Controling merchants and quartermaster prices...

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    Mar 9, 2014
    Hi there!

    I am wondering if there might be a HEX way to control merchants and quartermaster prices, means to determine a possible global price reduction that could go as far as 100% for barter, gamble and quartermaster, especially quartermaster.

    I am asking this because I noticed a few months ago a big problem with my mod (The Sum) that I didn't anticipate and now creates me some trouble. There is even a guy that made a video presenting the mod in spanish (I think) and the problem is clearly appearing there, because it comes from a very intuitive thing to do... And I don't want to fight intuitive thinking at all...

    Here it is: My game contains a cooler which is in fact the Quartermaster, used to summon any possible object in the game (from fish freshly catched to water, milk, kombucha, meat and so on). The problem is that everyone tries to put other food and drinks to it (to keep them fresh you know...), and when they want to take them back, they have to PAY or BARTER in order to get the stuff back! So, I would love to be able to remove all prices from the Quarter master, even the price indicator, and have him be free all the time...

    That could even come in handy for some people, as you could determine that, in your mod, stuff are more or less expensive, depending the way you see it.

    Please put that on your to-do-list if you can HEX edit and... thank you!!