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    I have once again beaten both the first two games in the Fallout franchise. The character I used was one who focused on dealing as much damage as possible with burst fire mode on his weapons.

    This type of character without a doubt is the strongest build in the game due to the sheer amount of damage you can inflict with the right weapon and perks when critical hits are inflicted.

    This is my most powerful character yet that I've made, capable of taking down even the toughest enemies with ease and clearing out entire areas of hostiles. My highest amount of damage was more than 1000 in Fallout 1 and more than 1500 in Fallout 2! The key to doing this is by taking Bonus Ranged Damage.

    Anyway, for anyone who wants to try out this build, here is how I did it.

    In Fallout 1, here is how I set up the character:


    Traits: Gifted and Fast Shot

    Tagged Skills: Small Guns, Big Guns, and Speech

    I got all the implants, wore power armor to raise strength further got the luck boost in boneyard, and even got a charisma boost from the wandering tinkerer.

    Perks: Awareness, Strong Back, Bonus Ranged Damage (2), Better Criticals, Bonus Rate of Fire, and Sniper.

    I maxed my level by killing deathclaws in Boneyard, using the Alien Blaster. Obviously, I had to use buffout to get Strong Back. That extra carry weight came in handy!

    Endgame Weapons: .223 Pistol and Minigun

    The pistol was used for ammo conservation because killing weak enemies with the minigun would be overkill and a waste of ammo. The minigun is my weapon of choice for taking out tougher enemies, but it is most effective at close range due to more bullets hitting. I easily took out the entire military base and the cathedral. The luitenant and Master didn't stand a chance!

    In Fallout 2, here is my setup:


    Traits: Gifted and Fast Shot

    Tagged Skills: Small Guns, Big Guns, and Speech

    I wore Advanced Power armor, got the modules, and the NCR neuroscan. I got the combat implants and then raised unarmed enough to become a prizefighter for the damage resistance bonus.

    Perks: Awareness, Strong Back, Bonus Ranged Damage (2), Living Anatomy, Bonus Rate of Fire, Action Boy (2), Sniper, Quick Pockets, Pack Rat, Better Criticals.

    Again, I had to take buffout to get Strong Back. Combined with Pack Rat, all that extra carry weight was extremely helpful! Since I had the Restoration Project installed, I got the agility bonus in the EPA. After level 24, I leveled up in the area east of EPA killing floaters, deathclaws, enclave troopers, and centaurs to raise my level high enough to get those extra perks. I ended up at level 36 when I hit the oil rig.

    Endgame Weapons: Gauss Pistol and Bozar

    The Gauss Pistol is used for ammo conservation against weaker enemies. The Bozar is the Big Gun of choice against tougher enemies. Though the Vindicator Minigun fires more shots, the Bozar's ammo is much easier to find and has better armor penetration, which makes it the better choice. I stocked up on ammo for the Gauss Pistol from the shop in San Francisco. I easily took out the entire oil rig. Even Frank Horrigan went down easily!

    My npcs were Sulik and Cassidy. Sulik had the Mega Power Fist and Cassidy used the Gauss Rifle.

    Edit: I'm going to be playing through all four builds again seeing as how I made changes to my guide on the thread Tips for Newbies From A Former Newbie. Maybe this way I'll make my characters even better without feeling like I'm wasting stat points. Check back at a later date to see my results.
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