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Discussion in 'General Fallout Discussion' started by GameDev, Jun 28, 2004.

  1. GameDev

    GameDev First time out of the vault

    Feb 15, 2004
    Ok Im wondering if anyone has any insight into the PnP version of Fallout?

    My main questions concern the mutant and robot races.

    Are they viable characters when compared to the humans? I dont mean from a roleplay perspective. People should play what they like. What I mean is, besides character concept, are they (semi) balanced with humans?

    Of course there is always room to "create" mutant armor, but most of the human armor "doesnt fit them." Would mutants be over-powered if they could suddenly wear it all?

    I would really appreciate any guidance that anyone could give us.

  2. Roshambo

    Roshambo Antediluvian as Feck

    Apr 3, 2003
    Does this perhaps have something to do with your "highly-addictive, fully immersive MMORPG" crap that you tried to sell off the last time you were here? Maybe if you knew more about game design than connecting industry buzzwords, you could figure out your own question on your own. If that's the limitation of your design ability:

    Conflict:Omega! = Fucked
  3. Daron

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    Mar 15, 2004
    I dont play robots but from what I see with the traits they can get...they can be a killing machine.The only weakness is that they can't get perks.Anyway...I dont allow my players to play Robots.
  4. GameDev

    GameDev First time out of the vault

    Feb 15, 2004
    Wow. That was pure flame. If you dont have something positive to say...well wow you are really intelligent.

    I mean did I kill someone? Did I insult your mother? No, at most I over hyped my project...once. I havent spammed the boards...and I only made the post once. Your post was uncalled for. But oh well, you dont speak for anyone but yourself.

    As far as our credentials, why dont you go to the Dev Team link of our site and go to all of the personal pages of the people involved in the creation? You'll hear talented composers, see funny animations, and detailed models.

    As far as our game designing talents, we have good gameplay of our own system already, but I was trying to learn more about the way Fallout does it.

    There was no call for your spewage.
  5. Thorgrimm

    Thorgrimm A Smooth-Skin

    Dec 16, 2003
    When my group gets together i do not allow them to play robots, as these are reserved for npc's. The Mutants are not overpowering if they wear patchwork armor.

    Cheers Thorgrimm
  6. APTYP

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    Apr 2, 2003
    Those... aren't the screenshots on your webpage, are they? I mean, unless Roflict:Omega! takes place in lifeless white void those look like renders to me.

    How painfully ignorant.
  7. alec

    alec Stuck In The Middle With You Orderite

    May 21, 2003
    I don't understand why you guys laugh with Conflict: Omega. True, I've seen most of the material before and although I have to admit it hasn't changed a lot since then, the things being presented on their site are - simply put - much better than the stuff Bourgeoisie is offering for the time being. That's my point of view.

    On the other hand, I do get this weird feeling when someone is saying that a game is addictive when it hasn't been released yet. And yes, I too have some problems trying to see how post-apoc racing cars are, but...

    Ah, nevermind... I just have this thing for underdogs... :roll:
  8. GameDev

    GameDev First time out of the vault

    Feb 15, 2004
    Hmmm. Glad to get a bit more even-handed treatment.

    First, We arent trying to compete against anyone else's game. If someone else is doing something similar I didnt see a reference to it in the few Fallout MMO threads Ive read. And yes I have lurked here for awhile. If there is one, can you show me the link?

    (NOTE: That I have seen the Burzuazja Project and that didnt look like an MMO to anyone I showed it to - nor does it claim to be in its own FAQ)

    Second of all the actual in-game engine is up in the air. We have to make the decision whether we are going to license the Unreal 3 engine or continue using the one that two of our coders have built from scratch...or use the Nebula engine which has some great physics modules.

    On the question of the cars...yeah I admit its a strange place to start. We have some other canned stuff, but we got to working with them and thats where we started. Sue us.

    They aren't race cars, per se, but post-apocalyptic travel. Mad Max and Bladerunner definitely have vehicular parts to them and our game is no different. One of the things attributed to the p-a world is hot rods. The racing fits into the whole world of living off your skills and talents. Of suping up the car that just might save your life. Hell its a cliche of p-a for there to be races. And its a heck of a lot of fun.

    Take a look at the http://www.roadkillwarriors.com/index.html mod. Are you telling me Im on crack to think that this doesnt fit into an MMO? Vehicular combat and even suping up cars? Check out the vehicles in http://www.shatteredoasis.com/ Gyrocopters and other stuff. Its in there.

    As far as "addictive" ok that's hype. And I've admitted that. But what the heck do you say on a promotional website but...uhm promotion. I suppose I could change it until we get to a later stage of development. But part of leading my crew is inspiring them to what the end result will be.

    I started this thread to ask a simple set of questions. I appreciate the people that gave me actual answers in regards to those questions and will continue to listen for more.
  9. Roshambo

    Roshambo Antediluvian as Feck

    Apr 3, 2003
    At least your observation skills aren't totally worthless.

    No, you went into a drama-whoring act about it. First, you violated netiquette and common courtesy. As I would also come to the conclusion that most of your developers are teenaged (from how you hype your "work", as few who have some real sense of the concept of work would dare try to pull such bullshit). I would also guess that perhaps your only experiences on forums is the pile of sewage called the GameSpy forums. We run things a little different here. A good portion of those who are regulars of this forum are of the old-school. Therefore, if you don't want your post to be taken as trash, don't present it as trash.

    Your pathetic reasoning led you to believe that your advertising was welcome despite our rule against it, common courtesy, and the fact that not everyone wants a pretentious idiot to come onto their forum and start verbally fellating their project when the only things for viewable media is a sound file, some art that has nothing to do with Fallout, and a shitload of hype.

    So says the clueless nooblet.

    That's art, weaselnuts. In terms of design, you're likely fucked beyond recognition. So, when should we expect to see some of those models released for UT2004 when this vaporware bait finally sinks? You have maybe 20 topic hits on some of your news items. You're nothing but a bad joke, and one far too pathetic to make a meme out of. Just because you're making a MMORPG, that doesn't mean it will appeal nor sell.

    If you really can't tell, then you're not much of a designer, are you? Most people with a good sense of design can tell how the mechanics work and how the setting elements work together. You are doubly futile at whining at this place, as I not only have debunked the idiocy of Fallout Online a number of times, I have also developed for MUD for literally years, and I've worked on, around, and played MMORPGs. The empty fluff on the site combined with the BioWare worthy hype just cracks me up. Apparently, you kids haven't read SomethingAwful in some time. They posted a killer idea for a MMORPG that sounds like what you're looking for (see if you can copy that like an uncreative shit, too), and then check out their article about industry buzzwords. They have you nailed to the shitter, kid.

    Damn. You forgot the last time you came here, already? I believe that you tried so well to hype this game as a 'Fallout-"inspired" MMO in the works' and then went straight for the buzzwords.

    It's funny that you said that you were going to "live up to the Fallout legacy" but you're too clueless to understand the design.


    There was no call for your idiocy and initial rudeness in treating this as your own advertising medium.

    Good, because at this point you have no hope.

    I could name one, back from some other hopefuls at V13. No, you're not getting it. There also could be a reason why Fallout MMO threads aren't too common. Fallout tended to attract more intelligent people who went for the real definition of a CRPG than an overglorified RTS with a speech system.

    Fallout Online was generally considered to be a joke. Those forums that hosted such a board were using it as a test to see who was truly stupid enough to see if they could argue that the game mechanics for a Fallout Online (FOOL) would work. It hasn't worked, and it isn't really welcome at most places. If you'd check the archives boards here, we have a number of threads that clearly point out the problems when trying to transpose Fallout's setting into a MMORPG. This does assume that you're bright enough to work a search function and get the search verbiage right, but as you can't seem to function as a developer...good luck!

    A real developer would be able to tell how things worked in the game and might have had some creativity in them to be able to make the equivalent. Yet, you have no hope of knowing where to look, mainly because you don't know how to design. Try working on something wholly your own first before you try to ride on the popularity of some other franchise.

    * - Liar.

    Yet, what does the Fallout universe have to do with all of that bullshit? Listen, child, the world and sci-fi existed long before you proved you're a sorry waste of educational funding. I suggest you become familiar with it.

    In other words, you morons went for jean cream and then decided to try and tie in a name to spark more interest. How damn desperate do you need to get?

    This implies a lot of ignorance about both the post-apocalyptic genre and Fallout. Through this whole escapade, you've shown absolutely no clue of the Fallout setting, nor why Fallout was made in the style it was. Just because there was a car in Fallout 2 doesn't mean that there was many others all over the setting. There was a few notable mistakes, especially in the instances of FUEL.

    There's more to the post-apocalyptic genre than Mad Max. I suggest you open a book sometime and educate yourself.

    It is also quite pathetic that you need to also resort to a marketing spin in that last sentence.

    Whether it fits into a MMO or not is irrelevant, but I would take a guess that you are on crack. As for if it fits, that looks more suited to skirmish play. There's no real reason to require a persistent world, which is the purpose of having the game classed as a MMORPG.

    You really need to learn more about MMOG mechanics before you gush over yourself and make a fool of yourself. Taking a kitchen sink approach is kind of cute, but when it comes down to reality, you have no clue as to how big your pipe-dream is going to get. For all the features dropping on the FAQ page (and undoubtedly many of them will be dropped at some point), I'm really getting a chuckle out of all that jumping around and here we get to...complete cluelessness of basics.

    For your first design project, you should really start small. Maybe do something realistic within your means like those other, real projects, you mentioned.

    Let me guess what this is. You're trying to see how much more interest you can get by shoving every little reference to Mad Max into the game as possible and name-dropping other games. I really don't see how that's supposed to make me any more impressed about it. You've claimed you were going to make a game that would "live up to the Fallout legacy", but nothing on your site currently has anything resembling such? In fact, those that you've posted as some sort of argument have more to do with the setting than the pathetic garbage on your own site. The backstory of the game sounds like something taken from a perverse cross between Terminator 3 and Battlefield: Earth, but the Sci-Fi channel's low-budget version. Between that and the screens, I'm still having some problems.

    I'm having a bit of difficulty placing the Nissan and the McLaren into the Fallout universe. It's also funny that children, like Scientologists, believe that fuel has an unlimited shelf life.

    How about the truth, instead of being a little lying bitch? Most people are wise to the MMORPG hype by now, you're doing nothing but giving them a chuckle. Publishers have likely seen that said a hundred times over by now. It might explain as to why your forums are dead and only a handful of people have bothered to check the full news articles. I'm usually not this vitriolic and I even like indie developers, but when they get such a stupid attitude about them and it doesn't involve money at that point...you simply do not belong in the industry. I'm sure the respectable developers, having read this, have taken your names down as people to avoid.

    Congratulations! You've given those poor artists and others a bad stigma because of your quixotic ignorance. I hate to see indie projects die because the lead was completely clueless.

    If you're hoping for publisher interest, I doubt you'll find someone who would be seriously interested from how this looks already. You will certainly not be able to affort nor run the servers yourselves unless you really do anticipate only a dozen people to play it.

    Well, if your own crew has no strong faith in the design without having to read hype and believe it on their own, then that would suggest a number of problems waiting to happen. I look forward to your eventual break-up, where some "malicious people" killed your dream and are to blame, simply because they pointed out the truth to some clueless kid.

    As I've said before, if you can't tell on your own, then you make for a very poor developer. Maybe you need to tune up your "Bio-Borg" implants, first. Try that.
  10. GameDev

    GameDev First time out of the vault

    Feb 15, 2004
    hmm where to start

    Ok. Let's start with your constant referral to ME and anyone connected with me to be children. Great assumption, but totally invalid. Looks like you've learned netiquette from the WoW forum boards.

    Im 33 years old and a financial advisor for UBS PaineWebber with my CFP, Mr. Wonderful. Yep old enough to have been one of the first people actually ONLINE because my mother was a professor at one of the first facilities ever to use it. Also someone who manages multiple people on detailed, drawn-out projects that last over years.

    Then lets look at the ages of the team members who have websites. Oh wait. The guys in California who actually do post-production on movies and tv commercials MUST be under 9 years old like you say...uhm not.

    So lets just cross out every part of your flame that has to do with age. OOPS. Thats like half right there.

    Ok. Ill jump to some self-criticism. I posted advertising in a place where it wasnt welcome. I didnt really see it as advertising as much as "hey, here are some people with some knowledge and interest in an area that we like and we are generating content about. I bet they'd be interested in us and we would love to get feedback from them." If you didnt flame off at the mouth and actually ACTED like someone who was part of a COMMUNITY, then you would have taken my original and second post in the SPIRIT with which they were intended.

    Man you shouldnt make such generalizations if you cant back them up. My abbreviated 250-page game design document got compliments as well as criticism when I went to go discuss purchasing an Unreal3 license from Epic in Raliegh, NC. Hmmm, am I going to believe you...some flame off on the internet or them. Dont strain yourself figuring out my answer.

    Not only that but in your speedy characterization thought you learned something about me from the question I asked, but in fact you didnt.

    Ive played computer games since before the original Zork and Wizardry games. ive played MUDs like Desolation, RPGs like Loom, the original Bard's Tale, Wasteland and all of the Fallout games. Oh Ive played them...and my question about balance tells you nothing of my ability to create my OWN balance within my own world. You may think it does, but it doesnt.

    Now let's move on to your (typical, elitist) trashing of MMORPGs. Sure they are over-hyped, but the are the closest thing we have to the immersive virtual-reality worlds that people really crave. Or at least some of us. Sure, there will always be people who like disconnected, single-player RPGs. Im one of them. But one of the most important quests of the human condition is the quest to cure our aloneness. YOUR elitism trashing MMOs makes YOU laughable at best in your vision for what the gaming community wants.

    In a gaming world full of crap, why dont you attempt to be uplifting instead of negative. Ours is an attempt do more, be more, break out...yet you stay negative. /sigh

    You cant have even started a project like this and not read that wonderful diatribe called "So you want to make an MMORPG."
    http://sol.planet-d.net/mmorpg.html Im glad you forfeited your own real opinion for someone elses drivel.
    I suppose you cant stop spewing stuff out of your mouth, can you?

    You think that because you gave your reason why Fallout Online wouldnt work that you have the best and final opinion? Where do you get off? LM - frigging - AO.

    We arent aiming to be Fallout Online...which BTW people with millions of dollars are thinking is...wait for it....wait for it....a VIABLE idea. Call them sell out money whores all you want, but actual developers are more than toying with the idea.

    And as I said, we arent aiming to be FO. We merely want to create a living breathing P-A MMO with heavy FO influences. Surely there is room for as MMO with the horror, despair, social commentary and humor of the P-A world. Or can no MMO ever do this ever in the rest of time?

    Do we know how big the project as stated will be? Yep. Do we have what is called in software parlance as "feature creep" ? We sure do because we are game fanatics who have a vision of creating a whole world, not just part of one. Thats not to mention that many of the things we want to do are already coded into many of today's game engines, like vehicular combat.

    As for your observation that fuel would eventually run out...uhm wow that's really an insight. You wouldnt think that maybe there could be storyline reasons written in to fix that? That the amount of people in our small part of the p-a world would be so small as to not even touch what % was being used by a whole world? You are the one with no creativity.

    Ok. So Im guilty of over-hyping a project. By saying we hope to live up to Fallout we werent trying to say "We are as good or better than Black Isle"...but that those are our INSPIRATIONS.
    It wasnt even in my attempt to say "wow look at me Im so great"...what the spirit of my message was was "hey we have similar interests, there's an affinity here. Let's talk about things."

    Psychologically speaking, you are easy to dissect. You are a know-it-all and I happened to trample on your (percieved) subject of expertise. You mistakenly characterized my post as egotistic and puerille, when it was really and expression of over-excitement and like-mindedness.

    I hope that between now and the day you die, you try to achieve something and along the way you have someone discourage you in a mean-spirited way. I hope they ridicule you and make you feel like crap. It may take us forever to achieve our goals but we are a tight group of friends who are enjoying the journey. We were just looking for a few more friends along the way.

    Get off your high horse. Who made you God.
  11. alec

    alec Stuck In The Middle With You Orderite

    May 21, 2003
    I think this sums it up nicely and I tend to agree with you.
    Mind you, though: I'm a new-school regular, so that might be the reason... :wink:
  12. Roshambo

    Roshambo Antediluvian as Feck

    Apr 3, 2003
    Re: hmm where to start

    It's funny that you mention netiquette and don't bother to observe the same yourself. I also have to pity the people who follow the mental equivalent of a child.

    I hope you seriously know how to do that job. I would certainly hate for someone to have to diffuse the mess you'd undoubtedly create if your skills as a developer were applied to your job. After all, you are pretending to be a game developer, aren't you?

    Lets see, this is most likely a lie, or you're just very stupid. Apparently, you suddenly developed some kind of brain disease and forgot netiquette from all that time ago, or you're bullshitting me. Given your absolutely pathetic display of development ability, your manner of hype, and your laughable design ideas, I would have to say that that you're a child. At least mentally.

    I wasn't talking about the artists. They can at least draw a McLaren. I was talking about the asinine people who thought this design idea had any basis in reality. You know, the morons who thought that the Fallout universe had something to do with a McLaren.

    Let's cross out every bit of your pretentious hyping that would make BioWare envious and your annoying whining. Hey? Where'd you go?

    Bullshit. Now I know you're a child, at least mentally. Nobody with any bit of common sense would expect that load of unbelievable drivel to have any merit when you posted your initial post. Nice try, kid, but no cookie on that one.

    Congratulations, you know how to post messages.

    That was a compliment, too.

    I also don't care about Epic in regards to this discussion, as I've seen who has purchased licenses from them. I have seen a few dozen vaporware projects. To say that the sites you listed as "references" had a shitload more to do with the topic than you or your site did would have been the understatement of the year.

    You post this, but have problems in understanding basic character elements of the particular species? You certainly do go to great lengths to defend your ignorance. How about this for next time. Spend the time and effort you use in whining and coming up with validation about how you are a great "developer" because you've played some games, and actually strain your mental muscles and figure out your question for yourself. It's too fucking inane for me to really consider taking seriously and if you're serious about it, you really need a lot of help.

    This, in context to your claims that the game would be a .Fallout-"inspired" MMO in the works'. You know, the original tag-line you came up with. I'm still trying to see, through all of your waffling, that this would resemble anything close to Fallout. Instead, it seems to be nothing more than an overglorified version of something a UT2004 mod is going to have far more interest in. The mechanics over the rest will take a back seat to the enjoyable action, they are likely not going to bother much with the annoying trvilialities and stairclimbing aspects of most MMOGs getting in the way of what would be the more enjoyable part.

    Well, if you're so good at design, you figure out where it would only resemble Fallout in name only. Much like how with all the effort spent, UO was only a shade of Ultima. Excuse me as I don't exactly seem too thrilled about a game developed by someone who has at every turn appeared to shovel pure bullshit.

    Just because people have money and think it's brilliant doesn't mean that it's viable to make or publish. In case you were too busy sniveling, you might want to note that the MMORPG industry is severely saturated. It's gotten to the point where most people don't care. Thank you for proving you're also a stupid twit that's a few years too late with their bullshit trend chasing hype scheme.

    Heavy Fallout influences...well, judging from what you already have, and from what you've already undoubtedly seen how mangling of the setting is treated in your so-called time in "lurking" on this forum, that you were be much wiser to come up with your own shit than use another title as a crutch. You are just looking for attention now, obviously. I'll have to give RPGCodex the link so they can have a chuckle, too.

    Bullshit. Most of those words are just buzzwords. If there was anything behind them, I believe someone who would be so promotional about their own work would have gone into better details than what sounds like Yet Another DikuMUD from the early 90's.

    That was the main reason why Fallout's great war started, and after a while with no active fuel being made, the fuel supplies wouldn't last (even if not used, that shelf life thing again). Then, of course, you'd have to figure in that the way to get fuel was likely the target of a ground zero nuclear attack, as they are targeted for...some...reason... Will nukes, comes fallout, and that pretty much means the site is fucked. Radiation notwithstanding, you'd have to come up with a drilling, extraction, and refining method, especially if you expect to use the cars you have on the list. That is assuming that many cars are still intact, last that long without frequent care, and that someone would have practical knowledge of setting up a modern oil drill and refinery after the radiation disperses. One thing has been bugging me, however. If it's a MMORPG, how can you explain a few hundred McLarens in the post-apocalyptic wasteland? Many would undoubtedly get enough "phat lewt" or whatever to afford them. Care to explain that, O' Great Developah, or was this the first time you've thought about that aspect of a post-apocalyptic world?

    If you need an idea about radiation, child, there's a bike tour news bit you can look up in our news forum.

    I wasn't talking about the oil fields running out, dumbshit.

    You're the one using sock puppets here, you might want to be the one to explain or get laughed at. Remember, you already tried to sell people on this idea and it was as full of bullshit then.

    Then maybe that's what you should have said, instead of what you actually did say.

    That is why I call you a child. You have a distinct lack of proficiency at communication.

    Who am I kidding? You are lying as usual and your bullshit isn't as believable now as it was then.

    No, you're a pretentious little attention whore, from everything in your whining to your hype. "Like-mindedness"? What the hell are you ON?!

    I don't claim to know everything, though I have been in the industry for some time, around this site for a number of years, and I have batted the topic around to the point where most do have the clue that the game wouldn't resemble Fallout whatsoever in name.

    I have achieved a lot. In fact, likely while you claimed you were going to school to be some banker's bitch, I was in interface testing and a bit in design under my mentors. While you were still in grade school, I was a MUD Imm and helped a number of fellow Imms out, especially when it came to dealing with problematic players. You see, you're only here now for my personal amusement, because you advertised and then tried to lie repeatedly about it. You did not lurk worth a damn, don't even bother to try to lie about that, either. You are now continuing the facade, or attempting to, but the game ends when I find you've become too pathetic in your dodging to prove that you know something about game design, quoting games you've played as references. Most people, if they knew their design well, would be able to tell me exactly where such elements would be rightfully placed, and how they would integrate with each other. Instead, you've been doing nothing but offer up excuses, sob stories, and lies.

    Most likely the people at Epic nodded at the couple of brilliant things you might have stumbled onto, but otherwise cringed at the stunning level of incompetence of design.

    Who the fuck calls the programmers a "Coding Group" if they have any sense of development? Not many.

    Don't blame me because you're getting the heat. You're the one who put up the bait, now stop bitching.

    D'awww, that's cute. Too bad they don't understand that the person, or persons in design and PR both are doing a miserable job and should be fired.

    I killed God. Crank that through your "Bio-Borg" implant.
  13. Malky

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    May 7, 2003
  14. Roshambo

    Roshambo Antediluvian as Feck

    Apr 3, 2003
    This was priceless:

  15. GameDev

    GameDev First time out of the vault

    Feb 15, 2004
    Im going to go eat supper.

    Check back. After I've finished digesting that slop, I'll digest yours.

    [Space reserved for response]
  16. Roshambo

    Roshambo Antediluvian as Feck

    Apr 3, 2003
    Should I just ban you now for that violation of netiquette? That's three, already, and not even including the bullshit you've been going on with.
  17. GameDev

    GameDev First time out of the vault

    Feb 15, 2004
    Wait so you can insult me all you want, but I merely HINT at an insult, and suddenly Im the big bad boogy-man. (I have to guess that its that and not the reserval of space, which people do all the time, Emily Post)

    Fine you cant win an argument so you threaten to ban me.

    Obviously you think you're right and you have the power in this situation. Ill just bow out...but not because you've won the battle of logic, but just because you are the big bad moderator and can do whatever you want regardless of what's right.

    Dont fool yourself though. While you're caught up in thinking you're wonderful, you havent proven much. Just that you can lord it over other people.

    Why is it so hard to just wish people well when they arent harming anyone? You can't even do that.

    Ban me. That just proves my point.
  18. Roshambo

    Roshambo Antediluvian as Feck

    Apr 3, 2003
    No, it wasn't the insult. It was the fact that you decided to post something that had otherwise no value to the conversation as some sort of reply to me. Did you ever make it into college to understand what kind of poor debate tactic that is? I know I use ad hominem, and it works well. You'd rather snivel than explain your piss-poor design.

    If you consider posting an empty reply as part of an argument, then I suppose so. Back in reality, however...

    Hey, if you can't bother to participate in the topic, that's your decision.

    Yes, I'm supposed to be the asshole, to keep the snake oil salesman and idiocy concerning amateur design at bay. You already violated the forum rules and basic netiquette, so keep going with the whining. I really doubt you'll be getting much sympathy, but you'll be sure to get a bit more attention now that you've decided to be stupid and try to connect Fallout's name to something that hardly resembles Fallout.

    Much like Interplay did, three times now, and which the fans didn't quite enjoy each time and became increasingly upset with. That includes the FOOL announcement.

    Unfortunately, you're too far off in your own reality to figure it out.

    (Pssst. This is your cue to whine about free speech and your rights!)
  19. Roshambo

    Roshambo Antediluvian as Feck

    Apr 3, 2003
  20. battlepoet

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    May 17, 2004
    GameDev, I hope Roshambo flames you into a smoking cinder and your 'game' is reduced to a puddle of liquid char.

    I've been playing games online since I first discovered the joy of Barren Realms Elite back in the late 80's. Wanna know something? It's assholes like you that murder the online gaming industry. Dickheads who want to cash in on gamers by foisting of whatever shit they can cobble together from what they research to think will make some quick bucks, and it's slowly been pushed to a point where real gaming development for MMO's advances clawing and biting upwards because people like you bullshitted their way into the investors pockets and got crap like AC2, SWG and every other goddamn pile of shit released since 2000 onward churned out for public consumption like some kind of re-packaged McDonalds Vomitburger. I don't think you're even a damn gamer from some of your responses, and hell, Dawn had more substance that site of yours.

    I really would love to see a Fallout MMO. But developed by someone who has a clue about content and mechanics design that has actually participated in the genre. Your site looks like it was cobbled together by the guy who started up the Nigerian Lottery scam.