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    Apr 3, 2003
    RPGVault has joined the party to celebrate Fallout's tenth birthday. For this purpose, they've asked Chris Taylor, Scott Everts, John W. Deiley, Christopher Avellone, Dan Spitzley and Scott Bennie to look back on their experience.<blockquote>Christopher Taylor
    Current company: Papaya Studio
    Current project: Unannounced Wii title
    Current position: Senior Game Designer
    Fallout background: Lead Designer and manual on Fallout, manual on Fallout 2, Senior Game Designer on Fallout Tactics

    Fallout wasn't the first choice for the title. I'd guess most hardcore fans would know it was originally was going to be Vault-13. Unfortunately, as nifty keen as V13 is, it had to be changed since it didn't communicate the genre very well; in full, it was Vault-13: A GURPS Post-Nuclear Role-Playing Game, which was rather unwieldy for everyday conversation.

    The team proposed a bunch of names. We settled on Armageddon for a brief time, but found out another Interplay project was going to use that, so had to switch again. Fallout was team's favorite among the remainder. The other Armageddon was canceled shortly thereafter, but since we had already announced Fallout, it was too late to change back.

    During Fallout's development, there were a couple of bugs I found very amusing. One was when Tim Cain showed new door code. He clicked on a door and it opened. Another click and it closed, but a couple of pixels from its original position. Then, it kept opening and closing, always moving just a bit to the right. The door eventually marched off the screen by itself until it ran through random memory and crashed the game.

    The second was the first time the rocket launcher was demonstrated. The object ID number for the rocket shell was entered incorrectly. Instead of a rocket crossing the screen, a dog popped out, ran to the target and blew up. We came *this* close to keeping Puppy Ammo, but eventually decided that Vince DeNardo, a colleague and dog lover, probably wouldn't be too happy with us.

    Speaking of Vince, we liked him so much we placed his dog Sasha in the game. We tried to put her somewhere players could see but not get to, because we were afraid they'd try to kill it. We picked the Military Base... which gets nuked. Oops!

    A third bug, a design one, wasn't as amusing. In the demo, I designed a manhole cover that could give a character critically failing the strength check to open it a hernia and a few points of damage. Unfortunately, the first time Brian Fargo tried was with a damaged character that died from a fatal hernia. Ouch.</blockquote>Link: Fallout Memories on RPGVault.

    Thanks Ausir.
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    Apr 3, 2003
    Where was that rocket launcher bug mentioned before?
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    Nice read. Too bad I can't seem to open the freaking page, for whatever reason. Can someone mail it to me? The entire piece?
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    Why are you looking at me? OK, it was in DJ Slamák's interview with Tim Cain at Vault of the Future, which is now available only through the Wayback Machine:


    Only according to Tim, it wasn't dogs but people. Chris also mixed up Military Base with the Cathedral, though, so I'll trust Tim. :)
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    "Armageddon" would actually be a lot more suitable name for what is now called "Fallout 3".
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    *snicker* death by hernia, I believe I recall that one in necropolis...

    Wasn't Sasha behind the cathedral in the boneyard?

    As for puppy launcher, man that would be funny, but get old REAL fast...
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    Yeah, Sasha was in the Cathedral, not the Military Base, Chris made a mistake there.
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    I R creative! (hint: not really)
    Hope MCA doesn't sue my ass into oblivion for this. (pun very much intended)
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    He'll find better uses for your ass.
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    Fantastic article. Someone mail Slamak offering a new host to the interview.
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    Interesting. Try to translate :roll:
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    i'm actually amazed that no one reproduced the ammo bug yet. how more awesome can you get than shooting explosive dogmeats at people. talk about carnage!
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    I read it a few minutes ago from rpgcodex and was about to mention it over here. Great article! I loved the bit about being intimidated by Ron Perlman. :lol:

    I've always loved reading behind the scenes stuff, especially when it comes to Fallout, simply because it seems like it was a total blast (while it lasted).
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    Truth Stranger Than ...

    Truth Stranger Than ...



    ""Load that PUPPY up"",

    has transcended the cute and cuddly endearment and now ascended to the literal:

    ""Load that TEDDY up!""

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    May 3, 2003
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    I'll gladly take one for the team, if the reason he hasn't outdone PS:T yet is because of sexual frustration. ;)
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    Not *exactly* the same but...

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    Oh Postal 2, the FPS that makes thrillkill look like a tea party, a very freaky tea party but a tea party nonetheless.
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    Oct 19, 2007
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    Well, interesting read. Now I finally know the identity of the poor joker that designed intelligent radscorpion in Broken Hills. :revolution: