Bethesda's strange views on the US Military!

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    UPFRONT: I've never played Fallout 76 nor do I have any desire to, but after reading the wiki article on the "newest BOS (Appalachia)", well it was worth giving my ten cents worth!

    As Fallout as a series goes, their understanding of the US Armed Forces in particular (however they also have rather odd perceptions of foreign armed forces as well) has always been a strange mash-up of WW2 ranks and appointments along with a mash-up across the services (both the NCR's Army and Enclave Security Forces and Navarro Detachment come to mind).

    However, it seems that Bethesda has really crossed the Rubicon of Weirdness when it comes to their character of Lizzy Taggerdy.

    First off, Bethesda was far too lazy to even do two seconds on Wikipedia to assign her a rank that makes any sense. I'll assume that she's a 1LT, however the thought had crossed my mind that is she a naval officer leading a section of army personnel for "Bethesda Reasons", which as this is Bethesda writing it would make equally as much sense.

    Secondly, it would make more sense if they were "Ranger Qualified" which seems to be what is implied by the text as opposed to being part of the 75th Ranger Regiment, since otherwise there's just far too big of a can of worms to make any sense out of it.

    Thirdly and lastly as quite frankly there's just too much poor Bethesda nonsense to continue, however it seems that whoever wrote this character was reading far too much Sharpe and Horatio Hornblower, as it seems that the writing staff thinks that modern commissioned officers are given duty assignments based on their combat exploits (when in reality, it's a mix of politics, and a whole heap of other far less interesting things).
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    Bethesda is like Micheal Bay when it comes to the militarily. They have a hard on for them but don't know much about them other than "cool uniforms" and "badass weapons".
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