Fallout makes Missing In Action list twice

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    In a sight very familiar to us Fallout fans, Fallout has made another "MIA" list. Surprisingly, it made it twice, once as Fallout 3, once as the Fallout MMO. From IGN:<blockquote>Fallout 3
    Developer: Bethesda
    Publisher: Bethesda

    What Was Promised
    In December 2003, the morale of PC fans plummeted with the news that Black Isle Studios, the team that made Fallout 2, had been closed. It appeared that a new Fallout game was just wishful thinking. But in April 2004, during a call to investors, Interplay revealed it was planning on making a new Fallout title for PC. Though the game was not currently being developed at that time, the mere promise that some day Fallout 3 would come was enough to make PC fans cheers. As fate would have it, Interplay hit some financial snags and Fallout 3 was once again in danger. Fortunately, in July 2004, Bethesda Softworks grabbed the rights to Fallout, opening the way for Fallout 3 to finally see development.

    Where It Stands
    It's coming. AT E3 2005, Bethesda's booth sported a Fallout 3 poster. The game itself was not on display, but was confirmed to be in production. A year and a half later, nothing more has been said about Fallout 3. Fear not, Bethesda's official stand is that Fallout 3 is still in development for PC, but we won't hear much about it until later in the year.


    Fallout MMO
    Developer: TBA
    Publisher: Interplay

    What Was Promised
    To be fair, almost nothing has been said about the Fallout MMO. In fact, hype for a Fallout MMO grew from a statement by Interplay CEO Herve Caen, stating simply that one was being planned. Since that point there has been no news, previews, screens, or trailers on the MMO. The massively multiplayer Fallout title is the very definition of a game missing in action.

    Where It Stands
    When Bethesda purchased the rights to make Fallout games, those rights did not include creation of an MMO. Odd as that may sound, Bethesda is somewhat limited in what it can do with the franchise. The license for a Fallout MMO remains with Interplay and its CEO Herve Caen. As such, it seems unlikely the title is in development.</blockquote>For reference sakes; almost no people from Fallout 2's team were still in BIS at the point of it dispersing, nobody took the April 2004 promise of Fallout 3 seriously and the "financial snags" Interplay hit were years old by that time. So nice fact-finding, IGN.

    Link: MIA: Fallout 3 on IGN
    Link: MIA: Fallout MMO on IGN (worth it for the image)
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    Didn't we post about this a few weeks ago?
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    Considering IGN's publishing date is February 2, 2007...


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    This Article is quite weird, why the big F, they placed Ultima X and Xcom4 on the list, If it's known for long time that they were cancelled.
    Also Fallout 3, which I would prefer to be missing in action IS in development.
    I didn't knew that Tabula Rasa is developed by Richard Garriot, isn't Van Buren's Damien "Puuk" Folleto working on this title too?
    And why Richard is not working on some SP RPG, some kind of spiritual succesor to ULTIMA?.