Fallout as a serialized radio drama

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    Aug 16, 2010
    The Fallout fan community has brought up some quite interesting projects in the past, from post-apocalyptic mock-radio stations to live-action shows.
    In a rather interesting take on media adaptions of Fallout, the Spoony Bard Podcast (no relation to Spoony/Noah Antwiler) now has started its second season, which is an adpation of Fallout in the form of a serialized radio drama like those popular in the 30's.
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    Pretty neato, though I'm not really a fan of the narrator - way too try-hardish with the radio voice. Also, the voice of Natalia doesn't try very hard to make it seem like she isn't reading off of a script.

    But overall, I love how they fit the soundtrack, sound effects, and dialogue straight from the game into it.
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    Every time I hear "Spoony Bard" I think of Noah. Having literally the same name also throws me off because Noah also plays with Bards.