deployed to Hoover Dam along with the NCR rangers and members of 1st recon to stave off the impending Legion attack. When the war finally did come, her brother was killed in the chaos. This was the beginning of her downward spiral. Between 2277 and 2278, her marriage to Boone was getting extremely rocky. She'd taken to the bottle hard, both argued constantly. In 2278, Boone was sent to Bitter Springs, and now with his own regrets and emotional troubles, shit hit the fan.

    In late 2278, both had left the service and after a massive argument, Alesia threw her wedding ring in Boone's face and walked out on him. The next step was a formal divorce and the two went their separate ways.

    AJ spent the next couple of years wandering, doing odd jobs here and there, and drinking... ALOT. In late 2280, she finally took a job at the Mojave Express where she continued to work all the way up to October of 2281 when she carried the platinum chip.

    New Vegas story, looks for Benny, etc, etc...

    Of course on the way she was reunited with her ex-husband. As it turned out he re-married (the carla story you know it) Of course two years having passed, they are able to be a little more civil with each other and she helps him take his revenge, he goes with her, they move on with the story. There was no romance between them ever again, but they were able to stay very good friends.

    In the end Alesia used the help of Yes Man to take over Vegas. Over the years she used her power to help improve areas like Freeside, Westside, and North Vegas Square as well as reducing entry requirements for the strip. Having chain smoked since the age of 16, the courier's tale ends in 2307 when she died of lung cancer at the age of 53.
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    Mar 5, 2013
    Chaotic Stupid much? :|
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    Jun 4, 2008
    My current character is a survivalist. He lives off the land, repairs equipment he finds and is a decent shot. He's good-natured, doesn't steal from ordinary folk unless of absolute necessity for survival and doesn't kill in cold blood. He has little respect for authority in the sense that he doesn't believe that communities need to be oppressed and controlled in order to survive and flourish. But he is not a complete anarchist and if he can help change something for the better for people he meets, he will do so without trying to interfere too much. When presented with a choice he will always choose the least evil, and cares as much for others as for himself. Even though he believes in communities and the well-being of people, he prefers to keep to his own and doesn't like staying in one place for too long.
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    Dec 31, 2012
    around 12-13th playthrough I play kinda like myself in that scenario I respect the NCR but i end up taking power myself I also have a bit of a temper and if someone does something I dislike like insulting me or pushing another one of my berserk buttons I typically end them first chance I get. my intellect is high but my charisma is painfully low my luck is kinda meh and my other stats are about average some a little high some a little low. I also take a VERY low opinion of criminals and do what I can to destroy them in the most effective manner even if I have to work for them first. Plus, I'm an opportunist who will not hesitate to stab someone I dislike in the back I almost never forget or forgive I always get even.
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    May 18, 2013
    I can't resist metagaming, but I tend to stick loosely to a character concept. My last playthrough was a dude in his 50s who used melee weapons because he didn't like how easy guns make it to kill people- you don't have to even really want someone dead to pull a trigger, but you have to really put some effort in to split a head open with a spiked baseball bat. He also lived off the land instead of scavenging pre-War supplies and detested Vegas for promoting an atmosphere where the rich walled themselves off from the problems of the rest of the world; he figured that sort of attitude was what caused the Great War in the first place.

    Right now I'm playing as a Nerd. Early on I poured all my points into energy weapons and science, ignoring social skills for as long as possible- though I raised Barter to 70 before going to Old World Blues so I could take the perk that lets you fast travel while carrying 900lbs worth of coffee cups and toasters. I also boosted Speech so I could combine it with temporary boosts to talk Joshua Graham down in Honest Hearts. I feel bad for breaking my own self-imposed rules, but it's bullshit that you can't get the best ending without speech, so there.
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    Sep 3, 2013
    My Courier's name is Vicky. When she woke up in the the town of Goodsprings she had little memories of her past. She couldn't remember her name or where she was born. All she knew was that her name began with a "V" so that's what she called herself until she started venturing further into the waste and changed her name to Vicky.

    Her karma level is very good, she always tries to reason with her enemies. That is, if they can be reasoned with. She was very close with Veronica for a brief time. Her besties(yes I use that word XD) are Cass and Rex, but she enjoy's all of her companions company.

    She sides with the NCR because she feels that they potential, if they would just get their act together and because she doesn't want the responsibility of ruling over New Vegas. She just wants to roam the Mojave and eventually settle down in Goodsprings and live a simple life.

    [Edit] She's also Native American and Hispanic mixed.
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    Sep 6, 2013
    I currently have a female character, Alicia. She was descended from the Enclave. Actually born into it, but was only a baby at the time. Her mother tried to keep her from that part of her. She slowly descends into the mindset of the Enclave as the game nears the end.

    She also hates the legion because a friend of hers was killed by them. And she like drinking beer.